His breath kissed her neck,
In the hollow below her ear.
The heat of his lips,
Gently grazed her earlobe.

Her breath caught in her throat,
In anticipation of his lips,
But they hovered just close enough
For her to feel their searing heat.

Floating on the heat of his breath
Slipping into her ear,
She heard his whisper.
Promises of things to come,
Awakening her ravenous appetite.

The heat of his breath
Moved along her jaw.
Wet upon her skin
Leaving a heated trail,
That cooled in its passing.

Only the heat of his lips touched her,
And the moisture of his breath followed,
Circling around wetting her lips,
Heating their surface, she breathed in,
Her tongue slipping out between her lips,
Searching to taste him.

He avoided her tongue,
Grazing the heat of his lips,
Across her cheek,
Deepening his breath
As he grazed across the blindfold.

She was his,
He whispered,
As the heat of his breath,
Seeped into her other ear,
Then slipped down her neck,
To her naked shoulders.

His tongue finally touched her,
Flicking into the hollow of her throat.
Again her breath caught,
Holding it,
Anticipating his next touch.

He waited until she slowly exhaled,
Then flicked his tongue again,
Just the tip,
Between her breasts.

Her body flexed,
And arched,
Searching for his touch.
He avoided at all cost.

He could hear her panting,
The anticipation building,
Never knowing where he would next touch,
Or how.

Would it just be his breath?
Would she know his fingers?
Or only his tongue?
She was his willingly.

©Kate Spyder

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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