Her Reclusive Passion – Part 2

In the beginning, Part 1

She licked her lips. Imagining. Imagining tasting his lips. Letting her tongue sweep along his full lower lip, nipping at it with her teeth. Imagining how he might taste. What his lips might feel like.

He was right. She touched him like she might never get the chance to touch him again after tonight. She wanted to savor every second. She wanted tonight to last forever even if all she was able to do was touch only the part of him she had touched so far.

Her body ached. The power of her arousal boiled beneath the surface but her passion was reclusive. In all her life her passion had never been given free reign. There were times she reached for it to only pull back. Fear kept her passion locked in chains afraid of the power she felt emanating from its core. She didn’t feel safe to let it loose.

Dare she try and unlock her passion with this man?

Looking into his eyes, his hunger bit at her. She wondered if he saw an answering hunger in her eyes.

He stood not moving. His hands still resting on her hips keeping them connected. He waited patiently as if he knew she were trying to make up her mind about something. His eyes kept roaming over her face, down to her lips as though he were thinking of kissing her and yet he didn’t, to only return to her eyes again.

Under her hand she could feel his heart beating, solidly strong, faster than normal seemingly in time with her own. Her hand slid down, unbuttoning the fourth button, then the fifth button so she could explore more of his chest. She unbuttoned his shirt to the last button above his pants, pushing his shirt open with both hands.

She placed one hand over his thumping heart closing her eyes and absorbing its rhythm and the other hand resting beside it absorbing the heat of his body. Leaning in closer she could feel her hair getting caught against his closely shaved jaw his whiskers already protruding slightly from his skin making it a bit rough. A roughness she had not noticed earlier when she had cupped his jaw in her hand.

Her nose close to the hollow beneath his ear, she deliberately took in his scent. He was all clean hot musky male. He wore no cologne. A slight whiff of his soap barely clung to his skin and hair. She could not stop her gradual forward momentum as she leaned towards him. Her lips parted at the behest of her hot wet tongue as it savored his slightly salty skin tasting of his earthy maleness.

Her ears picked up his almost silent moan as she felt his fingers grip her hips digging into her softness. She didn’t complain. His strength felt glorious and she didn’t bruise easily. She welcomed his tighter hold as he pulled her in closer but not so close her hands couldn’t continue their seductive exploration of his chest.

Her hand stayed over his heart while her other hand slid down as her fingers searched over the smooth plane of his chest for the small puckered nipple that had been encased in the palm of her hand. Its discovery didn’t go unnoticed. As her tongue circled the hollow beneath his ear, her finger circled his nipple.

She had never been so bold. So daring. So totally outside of the shy, introverted girl who had always been in the forefront of the woman she knew hid deep inside.

She could feel his breathing quicken with her explorations. Her heart pounded beneath her breast. It was intoxicating seeing how her simple touches affected him. She could drop dead now and be content. She had never known anything like what she was feeling now, knowing what she was doing was bringing him pleasure.


He stood still breathing deeply, trying to calm his raging blood. Her touch was enflaming his desires. He wanted to kiss her to take her with his mouth but something told him to hold back. To wait. He wanted her passion but he sensed it was held tightly in reign or even locked away.

All night he had watched her. He could sense her arousal. Saw her need in her eyes.

He was a patient man.

He had been prepared to show her to her door and leave if she didn’t invite him in. Now, more than ever he was glad she invited him in.

Now, more than ever, he needed to be patient.

On to Part 3

© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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