Her Reclusive Passion – Part 4

In the beginning, Part 1

What she had done had been the first for her, having never taken any initiative in making love to a man. She had always waited for him to make the first move. Her need was strong taking her beyond her fear. Touching him had been wonderful, taking her to splendid new heights.

She sighed. And here was the problem. Not only was she not comfortable taking control, she knew what she truly desired was a confident man who could take control and take her even higher. Had she just found another man who would just sit back and let her lead? Would this night end like so many others with her still searching for that elusive spark which would ignite her passion sending her spiraling over the top, out of control? But wasn’t that part of the problem? She both craved being out of control and feared it. When she approached it, she resisted. Would she ever be able to surrender herself to it and trust that she would not lose herself?

She felt herself tremble at the thought, feeling his strong arms tighten around her, securing her in the safety of his embrace.

She gasped when he suddenly lifted her in his arms and carried her to her bedroom. She reveled in his strength, hoping he was as mentally strong as he was physically. Her arms slid around his neck, not so much to hold on, to ensure she didn’t fall. There was just something about wrapping her arms around his neck which spoke to the little girl inside of her.

Lowering her head into his neck, she nuzzled against him, feeling the need to purr like a kitten, she took in his wonderful earthy smell. She never really understood why she spent most of her life without a man when she loved their smell and the feel of their bodies so damn much.

He had arrived at the side of her bed. She could feel his hesitation in laying her down or just lowering her to her feet. She turned her head slightly, placing her lips upon his warm neck, letting her tongue slip between her lips to taste him yet again. She loved the slight salty earthy taste and the feel of his skin on her tongue.

He let her have her slight enjoyment for only a moment before he laid her down on her bed. “I enjoyed the foreplay in the entryway, but now it is my turn.” His voice delectably sexy in her ear as he leaned over her, placing first one wrist in his hand raising it above her head, to be joined by her second wrist a moment later. With one large hand he held her wrists while she watched him slowly pull his necktie from around his neck where she had draped it after untying it.

Barely able to see from her position, she felt him wrap his tie around her wrists not too tight but tight enough she couldn’t pull free, then secured it to one of several iron bars in her wrought iron headboard.

She watched as he stood up, entered her closet, and then returned with one of her silk scarves in hand. She felt a shiver slither through her body in what she thought was anticipation instead of fear.

Sitting next to her on the bed, he smoothed her hair back from her face, then caressed her cheek. “Don’t be frightened, baby. You have nothing to fear from me. Tonight is going to be all about your pleasure. If at any point you want me to stop, just say the word. What you need to understand though my dear, if you tell me to stop, you will also have to tell me why. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head.

“Say the words, baby.”

“I understand.”

“What do you understand?”

“If I want you to stop, then I say stop, but then I have to tell you why.”

“Very good. It begins now.” He took the silk scarf he had found in her closet and wrapped it around her head blinding her. “Are you comfortable? Are either the blindfold or the tie around your wrists hurting you?”

“No.” She wanted to sound strong and sure in what he was doing and how it made her feel but that one word came out shaky and weak. She hated how it made her sound.

“It’s okay baby. You will learn you have not misplaced your trust in me tonight.”

It was strange, instead of feeling terrified that this man who now had her in a very vulnerable position would hurt her, she felt safe. She couldn’t explain it. The darkness from the blindfold was calming. Instead of seeing what he was doing, she was completely focused on hearing him, feeling him, even smelling him.

She could feel the bed shift as his weight was removed from its surface, making her body bounce upwards slightly with the bed. Her ears picked up his movements around the room, the soft tread of his shoes upon the carpet. The metal clink of what sounded like his watch being unfastened and then the thunk of it being set down upon a surface that was in the direction of her dresser and was consistent with the sound of hitting wood.

The scrape of fabric rubbing together and shifting against skin sounded like he was pulling his shirt from his pants and taking it off. Followed by the hissing sound of a zipper and the unmistakable sound of the clasp of a belt being opened, then the rasp of leather against material as the belt was pulled from his pants.

She was surprised by all the sounds she recognized and how it fired her imagination. Her imagination was going wild creating a visualization of what she heard. Including his shoes being slipped off his feet followed by his socks and the swish of his pants falling to the floor. She wondered if he wore boxers or briefs, then surmised they must be briefs when she could hear him gather the material in his hands and pull them down his body hearing the scraping of the material against the hairs of his legs. Then stepping out of them one foot at a time.

She wished she could see him naked. She had a feeling what she imagined was nowhere near what he looked like now.

Her heart was already thumping wildly in her chest. Her breathing sounded harsh to her ears.

She felt the bed give with his weight. Her body tensed, wondering what he would do next. Her mind and body seeking any indication of what he was doing.

His voice was calm, soothing, but still commanding, “Roll onto your stomach.”

Her body jerked in surprise when she unexpectedly felt his hands, one on her shoulder, the other on her hip, helping her to turn over. “What are you going to do?” God, she hated the tremor in her voice.

He lay his hand on the top of her head caressing down the back of her head smoothing her hair down and soothing her nerves. “I’m going to undress you.”

She felt his fingers grasping the tab on her zipper while the fingers of his other hand grasped the material on either side at her neck. Then gradually unzipping her dress all the way to the bottom of the zipper where it stopped at the top of the cleft of her ass. His fingers burrowed into the opening of her dress at the end of the zipper until his heated palm lay flat upon her lower back. His large hand almost spanned her waist.

Ever so perceptively his hand traveled up her spine, his other hand joining the exploration. Both palms pressing downward just enough to stop the tremors of her body wherever they touched. As they traversed upwards, they gradually moved outwards in opposite directions increasing the gap in the opening of her dress until her straps slipped off her shoulders.

She could not have asked him to be more attentive when she felt the warmth of his hands chase the chill from her skin as his hands stroked outward to her shoulders. His fingers molding to her shape as they progressed down her sides. Then back up again. His thumbs now pressing firmer into her muscles as they passed.

“Roll onto your back.” Again he helped her when she changed positions as he requested. This time since his hands had been on her body she wasn’t surprised by his touch.

One hand slid up her arm untying the material from her wrists. Sliding his hand back down her arm, he lifted one shoulder, slipping her dress off her arm. Then did the same with the other arm. Unhooking her bra, he made quick work of removing her straps, then returned her wrists over her head, retying them. Never did his hands leave her body.

Very diligently and with great care, he slid her dress from her body followed by her bra and underwear. Then lastly he rolled her stockings bit by bit down her legs.

He was very diligent and precise, always his touch caressing her. Talking to her through his fingers, letting her know where he was, what he was doing. She never had to guess at what he was up to.

Knowing she was naked should have made her feel uncomfortable but it didn’t. When he finished with her stockings he sat down next to her hip and very carefully placed the palm of his hand on her stomach letting it rest gently there.

On most every creature the stomach is the most vulnerable, the most delicate, the most easily damaged. Many creatures threatened will curl into a protective ball in order to prevent damage to this weakest part of their body. Her stomach quivered with this knowledge beneath his hand and yet he kept it still, not moving.

Her breathing was irregular, coming out in tight little puffs as her heart beat furiously beneath her breast. He placed his other hand, palm flat, over her heart. She could sense he was waiting or possibly even listening to her body.

“Take slower, deeper breaths, pull them down into your abdomen where my hand rests. Then let them out slowly. This will calm you and slow your racing heart. Focus on your breathing.”

She didn’t know why she trusted him but she did. She gave herself over to what he told her to do. Closing her eyes beneath her blindfold, she focused inwardly on her breathing.

She had never been so helpless in her life, had never allowed anyone so much control over her. When she thought of these things it didn’t panic her like she thought they would. At least not with him by her side, touching her. His hands grew warmer against her skin, her body absorbing his heat like the cold desert in the morning sunshine.

“Good. Your heart rate has slowed. Your breathing has eased and is more regular. Keep breathing into your abdomen.”

Her body surprisingly started to relax when his hand began a slow circular motion on her abdomen. Gradually expanding outward to cover her whole stomach, her pelvis and over her breasts. It was soothing, almost hypnotic to the point she felt herself start to drift.

On to Part 5

© Kate Spyder

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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