A Quiet Day – Part 3

The beginning, Part 1

“Yeah.” Her reply was shaky, if not weak, like her legs were becoming. She suddenly found herself being propelled through the door and directed to sit on the edge of the bed. The rather large guy who had been brushing her hair knelt down on one knee before her taking her hand. She looked down at his hand too embarrassed to look him in the eyes any more.

“Hey, baby. Enough of that, no need to feel embarrassed. It could have happened to anyone. In fact, I’m sure if it hadn’t been you, he would have zeroed in on someone else. We stopped him and that is what is important.”

What he didn’t tell her was he had made a phone call after she had fallen asleep and told a friend who lived a bit on the dark side of life dealing with unsavory people what had happened and where the guy had been when they last saw him. They hoped he was still there when their friend showed up. He would see that the guy had no desire to hurt another woman again. He didn’t know exactly what his friend was going to do and it was better that they didn’t know. All he knew is he could trust him to take care of the situation, so she would never have to worry about the guy again.

“Are you okay?”

She nodded her head, then gathering her courage she looked up at him and then to the other guy. “Look. I’m sorry I didn’t say thanks earlier. I mean I probably sound ungrateful or something. And I don’t even know your names.” She was getting all flustered. Nothing was coming out the way she wanted it to. She wasn’t some teenager, she was after all in her thirties, and a professional business woman. You would think she could string two or more thoughts together without stumbling over them in her mouth. Her fingers were starting to twist the velvet material of her dress showing her nervousness.

He captured her hand, stopping her fingers before she made a mess of the soft velvet material. “It’s okay. You were in shock. The last thing we expected was your thanks while you were trying to deal with what happened to you. As for names, mine is Matt and that is Jake.”

“I’m Jasmine.”

Matt was the larger of the two, with short dark brown hair. Both were beautifully constructed. Not the hard muscled bound look, but yeah, just the right amount of muscle covered in flesh that made them look good enough to eat without being afraid her teeth might get broken trying to bite through hard as steel muscles. Why was she suddenly thinking about biting them? Like she suddenly had a craving for raw male between her teeth? Dear god she was turning into an animal.

She blushed again, groaning silently to herself, she placed her elbows on her knees and buried her face in the palms of her hands. She felt Matt take each of her wrists, one in each hand, and tug her hands away from her face.

“What’s wrong, sugar?”

“N..n..nothing”, she stuttered.

She heard Jake chuckle from a few feet away. “I’d say she is embarrassed by the runaway thoughts of her imagination. Isn’t that right darlin’?”

My god, was everything she thought so transparent? She was looking back and forth from one guy to the other, when Jake spoke again as if she had just spoken her thought aloud.

“Yes, right now. Very transparent. I’m not complaining mind you. In fact I wouldn’t mind if you carried out a few of those thoughts right now. But I can wait.” He grinned, that sexy, oh so delicious smile which sent shivers coursing down her spine again to lodge between her thighs, which she suddenly squeezed tight together.

“Don’t mind Jake there, honey. He is the proverbial bad boy of the two of us. He seems to spend the greater part of his day inside women’s minds. I don’t know how he does it and retain his sanity.”

She glanced at Matt giving him a hard look. Did he just ditz the female species? She wondered silently.

“Yes, he did.” And her eyes flashed again to Jake.

“Would you quit that! That is so, so very unnerving!” she sputtered raising her voice more than she had intended which told them all how on edge she still was.

Jake came over to the bed and sat down next to her, wrapped an arm around her shoulder, leaning in he kissed her on the temple, “Sorry, baby. I tend to say what is on my mind.”

She sighed. “It’s okay. I’m just. I don’t know. Feeling a bit off kilter.”

“That’s understandable considering what happened tonight.” Matt said. His hand still holding hers, his fingers kind of playing with her fingers, distracting her from returning to twist and pull on her dress.

“Well.., It isn’t really because of that.” She said sheepishly.

Both men looked at her and said, “It isn’t?”

Damn they did it again, that unison thing. That was just weird. Then they did it again. “What is it then?”

She shrugged then decided to throw caution to the wind. “Both of you.”

She suddenly found herself hoisted up onto the bed, sitting back against the headboard with both men sitting facing her. Well, she thought, I guess that got their attention, not like she hadn’t had it already.

“What do you mean?” Matt asked her and Jake was nodding his head agreeing. “Tell us what you mean.” Said Jake.

Now her heart was hammering in her chest. Why had she gone and said such a thing? Now she had to explain herself. She took a deep breath and decided to just plunge right on in.

“Okay, well last night. You know at dinner.” She looked at them shyly, seeing them both nodding their heads confirming they were with her so far. “Well, I might have misread the situation. I mean maybe the Maître de hadn’t been clear.”

“Clear about what, honey?” Matt asked.

“Well. He made it sound like both of you were interested in me.” She felt like a fool. She knew there was no way both of them would be interested in her. She had just misread the situation and now she was going to look like a fool for even saying what she had been thinking.

To her astonishment, Jake looked her dead in the eye as he spoke the two words that flipped her world upside-down. “We are.”

“W..w..what?” she stammered.

“Matt and I are both interested in you. No, that isn’t quite right. We are both damned attracted to you. We both wanted to have dinner with you. We both wanted to spend the evening with you, getting to know you. We wanted to find out if you were as attracted to us as we are to you.”

Her eyes grew huge and bright as Jake spoke, as the words sunk in. Then the light suddenly dimmed from her eyes and she bowed her head, “and I ruined it.”

“Not at all, sugar.” The softly spoken words were said as Matt reached up with one finger extended and gently tilted her head up. “Look at me. Look at Jake. Do you see either of us going anywhere? Do you see anything indicating we are running away? If you can’t see the desire in our eyes, then we’ll just have to show you.”

As she looked from Matt to Jake and then back to Matt, as Matt finished speaking, she watched him move towards her. His eyes focused on her lips and she knew, she knew deep in her bones he was going to kiss her and that kiss was going to set her on fire.

Then she realized it wasn’t just Matt moving towards her, Jake was too. Matt’s lips descended upon her mouth, his hot tongue licking her lips encouraging her to open. She couldn’t deny him. She had wanted him to kiss her from the moment she had laid eyes upon him in the restaurant. The problem was she had also wanted Jake to kiss her just as badly.

Matt deepened the kiss, tasting her, giving her notice as to his plans to claim her. Then he broke the kiss and before she had a chance to draw breath, Jake’s mouth covered her’s. He didn’t just take, he devoured. He consumed the very air she had left in her lungs, when he broke the kiss, she was gasping for breath. Never in her life had she been kissed in such a way. Their kissed were so different and yet they seemed to complement each other, as if they truly belonged together.

Not a single thought other than “Wow”, entered her mind. “Wow… Wow… Wow…” was all she could think. Even mentally shaking her head didn’t help, so she shook it for real. And then spoke out loud. “Wow!” She was struck dumb.

Both men grinned. Jake his sexy as sin smile, and Matt with the most heart-warming smile she had ever seen. She loved that she could make these two men look so happy. Dear, god, she was feeling positively giddy! She needed a good slap alongside of the head. Or she was going to find herself a mass of mumbling mindless flesh at their feet.

On to Part 4

© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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