Her Reclusive Passion – Part 8

In the beginning, Part 1

She didn’t know why but his words, the sound of his voice, the feel of his weight reassured her and suddenly she found herself surrendering, and the wall of resistance crumbled. Never in her life had she ever been vocal other than soft moans and a few gently spoken words was the most she ever vocalized during sex. What exploded from her lungs was neither a moan nor a scream. It sounded almost animalistic, a groan from so deep inside it carried with it all that she had held prisoner deep within. Her release came from so deep within it felt like her body had been turned inside out. The power of it was like nothing she had ever felt before.

Her pussy contracted around his cock, urging him on to his own release. Responding to her sounds, and the clenching of her pussy around his cock, his body sensed the uniqueness of her response, sending him spiraling out of control. In his next thrust he exploded, his seed spilling deep inside her. He remained deep inside until he was emptied of the last drop and still he remained.

Although her mind felt like a complete wasteland where no thought could ever exist, she knew and felt of his release and it gave her a shiver of pleasure deep inside. In part she could see them both lying prone on the bed, his body partially covering hers while still joined at the hips. He was dark to her light. He was hard to her softness. He was dominant to her submissiveness. It was strange to see them like this and to see she was still blindfolded and tied.

She felt herself hover for a bit, and then slowly be pulled back into herself.

As if sensing her return, he withdrew from her body. He laid down beside her turning her on her side and pulling her into his arms.

“Are you okay?”

He pulled off her blindfold and smoothed the hair from her face as he looked at her. Bringing his hand to her cheek, he used his thumb to wipe away the tears she hadn’t realized were now rolling down her cheeks.

She was also gasping a bit for air and still quivering from head to toe from her release. She didn’t know what to say. Her bottom was no longer on fire in fact she hadn’t felt the discomfort since he had started fucking her hard until now.

She wondered at that as well as wondering at what had just happened. She had felt like a wild animal in her release. She felt like she had needed to howl at the moon and then she had felt like she had run for all she was worth until she had nothing left within her.

It took a while for her to realize her hands were free. He had untied them and then pulled them down between them, rubbing the redness around her wrists.

“Do they hurt?”

When he spoke, she looked down at her hands, and that was when she realized they were untied. She shook her head as she watched one of his hands release her wrist, as it rose beneath her chin raising her head gently to look at him.

His eyes were filled with concern.

“Did I take things too far?”

She shook her head no again.

With the blindfold off, it was like seeing him for the first time. She was mesmerized by his beauty. He wasn’t the beauty of a GQ model. He had the beauty of a normal every day man, flaws and all. Granted the GQ models were gorgeous but their perfect bodies tended to lend one to believe the rest of them was just as perfect and she knew that wasn’t the case. She preferred real men. Men who weren’t perfect, just like she wasn’t perfect.

She reached up with one hand and cupped his cheek in the palm of her hand. Tilting her head to the side, looking at him, she wondered how she could not have really seen him before, how she could have not seen the man she saw before her now.

His eyes clouded over in confusion, as he watched her. She hadn’t said a word in response to his questions or his look of concern. But somehow he knew she was seeing him for the first time and he was possibly seeing the real her for the first time.

“Touch me, please.” Were her next words, her voice neither shaky nor weak, but filled with passion and wonder which called to his very core.

“It would be my pleasure.” He told her as he felt her hand travel from his cheek to the back of his head pulling him towards her bit by bit. His eyes never leaving her marveling at the passion he saw deep in her eyes.

He let his hands travel over her skin, up her back, over her shoulder, down her arms, being both gentle but firm. He had known her before when she was hovering on the edge of her release, trembling with her need. What he felt now was different but no less than before. He wouldn’t deny her, could never deny her, what she so obviously needed.

Leaning his forehead against her forehead, he breathed in her scent, her arousal, the scent that was uniquely hers. “Do you want this?”

He watched in astonishment when she shook her head no. His heart plummeted to his knees. “Talk to me baby. Tell me why?”

She smiled. She knew she had surprised him. She was glad he asked her why. “I don’t want this.” Her voice husky with passion as she spoke, hesitating, wetting her lips before continuing. “I need this. I need this like I need the air I need to breathe.”

She heard him growl deep in his throat, just before he pulled her into a fierce embrace taking her mouth in a passionate kiss. His tongue not seeking, not tasting, but devouring, conquering, demanding.

Without hesitation she answered him in kind. What little was left of her thinking mind, yelled joyously, “Finally, finally!” She could burn in all her glorious passion. By his side, with him in her arms, she no longer felt afraid.

Her body melted against his. She drank up everything he gave her and she gave just as much back. He broke the kiss his breathing ragged, his voice husky, “We have time baby. All the time in the world. We’ll explore all your dark corners, all the deepest darkest recesses and dance within the beautiful light of your soul. We’ll take this journey together. If that is what you want.”

She smiled at him, curling into his body, loving the feel of him. “I want that more than anything.”


***Their journey will never end unlike this story, for now is at an end. Who knows, maybe it will pick up in another place and another time. For now though, she is glad her passion is no longer reclusive. May you have enjoyed yourself in its reading as much as I did in its writing.****

© Kate Spyder

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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2 Responses to Her Reclusive Passion – Part 8

  1. Sensual Desires says:

    A beautifully hot and sensual story, have loved it.

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