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Held Captive – part 2

read part 1 here He walks the same path. The same path he walked days ago and had been walking each night for over a year. For a year, the cabin had been dark. Pitch as black, inside. On the … Continue reading

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Held Captive

She sits with her head bowed. Not in shame. In thought. In form. In majestic supplication. She is alone. Naked. Upon a pillow in the center of the space in the room between the sofa and the fireplace. The pillow … Continue reading

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The Boy Next Door – another true story

He was the boy next door. Actually, he was the bad boy next door. Everyone knew it. All you had to do was look at him and you could see he was the neighborhood bad boy. He had dark, almost … Continue reading

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Her Secret Shame – a true story

She stood trembling with her hands grasping, clinging to the back of the sofa, looking at her parents and brothers watching television. Smelling the rain outside as it pitter patted on the concrete surrounding her uncle’s mobile home. Holding back … Continue reading

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I know you are out there, somewhere…

I feel envy, not in your pain, but in your ability to express. I find myself returning day after day, to read your words. Not because I’m a nosey busy body and want to read what happened next. I read … Continue reading

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Grey Does Matter

I don’t know why but I find grey really does matter. Whether it is the various greys within a storm cloud, or the deep dark grey of a shadow, each portend their significance next to the stark reality of the … Continue reading

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Would you…

What would you say if I told you I loved you, that I wanted you to possess me in every way a man could possibly possess a woman? Would you feel threatened? Would you feel afraid? Or would you feel … Continue reading

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