Surprise for Dear One

The chill finger of lust slid across the membranes of her thoughts sending delicious shivers of anticipation along her spine from the top of her head where her hair stood on end to the tip of her tailbone as it curled inward towards her most secret treasure.

Leather caressed the bottom swell of her buttocks having warmed from the heat radiating from her softly spread thighs. The echoing throb of her heart pounded wet against the leather beneath her, as her hands pressed quietly upon her inner thighs just above her knees keeping her legs spread for anyone walking by to see.

But no one walked by, she was alone… for now. Taking deep breaths to try and calm her racing heart, only seemed to inflame her anticipation. She could feel her liquid heat pool beneath her making the leather slippery. She sat with her back straight like a dancer’s, her bare feet flat on the floor. Her head only slightly bowed but looking straight before her focused beyond anyone or anything.

Her thoughts collided together trying to imagine what was to come but nothing her mind could conjure would be anything like what would be.

In the distance she heard the turning of the door knob, the metal release of the latch, the slight scrape and moan of the metal hinges as if the door itself was in the midst of masturbating. The medieval appearance of the door did not belie its true nature. Its powerful build lent to her a feeling of protection but the solid thunk of its closing chilled her with fear.

The whisper of leather soles across the hardwood floor stopped her breath in her throat and her heart to almost burst. His body moved with precision from one side, then in front, then to the other side. He was thorough in her inspection.

His deep voice spoke with pride, “she is exquisite, is she not?”

She dared not move, she forced her breathing to be slow, even and quiet even though her heart pounded in her chest upon the realization that another stood in the room just outside of her field of sight. Her eyes trained forward and remained forward, though every fibre in her body screamed to see who he had brought home with him.

What were his plans? Why had he brought another with him? Who was this person, male or female? Old or young? She didn’t want to think about what else this might mean, but she couldn’t think that maybe he didn’t want her anymore.

“Please, look her over. Tell me what you think,” he told the stranger.

All her senses were tuned into trying to discover who this person was. Why they were there. Slowly but gracefully the person seemed to glide across the floor barely touching the edges of her vision until finally just far enough that she was able to discern it was a man.

“You may touch her if you like,” he told the stranger.

That is when she knew, this was no game. This was no show and tell. He was offering her to this man. But what exactly was he offering?

The heat of the stranger’s hand spread into her shoulder before he ever touched her. Craving it, she struggled to keep her body perfectly still while his hand cupped her shoulder then slid his fingers beneath her hair and lifted a portion of it from her back. All her senses were trained on him, feeling him move, sensing his eyes taking in the curve of her back. Her hair fluttered back down onto her back like a butterfly lighting upon the petal of a flower.

The stranger silently stepped in front of her, and knelt down. His eyes suddenly filling hers with their depths. She knew him! She knew this man! He was no stranger. It was impossible to restrain her surprise and she gasped.

Her lover’s deep chuckle wrapped her whole body in its promise. “Do you like my surprise dear one? Is he not the one you have loved from afar?”

He had asked her a direct question. Now she could move and speak to him. “Yes. Yes, he is. Thank you!” But what exactly she was thanking him for she was not yet sure of.

“Oh, don’t thank me yet. We have yet to see what his thoughts are regarding the offering I have presented to him. What are your thoughts my man?”

The stranger, the man she knew, was looking directly into her eyes when he said, “You are correct. She is most exquisite. I too have loved her from afar, as I have you. I accept your offer.”

She saw the promise in his eyes and heard the joy in her lover’s voice, “We will be pleased to have you join us tonight for dinner and a special evening to discover what the future may hold for the three of us. Dear one, you are free to speak as you please, and move around as you please. How about we start by making dinner together, the three of us?”


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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