A Quiet Day – Part 2

The beginning, Part 1

There is something to be said about waking up between two very gorgeous strong men. Especially if one is sandwiched between them like they were two pieces of bread and you are the jelly spread upon each of them.

She wasn’t going to fight against the feelings she could feel slowly but inevitably rising to the surface. I mean really, how stupid could a girl be? To fight against something this luscious. This delicious.

Okay, so she has never had a threesome. Whether that threesome was one guy and two girls or two guys and one girl. Okay, she was getting a bit ahead of herself, maybe they didn’t intend anything sexual at all. Maybe she hadn’t really seen the heat in both of their eyes or the looks they gave each other before looking back at her. And maybe their presence in her bed had only been to comfort the hysterical stupid woman who had totally fucked up her night out.

They had been amazing, protecting her, saving her from the man who had tried to rape her. God. She hadn’t even thanked them. Another demonstration of how stupid she was. Well, they were still here so it wasn’t too late. She could still thank them even if it was a bit after the fact.

She looked down noticing she was still in the hot outfit she had purchased earlier and dawned for her night out. Even her shoes were still on her feet.

She quietly and carefully slid down off the bed, trying hard not to wake them and ducked into the bathroom, silently closing the door before turning the light on. Looking in the mirror she saw the destruction of what little makeup she had worn. Her tears had made her mascara literally slide off her lashes creating dark rings under her eyes. Now she really did look like a whore after a hard night at work. Ugh!

Picking up her washcloth, she turned on the water, letting it run until it was warm. Squeezing a tiny bit of her eye makeup remover onto the corner of the washcloth, she gently washed away the ugly black circles. She wasn’t bad looking without her makeup. Her long eyelashes just seemed to disappear because they were so light in color, a light brown instead of the strawberry blonde of her hair.

Her hair was a mixture of all the different hair colors. She had even been surprised one day to find a black strand in amongst all the various colors. By the end of the summer if she spent a lot of time in the sun, her hair would be light blonde with almost white streaks, especially next to her face. The hair at the nape of her neck, underneath rarely saw the sun and was a dark dirty blonde. All of her hair had an undercurrent of red which made it difficult for salon stylists when they wanted to die her hair which she rarely ever did. If she did any color treatments it was just to bring out her natural highlights.

She ran the brush through her hair after washing her face clean of any residue from her makeup and her night out. Her hair was fine. Men loved to run their fingers through her hair commenting on how soft it was. She loved it when they did as well. It was a sensual pleasure she enjoyed. None of them however had ever brushed her hair.

She hadn’t heard the door open, nor had she seen it open having turned her back to the door and no longer looking in the mirror. She stood quietly brushing her hair wishing someday that someone would enjoy brushing it for her when she was startled to feel a large warm hand take the brush from her hand. Her head jerked towards the mirror to see who it was.

One of the men, the one who had pulled her body against his was standing behind her and now running the brush through her hair. With his other hand he turned her head back so she was facing away from him. She closed her eyes in shear bliss as the brush descended down through her hair to the ends. Then lifted back to descend upon her scalp, brushing back through her hair again. God! She could get used to him doing this every single day of her life! She would never grow tired of it. She exhaled a long glorious sigh. At its end she was almost sure she heard a soft chuckle.

“We were wondering what was taking you so long in here. Not hearing a single thing made us wonder if you had decided to do yourself in after such an eventful night. But now I see it was just sinful pleasure you were enjoying all to yourself.”

He turned her towards the mirror, so he could see her face. That is when she saw the other man standing in the doorway watching. He had this rather sinful smile that somehow made her toes want to curl.

She felt heat curl deep in her loins and then slowly rise chasing the chill from her skin, giving her a soft pink glow. Dear God! Why was she blushing? Oh his smile made him sinfully delectable. With his dark eyes, dark long hair that was just shy of the length of her hair, but so much more thick and luxurious, all she could think about was kissing those lips while her fingers found their playground in his hair. But he didn’t know all about all those thoughts scorching through her brain cells.

So why the blush? Oh, it couldn’t be because the look searing a pathway to her looked like he was the wolf about to devour her, could it?

She glanced back in the mirror to see the man behind her. Jeesh, she couldn’t start calling them man-one and man-two in her thoughts. She needed names. Who were these guys?

She tried to quietly clear the lump in her throat but it came out sounding like the screech of a bullhorn. Dear god, she felt like some teenager about to have sex for the first time and was too nervous to get a single word out of her dry parched throat. She swallowed trying to wet her throat.

The first words came out hoarse and strained but at least they were intelligible. “Thank you. Both of you. For helping me tonight. I don’t even know how to thank you.” Well, she could think of a way. Down girl, if you keep thinking that way, you’ll start blushing and they won’t have any difficulty knowing exactly what you are thinking.

The one behind her kept brushing her hair, but they both said in unison which was kind of weird, like, did they do everything in unison? “You’re welcome.” Okay, well no, because the one at the door continued, “We were glad we were there to help. That bastard would have hurt you badly or maybe even have killed you.”

She gave another hard swallow, going a shade paler hearing the truth of his words for the first time, though she had thought them not for the first time.

On to Part 3

© Kate Spyder

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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