Searching for a Man of Quality

Okay, as much as my last post made it sound like I hate men, I really don’t. In fact, I love men. The problem is the quality of the men that I have been meeting lately. Granted, many of them are online and probably a good portion of those online really are only looking for that quick thrill, whether it is virtually or meeting some stranger for an intimate encounter. I will admit there is an element of danger that can be thrilling, exciting, and possibly even intoxicatingly arousing. It is just a darn shame they can’t be up front about it so I can say ‘no thanks’ and keep moving on until I find someone who really is looking for that special lady for a long term relationship.

I actually had a man tell me that maybe I should find a woman in addition to the man because of the level of intimacy I would like to have in a relationship. And he was being very sincere. He didn’t think a man could provide that level of intimacy and I appreciate his honest opinion. What he doesn’t understand is for me that level of intimacy needs to be with each partner I have whether they would be male or female, or both or a combination there of. That the intimacy is what enhances the sexual part of the relationship. And I think if I were to have that level of intimacy with one partner and not the other, that the other partner would feel I did not love them both equally. And that, I could not allow to happen.

So here I am again thinking about relationships, and what I should do. Should I keep seeking a relationship hoping that I’ll finally kiss enough frogs to find my prince? Or should I just stop the online search altogether and hope eventually the universe in all its wisdom will bring us together?

I have time though, at least one online dating site will remain active until my subscription expires the last day of December. The others I will allow to remain active until that date as well. Then they will all be shut down.

What will I do in the meantime? Just let my profiles smolder. Respond to any enquiries. And those enquiries will have to be from men who know how to communicate.

I’m not talking about a man who takes my words verbatim and alters the gender so it will sound like it came from a man. Yes I had one do that.

Nor will it be an exotic man, absolutely gorgeous who swears he is loving and compassionate, a good communicator, open minded, willing to accept me for who I am, etc. etc. but in each message he repeats it over and over and over again. Yes, another one did that and he was absolutely gorgeous, and my gut instinct told me he was too good to be true.

Nor will they be men who only say hi and then expect me to carry the conversation.

I want interaction men. I want someone who is genuinely interested in ME, asks me questions, relates funny experiences, tells me what they love or hate about something I said or what life has thrown into their path and actually asks me questions about myself other than, ‘How are you?” or “What did you have for dinner?” or “What position is your favorite?” Can we not have some surprises later when we really do get to the bedroom stage of our relationship?

Nor will it be a man who only talks about how much he wants to get me wet, or lick me, or what other wonderful things he wants to do to me, and have only one track on his mind. And yes too many to count on this one.

Like I said, I love men. I love looking at men. I love how they smell, even after a hard day at work or after a workout. I love how strong they are. But most of all, I love men who are multi-dimensional in their thoughts. I love a man who knows even if he is strong and confident that once he has found a woman he can trust, that he can allow himself to be vulnerable. That all the other things in life, whether it is cleaning house, running errands, shopping for groceries or clothes, cooking dinner or whatever mundane things we all have to do, that doing them together just brings the two of you much closer and spicing it up can make it so much more fun.

I can and do appreciate women in all their beauty. I also, very much appreciate the physical form of a man. I love the intimate nature of the joining of a man and a woman’s body and even more so when that man really enjoys helping a woman to lose control in the most powerful orgasm she has ever had. I love the feel of the strength of a man and knowing I can bring him to his knees in pure bliss in all the ways he would enjoy. But I cannot do that without trust, and love and without intimacy.

So where are the men of quality? I know they have to be out there somewhere. I just hope he isn’t sitting at home just as fed up with the lack of quality in the women he is meeting and thinking about giving up too.


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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