Good Morning

In the early hour of dawn,
Before the glorious sun rays peak over the horizon,
When the dew shimmers and sparkles upon the grass,
And the columnar conifers sway in light’s morning breath,
I gaze upon your sleeping form
And listen to the movement of your breath.

We had gravitated only inches apart
During the deepest darkness of the night,
Our bodies performing the seductive dance of sleep.
Not so far apart that I cannot feel the warmth of your body seeping into mine,
A reminder of the passion shared only hours ago.
I watch, await, the stirring of your body, signalling your soon awakening,
But it does not come, and I tire of waiting, my desires burning.

The inches between us disappear
Without a trace of having been there
My body molding to yours
My breasts pressed against your back
My tummy to your lower back
My hips curled against your hips
Your bottom nestled in my lap
Our legs slowly intertwined.

Tentatively I wrap my arm around your waist
Placing my hand flat upon your stomach
Feeling the fine hairs that trail a path downwards
Leading me to my secret desires.

My hand finds you
Soft, flaccid, within my touch
I enjoy finding you this way
Softly caressing you, not wanting to awaken you
Not yet, anyway.

As my hand captures you,
I feel you take a deep breath
Expelling it in a puff
You stir, rolling slightly back against me
Not yet awake, but not completely unaware.

I kiss you softly upon your whiskered cheek
Loving the feel of your rough beard against my lips
You try to turn more towards me
Seeking my lips
But with my body wedged against your back
You cannot reach me.

I see your forehead wrinkle
A sign of your frustration
As you breathe a sigh of discontent
Before a sudden sharp intake of air
When you feel my hand wrap around
Your slowly awakening member.

I smile,
Wondering what dreams your awakening mind is conjuring.

My tongue slowly licks a wet trail
From the hollow behind your ear
Down your neck to your collarbone,
Then back up again.
My hand never still
Ever gently,
That part of you,
I want,
I crave,
Deep inside of me.

While my lips awaken the rest of you,
Your body,
Your mind,
Hopefully touching your soul,
I gift to you
The very breath of my soul
Upon the kiss I place as our lips meet.

It is bliss feeling your arms wrap around me,
Feeling your strength without fear
Knowing I awaken your arousal
Your need
Your desires
Having no doubt you are everything
I need
I desire.

I would give you my last breath
If it meant we would be like this forever.

Today, I enjoyed awakening you like this.

Tomorrow, maybe you will awaken me.


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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2 Responses to Good Morning

  1. Chaz Vargas says:

    You have awakened me with such sweet prose.

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