Her Reclusive Passion – Part 6

In the beginning, Part 1

Her bottom… tingled….

Did she just think that? Tingled? After such a resounding spank upon her bottom and all she could think was that it tingled? Not hurt. Not furious that he had actually spanked her? Without asking first?

God! He was learning all her secrets. Secrets she barely knew about. Had only guessed at except for the one foray with the guy with the leather strap. And like she had told him, she hadn’t thought much about it. That evening had left her barely sizzling. Oh the guy had fucked her. Had thought he was a great lover. In fact, from her experience he had made her spark. Spark once or twice. Then upon her leaving, she had felt… What had she felt? If she were completely honest with herself she would have to say she felt… let down…

The guy had aroused her online. Left her simmering with his implied promises. But after the one night together and then a weekend trip, neither of them had sought the other out again. Once again she had been left with her kindling only given a spark held under the timber never getting close enough to actually ignite a flame into a burning consuming fire that would leave only ash in its wake.

Was she just dreaming of things impossible? Did she have unrealistic expectations? Was there even a man capable of igniting her fires and withstanding the heat knowing just how hot she could burn?

Up until a moment ago she had started to believe her dreams were only just that, dreams, and reality would be forever left to disappointment.

Her bottom flushed with the heat of her pleasure. To her surprise she felt her bottom push against the soothing touch of his hand as he gently rubbed the spot he had spanked.

He smiled at her response. When he had first seen her and asked her to dinner, he had not foreseen the evening progressing as it was tonight. He had only sought to learn something about the woman he had observed quietly. He had watched her picking up and touching each of the various decorative dishes on display, her fingers caressing each one, sliding over the texture of the decoration as if she were blind and her fingers were her eyes. He hadn’t been able to stop himself from wondering what it would be like to have her fingers caressing him the way they were caressing the various bowls she picked up to examine. Because she wasn’t just touching them, her fingers moved in a caress as though they enjoyed the fine smooth textures they discovered along every inch of the ceramic piece she held.

His attention had been distracted by a man walking into his line of sight when he noticed the man purposefully step into her path making her run smack into him. He watched as the man let go one of the items he held, letting it fall to the floor with a crash. His brow furrowed in anger as he watched the man lay into her blaming her for the incident and making him break the dish.

She apologized crouching down at his feet picking up the shards of the bowl, gathering them in her hands. He could hear her tell him she would pay for the dish. The man laid into her again accusing her of destroying the set of dishes he had intended to buy. He had enough and stepped into the situation, placing his body between the angry man and the woman.

He had looked at her and told her he would take care of the situation, taking the shards of pottery from her hands he noticed a small cut in the palm of her hand, which angered him even more. He turned to the man, wrapped his hand tightly around the man’s arm and pulled him aside as the man stuttered and gasped at his audacity.

He told the man he had clearly seen what he had done, purposefully creating the situation, including dropping the merchandise on purpose. Shoving the shards of pottery at him, not caring if he caused the man to cut his hands or not, he told the man if he didn’t leave and never speak to her again he would call security. The man huffed and left.

Going back to her, he could see she was deeply upset by the encounter. He walked with her, helping to calm her while she completed her shopping. Before leaving the store, he had asked her to dinner which he had been surprised she had accepted.

Her actions had never been one lacking confidence or strength. He was almost sure her actions were that of submitting to another who appeared to be a stronger, more dominant personality and though the man had a façade of dominance he had seen him for what he was, a weak, pathetic creature who used abuse to feel powerful.

He had wanted to learn more about her, to find out if his instincts were correct. He just hadn’t expected to find out so soon that she may possibly be the one to fit in his world like no other had before her.

He looked at her bottom where his hand rested gently, soothingly over the red imprint the spanking had left of his hand. He craved to place another on her other cheek, without hesitation, he did so, feeling her bottom jerk beneath the power of his hand.

She gasped, “oh, god.” The sting ringing across her skin like the loud smack rang in her ears. Her back arched and her hips thrust upward seeking his hand as the warmth flooded her lower region, not restricted to just where his hand met flesh. Then moaned as it flashed and throbbed in her core. Her hands fisted around the tie holding her arms stretched above her head, her face buried in the soft pillow beneath her.

The dark recesses of her mind, shattered into blinding white light with each smack he gave her bottom as it burned and ignited her arousal into a passionate heat she had never before experienced.

A voice she would have never recognized as her own if she had not heard it echo the very need burning, scorching her deep inside, cried out to him, moaning, begging him to touch her, to bury himself deep inside her.

She felt his hand gently smooth the heated skin where he had left his latest hand print, then slide down between her thighs, exploring the slippery wetness of her lips, seeking the depths from which it emerged.

“Open for me, baby. Spread your legs. Let me in.”

His deep voice coated her mind in delicious warm melted chocolate, her body obeying him before his words registered in a mind whose focus was upon only his touch, the heat upon her bottom and his searching fingers.

“That’s it baby. Let it all go. Let me awaken the passion deep inside you. It is time you were introduced to its depths and no longer fear it.”

She heard his words, they registered but yet didn’t register. All she cared about were the hot flames ignited by his hand and fingers. The pain delivered by his hand distracted her from the fear lying dormant beneath the passion rising within her. She craved the pain. She looked for it when the fear started surfacing. And she sighed in relief upon its arrival when her fear shattered and boiled, coiling into the heat, igniting her passion even brighter.

His fingers probed deeper, sliding in and out, swirling her clit, and then sliding back in again. Then leaving her completely just in time to extend his arm and give another resounding smack upon her bum, sending her writhing and wiggling, wanting his cock deep inside her.

“Not yet baby, not yet. I demand your passion fully before you ever feel my cock in that sweet wet pussy of yours.”

She shuddered. Not even daring to think about what she might have gotten herself into. She was playing with fire, and damn if she didn’t like every single second of it.

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© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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