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Surprise for Dear One

The chill finger of lust slid across the membranes of her thoughts sending delicious shivers of anticipation along her spine from the top of her head where her hair stood on end to the tip of her tailbone as it … Continue reading

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What Men Want Vs What I Want

I hate it when people come into your life, tell you they are interested and then after vesting so much of your time into getting to know them, they suddenly disappear. Never to be heard from again. It’s like WTF?  … Continue reading

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His breath kissed her neck, In the hollow below her ear. The heat of his lips, Gently grazed her earlobe. Her breath caught in her throat, In anticipation of his lips, But they hovered just close enough For her to … Continue reading

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My Lover, The Man

I long for his kiss The man who would be my lover I know not his name Or what he looks like He would touch me with his thoughts Walk with me in our dreams Sleep with me in his … Continue reading

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Her Last Gift

Take my hand it won’t be long now. His pain will soon be gone. He closes his eyes leaning close There is nothing but whispers cast below. What were the words he used to say? “Don’t let them hear you … Continue reading

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Conversation Between a Man and a Woman

This is a real conversation which occurred on October 23, 2013 between two adults, one male and one female. [10/23/2013 8:01:23 PM] Man: hi [10/23/2013 8:02:13 PM] Woman: hello how are you? [10/23/2013 8:02:23 PM] Man: i am good [10/23/2013 … Continue reading

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