A Quiet Day – Part 4

The beginning, Part 1

This wasn’t her life. It couldn’t be. Things like this never happen to her. Oh maybe a gorgeous man would indicate his interest however shortly after gaining hers they always disappeared. But two? Not just gorgeous. These men also seemed to have integrity as well as intelligence. It was the last two things she searched for in men and found sorely lacking. At least in the men she met.

Most of the gorgeous men she met, well she had to be honest, she had only met a couple but they didn’t have much going on upstairs. They were more center pieces than they were those rare books one always had to pick up and stroke then open the pages to discover more of the mystery inside. From what she had gathered so far about these two men, they were moving more and more towards being like the rare books, she so adored.

Her mind was slowly unclogging from the sensual onslaught their kisses had pushed her into. But her body? Well, damn her body was humming. Their kisses had re-ignited the fire from her dancing earlier.

She had only slept about an hour. It had been enough to shake off the shock of what happened, and calm the desire that had heated her blood. Which quite frankly she had been surprised that the near rape hadn’t extinguished altogether. And was even more surprised when it didn’t make her into a complete basket case. Maybe it was the presence of the two men that kept her from falling apart. She certainly had no desire for them to leave.

Leave. Just the thought of it set her to shaking and she could feel the fear bubbling down deep just waiting for the opportunity to take over. Yep, that confirmed it. Without them here she would be curled up in a ball afraid of her own shadow.

She had made the biggest mistake of her life. She knew it would haunt her for the rest of her life. What confidence she had gained in herself was now shattered and she didn’t see any hope of getting it back. She would be paying for the choices she made tonight for the rest of her life.

She had no idea what to say to the two men who sat smiling at her. She was thrilled that her response to their kisses could make them look so happy, but she knew deep inside, this was only a dream. Could only ever be just a dream. Even if they took her to bed right now and had the hottest sex she had ever had, it would still end up only a dream because she wanted, needed more than just hot sex. Which she knew totally contradicted the whole point of her night out. She was a mess, there was no doubt about that.

She smiled at them. Truly smiled. Their kisses had made her feel beautiful. Really beautiful deep inside, which no amount of makeup, no classy or sexy clothing could ever give her.

She felt a tear escape each eye and create a trail down each cheek. Matt and Jake both reached out in perfect synchronicity and wiped each tear way, drying the trail left behind with their thumbs.

“Why the tears, darlin’?” Matt asked.

“The two of you make me feel so beautiful.”

“You are beautiful.” Jake’s hand moved from caressing her cheek to capturing a wayward strand of hair and pushed it behind her ear in a soft caress trailing his fingers down the long soft strands to her shoulder.

She was silently shaking her head no.

“Yes, you are.” Matt’s voice had become stern, as if angered that she would question what Jake said and what both of them felt about her. It wasn’t that she questioned them. She knew what was inside of her and it was far from beautiful, even before all that had occurred tonight. She had a lifetime of darkness inside her, darkness that no amount of light could make beautiful. And she had a lifetime of rejection to prove it.

She felt more tears flow down her cheeks and watched the smiles on their faces disappear as she knew they would if they ever discovered the real person underneath the façade.

In her self-condemnation, she wasn’t aware of the anger coming over the two men. They were both becoming furious at what they were witnessing before them. After their kisses, she had been radiant, beaming with happiness. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. They watched her shake her head no in denial to their assertion of her beauty. Then before their eyes, she wilted, became a pillar of despair. They wanted to kill the guy responsible.

Jake the one who always spoke his mind didn’t stop this time either. “God! I want to kill that bastard for what he did to you.”

Jasmine looked up in shock. “W..w..what?”

“The man that hurt you tonight, did this to you. I wish I could go back and kill him.” Jake was furious. She could see it all over him. When she looked at Matt, he looked no less furious. Why now?

“W..w..why? Why are you so angry now? I mean I get it. I saw both of you right after you got him off of me. I saw your anger then and I understood it but now? Why is it suddenly back now? Both of you?”

“Baby. We can see what happened tonight, what it has done to you. Only moments ago you were happy after we kissed you and now, it is like it never happened.” Matt nodded his head in agreement with what Jake said.

Before she realized what she was doing, she felt her head shaking back and forth in disagreement. She knew it was too late to take it back now. She should have just left them think it had been the bastard tonight which was causing her despair. Her lack of confidence in herself. But it was too late. She saw it on their faces. Their look of disbelief and yet the knowledge of it was sinking in.

“If not him, then who?” Matt softly asked her.

“It isn’t that simple, Matt. Nothing is ever just that simple.” She said as she slid down on the bed and curled into a ball.

Both men looked at each other and didn’t hesitate. She was curled towards Jake, so he laid down and with Matt’s help was able to get her to uncurl as he pulled her into his arms. Then Matt laid down behind her and wrapped himself around her.

“Then tell us.” They both said.

She felt an insane urge to giggle, which welled up inside her and snuck out before she could clamp it down.

Jake, the one who could get into women’s minds, was confused, and she heard it in his gruff voice, “What’s so damn funny?”

“You two.”


“Yeah. Do you two even realize how often you say the exact same thing at the exact same time? Or do things in synchronicity? I swear if I didn’t know better I would think you were one person split into two people or two people sharing the same mind. I’m sorry. It’s just with everything, I guess I need something in all of this to be funny, so I don’t go stark raving mad.”

Both Matt and Jake looked at each other. They both read the caution in each other to not say anything. Jasmine had no idea how close to the truth she was. But they couldn’t spring that on her now.

Jake pulled her in tighter into his arms and Matt shifted in closer from behind, both seeming to understand her need to be comforted, and protected. It was heaven in their embrace. Somehow she knew if she were to be held by just one of them, she might feel safe, but she would feel as though something were missing.

Matt slowly disentangled himself and got off the bed. She could hear him rummaging through her drawers. “What are you looking for Matt?” Jake spoke before Jasmine could inquire.

“Something for Jasmine to change into. She can’t be comfortable in that dress and she is still wearing her heels. Though I sure don’t mind if she wants to keep wearing it, she needs some rest. An hour’s sleep wasn’t enough and what we need to discuss can wait for now until she is rested. What do you sleep in Jasmine?”

“I have a couple over-sized t-shirts in the closet. They are hanging on the hook on the door.”

Matt opened her closet door and retrieved one of the t-shirts. It was an extra-large man’s t-shirt. Jasmine saw his eyebrow crook upwards in silent inquiry. “I buy them myself, Matt. I’ve never found a woman’s t-shirt or pajamas that were as comfortable to sleep in.”

It wasn’t that Matt had a problem with her having been with other men, he just didn’t want any reminders of that fact staring him in the face. Knowing she bought them somehow made him feel better.

“Sit up.” He instructed Jasmine.

To his surprise she followed his instruction without question. And didn’t interfere when Jake reached over and pulled on the snap of her dress, then pulled at the second snap. Both men whistled in appreciation when the dress fell open to reveal her nude body underneath the sheer undergarment.

Jasmine was a bit surprised at herself for letting them take over and start to undress her. To even sit there without trying to cover herself once Jake had opened her dress was unusual for her. Oh, she was comfortable in her nudity when it was just her or after she had been with a guy for a while, but not before they had sex and spent a good bit of time together. For some reason she thought Matt might get angry at her if she tried to cover herself, and she didn’t want him angry, so she resisted the urge and let them take over.

Though Jake appreciated what he saw before him, he felt a bit of a shock having discovered how easily anyone during the evening could have done what he had just done. “You mean to tell me that all night long the only thing holding this dress on your body was those two snaps?” his voice was a bit brusque.

Not only was Jasmine blushing over their whistles but Jake’s words made her blush deeper. “Ummm… Y..y..yes?.” She cautiously answered not knowing how Jake was going to respond.

“Humphf..” seemed to be the only reply he could make. But Jasmine could see the frown on his face. As if he wanted to say more.

“Jake. I thought you always say what is on your mind.”

Jake had been looking at her body through the sheer undergarment, thinking about all those men at the dance club and what they would have seen if someone had accidentally or on purpose popped the snaps open. He looked up at her, in her eyes, in those dark beautiful eyes, when her words sunk in. “I just don’t like the idea of anyone else other than Matt seeing what I’m seeing right now.”

“Oh.” Was her only response.

Matt moved behind her and pulled her dress from her shoulders, then Jake reached forward and pulled the sheer garment over her head. Seconds later the t-shirt was dropped over her head and she automatically put her arms through the arm holes. They both turned her so her legs were unfolded. With one of them each taking a leg they quickly divested her of shoes and stockings.

Jake rose off the bed, and together Matt and Jake pulled the covers down on the bed while Jasmine rose up and scooted over the top as they pulled the covers down. She settled in the middle of the bed watching while the two men discarded their shirts and pants, and socks. They had kicked off their shoes earlier when they had laid down with her the first time.

They both wore boxer briefs which she loved and enjoyed viewing the outline of both their cocks in the snug material. From what she could see they were both handsomely endowed which made her mouth water and her imagination go into overdrive.

Once she was able to peel her eyes away from their cocks. Jasmine had been surprised to see both men had an assortment of tattoos. Matt had one arm completely covered in an intricate tattoo that she wanted to explore in more depth. While Jake had a few solid black tattoos that made him look like a total bad ass. She wasn’t sure if they were a Celtic design or some tribal design. All she knew was they enhanced his physique in such a way she wanted to run her fingers and tongue alone each of the tattoos.

God, could these guys get anymore sexier to her or what? Anymore sexier and she would be begging for them to take her. She wondered what they would do if she did get on her knees and beg them to take her. It was a thought. Other than the kiss, and how they had looked at her all night, especially when Jake had opened her dress, they showed no signs of wanting to do more than just sleep with her. In a way she was disappointed. But for other reasons she knew it was for the best, to just never go there with these two men. She had a feeling that once would never be enough and if they walked afterwards it would tear her apart. Leave her in shreds more like it.

They climbed in bed after they hesitated just briefly letting her look them over. Both had knowing smiles plastered all over their faces as if they knew what taking their clothes off was doing to her. But they crawled in bed, Jake pulling her into his embrace like earlier while Matt pulled the covers up and settled in behind her after turning the light off on the nightstand.

Feeling their naked skin against her was like being surrounded in warm chocolate. It gave her a deep desire to taste, and submerge herself in their delectable warmth. With her body still humming with arousal, it was hard as hell to resist the temptation.

Would this be how it would always be if they lived together? Would they take turns, one holding her while the other snuggled up behind her, then switching the next time? Somehow she knew that was how it would be. She wondered if they ever did this with another woman. She mentally shrugged and told herself it didn’t matter whether they did or didn’t. They weren’t hers anyway.

She snuggled in deeper and relaxed. This was something she could get used to but she knew it wasn’t meant to be. She would just enjoy tonight. And tomorrow she would face the fact that they would go home and she would be by herself yet again.


© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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