Her Reclusive Passion – Part 3

In the beginning, Part 1

Her lips and tongue continued to taste him, leaving a wet trail from the hollow of his ear to along his jaw. She kissed and licked her way with great care along his jaw until she reached the corner of his lips. Savoring every centimeter of his flesh. Memorizing the rough texture of the whiskers barely penetrating above the surface of his skin. They felt like tiny bristles scratching her taste buds, sensitizing her tender lips.

Her hand no longer rested over his heart. While the one traced his nipple, lightly scratching its taught tip with the edge of her fingernail feeling the goose bumps pucker along his flesh. The other slid up his shoulder and around to the back of his neck. Her fingers twining with his somewhat longish hair at the base of his neck. His hair was soft like silk with a slight curl which wrapped like a lover around her fingers. Her fingers ran up the taught cords of his neck to the base of his skull then wrapped capturing his neck and the base of his skull in the palm of her hand.

She exhibited pressure against the back of his head and neck pulling him towards her. He leaned his head forward being guided towards her waiting lips. Their eyes met. He held her gaze. He hesitated just before their lips touched, letting her feel the moist heat of his breath upon her slightly open lips.

Her breathing was deep, moving her breasts up and down. She could feel her nipples gently brushing against his bared chest, peaking sharply at the stimulation.

Her other hand spread wide along his ribs to trail a burning path around his side, under his shirt, to come to rest below his shoulder blades. Her hand finding pleasure in the form and shape of muscle along his back, her fingers dancing their pleasure among the small bones of his spine. He was no small man, though finely toned, he filled her arms completely.

He could tell she was aware of every millimeter she touched with each hand, her lips and the tips of her breasts that teased his flesh. He was very much aware of all she touched as well.

He pulled her in closer, pressing their bodies’ length against length. Her long legs and heels brought her hips almost flush with his, even though her eyes barely reached his chin. One arm slid around her waist, while the other reached up and cupped her cheek in his large hand. Their lips still almost touching, he caressed her waiting lips with his thumb. The tip sliding just inside into the wetness of her bottom lip. Feeling the plumpness of her lips and the soft wet inner flesh of her mouth made him wonder if her most private inner core would feel as hot and wet.

She kissed the tip of his thumb with her tongue. Then circling it as little by little it followed her tongue deeper into her mouth.

Their eyes never parted, holding each other in their gaze. He watched the fire of passion light in her eyes as she closed her lips sucking on the tip of his thumb. His cock grew thick and heavy as he imagined her lips enclosing his cock and her tongue creating a wet trail as it swirled around its head, just as it was his thumb.

He pulled his thumb from her mouth coating her lips with the moisture from his thumb. He brought his mouth to hers ending the interminable wait for their first kiss.

His taste flooded her mouth, as his tongue swept in to claim her, consuming her and calling to release her passion. She could feel him holding back, not wanting to frighten her with the full power of his passion which he held in check.

She tasted as sweetly flavored and as heady as the grape brandy used in Angelica wine. Her taste swept over him like the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle in full bloom, seeping into every orifice. His hand moved to cradle her head in the palm of his hand supporting her as he deepened the kiss.

There was no gap, no place for air to penetrate where their bodies met. They were pressed firmly together from chests to knees, their hips only slightly to one side of each other so their legs pressed tightly between each other’s.

His hand on her lower back silently slid down to cup her feminine curves, pulling her in tighter against his arousal.

She could feel his hard length against her hip. His need was sharp and tangy on her lips. Her body vibrated with her tightly held passion. Never before had it been so difficult to contain. She feared its release, not understanding why, other than she sensed it would consume her so completely she might lose herself within it and never find her way back.

He could feel her trembling. He pulled back, breaking their kiss. Their breathing harsh and heavy in the air. Holding her close to him, he gently captured a lock of her wayward hair and brushed it behind her ear, all the while their eyes never parted.

He had seen her passion and her fear reflected in her eyes. He wondered what had ever happened in her life to make her lock away her passion. He could sense its strength, a powerful enigmatic thing. If she had kept it locked away all her life without learning how to master it, he could understand her fear. His passion was just as powerful and before he had learned to master it, there had been times its power had frightened him and he feared it would consume him. He wanted to help her learn to master her passion so she would be free to experience it in all its glorious power.

“You are trembling. Are you all right?”

She nodded her head, afraid to speak. Afraid all that she had locked up inside would come tumbling out beyond her control.

He sensed her lie, but did not take offense. He knew how hard it was to admit to someone you barely know that what is happening is overwhelming. He pulled her into his embrace wrapping his arms around her one hand on her back the other on the back of her head pressing her head to his shoulder.

“It’s okay baby. I’ve got you. Take a deep breath and slowly let it out.”

How did he know? How did he know she lied? She took a deep breath as he suggested, letting it out as she relaxed against him. Her arms wrapped around his waist, she snuggled into his arms feeling their strength. She somehow felt safe.

On to Part 4

© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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