Her Reclusive Passion – Part 7

In the beginning, Part 1

He didn’t give her time to think. Which was most likely a good thing. What he was doing was both shocking and so stimulating she wasn’t sure what she should feel. Or why she was feeling what she was.

She had lost count of the number of times he had smacked her ass hard with his hand. She had no doubt her bottom was red. Her bottom was throbbing along with her clit. She had started panting, the moans coming from deep inside her when he stopped.

His hands left off from soothing her aching bottom, sliding between her thighs he spread her legs wider getting on his knees he positioned himself between her legs. His hands grasped her hips, lifting them up and back slightly so she was on her knees. She could feel his hard cock glancing off her bottom as he positioned her, sending shivers of delight in anticipation.

Her arms still over her head tied to the headboard, her faced turned slightly to the side so she could breathe was pressed into the pillow. Her back now arched with her hips in the air his cock pressed between their two bodies.

His hand traveled down her spine from the crack of her ass, to the curve of her lower back then up between her shoulder blades then back down again. The feel of his skin ignited the nerve endings of her skin on her sore bottom when she wiggled slightly against him.

Feeling her move back against him when he rocked backwards, he grasped her hip in one hand to hold her still. With his other hand he grabbed his cock, lowering its tip he watched as he positioned it between her legs. Her inner thighs shimmered with the moisture from her sex. He knew she was ready for him.

She could feel the thick soft tip of his cock sliding along the valley between her legs as she pictured him guiding it with his hand. A moan escaped her lips when she tried to help by pressing back against his cock but his hand held her firm.

He took her slowly. He wanted her to feel every damn inch of him. And he wanted to enjoy every second it took feeling her surround him in her wet heat. Because in a moment he would be taking her hard leaving her no doubt as to who was possessing her and that she now belonged to him. He would demand her surrender.

“What do you want baby?” He was now buried up to his balls in her hot wet pussy. She was tight and oh so deliciously slippery wet. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you. I want you to fuck me hard.” She moaned wiggling against him trying to move but he held her firm. She could have sworn she heard him smile, or was it a chuckle?

“Oh don’t worry baby, I’m going to fuck you hard.”

She felt him pull his cock ever so slowly out until only his tip was inside of her. She wiggled in frustration until he slapped her ass. He didn’t need to slap her hard to get his point across to her. With her tender bottom it sent a jolt of pain and then searing hot pleasure to her core. “God! Would he just fuck her already!” Thank god, she had bit down on the pillow or she might have yelled it out loud. She felt like a fucking slut wanting to beg him to fuck her.

“P..l…e..a..s..e.” came out in one long moan as he continued to just hold her still with his cock head just inside of her.

Then she felt both hands grasp her hips, and in one deep hard thrust he took her and didn’t relent. He pounded into her fast and hard and her arousal suddenly burned red hot. If she hadn’t been tied her fingers would have plunged to her clit taking her over the top in an instant. But tied she was.

He continued pounding into her hard and fast. She had no doubt he had let go. He wasn’t holding anything back. And to her surprise she wanted more. She wanted harder. She wanted deeper. She wanted everything he could give her. And she told him so.

“Harder. Fuck me harder. As deep as you can! Oh god, yes!” she wasn’t sure if she screamed it or whispered it. She only knew he heard her when he picked up the tempo and pounded harder and deeper.

Her whole body shook with his penetrations. She could feel the head of his cock pounding against her inside. She wondered if he could feel it too. Occasionally he would stop and pause with his cock as deep as it would go, and she would grind against him pressing hard, making it hurt. She craved the pain. This is what had been missing with other men she had fucked and why for her nothing had lasted. She needed this. She craved it. She didn’t know why. She no longer cared why. She only knew she had to have it.

He ground against her, sensing what she needed, then drew back again and thrust in fast and hard. Grind, then withdraw, then fast and hard. Over and over again. Then back again to pounding her hard unrelenting. He could feel her hovering on the edge seeking her release but he didn’t give it to her yet.

He kept her at the edge of the precipice. Until finally, she moaned and her whole body went slack. Her hips slid down and in order for him to stay inside her he went with her. She lay flat on the bed, limp, but he knew she wasn’t unconscious.

“Please. I need to come. Make me come.”

He continued to pound into her. He felt her gush all over his cock. She pressed her legs together and he let her shifting his legs to either side. She was even tighter around his cock like this. She took his full weight as he lowered himself down onto her reaching underneath her, he placed his fingers on her swollen clit. It took only a few firm strokes of his fingers and he felt her explode, her body shook with the power of her orgasm, almost unseating him.

She felt the rising tension from his hard thrusts, but when his fingers touched her clit she knew she was going to experience the orgasm of her life. She came apart into a zillion pieces, her whole body convulsed. She had thought his fingers would stop their demands on her clit and he would come moments after she did, but to her amazement that isn’t what happened.

His fingers continue their demands, and to her shock she wanted more, needed more. He was stroking her inside with his cock and outside with his fingers and she was losing her mind. Her mind sought more, while her body went absolutely crazy, resisting what his fingers and cock demanded. Her body was fighting it. She was so close to telling him to stop when he spoke.

“It’s okay baby. I’ve got you. Let go. I’ll catch you.”

On to Part 8

© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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