Would you…

What would you say if I told you I loved you, that I wanted you to possess me in every way a man could possibly possess a woman?

Would you feel threatened? Would you feel afraid? Or would you feel aroused and determined to take what I offered you? Would you go hard with just the thought? Or would you be afraid of the feelings my words invoked? Or would you be a man who couldn’t possibly love a woman who would give her whole heart, body and soul to you?

Would you find it vulgar if I knelt at your feet and pressed my cheek against your thigh, displaying to you and anyone else to see that I adore you with my every breath?

Would you find yourself trembling at my touch each night as I slowly undressed you with reverent fingers caressing each button as I slowly pressed them through each buttonhole, lifting your shirt from your shoulders to slide from your arms, then slowly unzip your pants to slide them down your strong legs, telling you how the removal of each piece of clothing reminds me of your cock sliding from my opening following your release?

How would my hands make you feel each night as they bathed you in the shower, slick with soap, discarding any washing cloth, using only my bare fingers to rub the soap into your hair, then into your warm skin down your neck, working my fingertips into the tense muscles of your shoulders and down your back, as my voice grown husky in arousal asks you after having washed your arms, hands and each finger, to lift your arms so I might rub the soap through the hair under your arms removing the sweat from your hard day while I enjoy your musky scent that no shower can remove, then around to your chest and down your stomach, reaching ever lower but never touching the evidence of your desire. Kneeling to wash your feet, letting my hands caress up your calves, soaping the soft hairs of your legs, feeling the strength of your taught muscles before moving both hands to one thigh circling around washing higher and higher to just below the firm globes of your cheeks, coming closer and closer but never touching your firm arousal, to move to your other thigh to dance so close, again never touching, then swirl around to clasp your firm cheeks gently probing and spreading with my fingers into their valley, pressing deeper and deeper to find the puckered opening, rubbing my soapy fingers around and around feeling it quiver with my caress, with my arms circling your body, my face close, my lips closer, parted and so close you feel my warm breath upon your firm member. Would you want me to take you? Or would you grasp my head firmly in your hands and tell me to open as you press against my lips?

Would you tell me what you want? Would you ask me? Or would you tell me, no demand me to give or would you just take knowing I have already given my permission of my own free will by just kneeling at your feet?

Or would you just want me to stroke you up and down as I soaped and washed your hard length with my hands enjoying the feel, the hardness, then the contradictory softness of its tip, so pleasing I catch my breath and my mouth waters with the thought of licking its soft texture with my tongue, then cup your full sacks soaping them as I gently roll them in my grasp? Driving you wild with need?

Would you see the honesty in my actions? Would you understand my shyness is a demonstration of my arousal which needs guidance, understanding, and a gentle hand to be awakened? Would you feel a desire to protect me? To cherish me? To go on a journey of discovery of what makes me burn? Of whether a simple touch can make me come alive, or melt into a quivering mound of mindless flesh?

Would you be able to see through the veneer of my façade to see the vulnerable woman in need of protection, in need of a strong confident man, in need of being possessed, cherished and loved?

Or would you be afraid? Too afraid to take a chance? Too afraid to expose your own vulnerability by marking me and making me yours, showing me and all others that by accepting my submission, you also submit to me and thereby give me the ultimate power to hurt you beyond anything you could possibly conceive? Would you be able to trust me to not hurt you, to know I would never purposefully hurt you or take what was not freely given?

Would you be able to see the true woman before you that exists beneath all the protective layers? Would you allow me to see the true man beneath your own protective layers? If you were afraid, would you be able to step through your fear and extend a hand to help me step through my own fear? Or would you give up before I could gather the courage to break through the fear that all the layers hide?

Are you strong enough? Are you bold enough? Are you confident enough? Do you have a love strong enough to weather through?


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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8 Responses to Would you…

  1. ItMatterstoGrey says:

    I would say any man who would accept you would be a lucky man.

  2. Chaz Vargas says:

    I would say, yes!!!

  3. Xajow says:

    That is lovely and intelligent and erotic all at once. I like. I like very much. Well done.

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