A Dream of Lust #3

Liberate One posted the dominant male version of this story, and requested others to post the female submissive’s version. I decided to take up the challenge and post my version before reading any the others posted.


She nervously fingered the hotel key card in her hand, looking at the slot in the door. Her instructions had been clear detailing every step, including what to print across the white t-shirt. She had been meticulous to his exacting details. The question was, was she ready for this?

She stared at the key slot for a moment. It was a leap of faith she was contemplating on taking, to trust this man with every part of her, mind, body and soul. Did she trust him?

She felt a smile curl her lips feeling the sensual seduction of that simple action clear her mind and chase her doubts away with a sense of peace. The one thing she would never doubt was her trust in him. What she doubted was her ability to please him. She shook off that one remaining doubt, slipped the key card into the slot watching the light turn green.

Stepping into the room she let the door close behind her and began her preparations. Stripping out of the clothing she wore, she shed the technician persona of her workday from her mind and placed her clothing in a drawer.

She picked up the bag containing the things she had brought with her. With each piece of clothing she repeated the phrase “slut for Master” that she had printed on the tight white t-shirt in red, leaving the t-shirt for last.

With each word she spoke she felt ‘her slut’ awakening, coming alive, preparing for Master. She was rewarded by the tightening of her nipples and the moisture already starting to bead between her lips. She let her mind wonder over what he might do tonight. The only indication the clothes and the phrase upon the t-shirt.

She first pulled on the red micro skirt sliding it sensually up her long legs, feeling the material tug against her skin wondering if he would rip it from her body later or would he push it up over her hips and take her fierce with his hard cock.

The boots were next. Each movement she took was slow, purposeful, thinking of him watching her as she dressed. Pointing her toe, encasing it in the leather, she pushed it firmly into the sole of the boot feeling it wrap and hug her foot like her pussy wraps around his cock. Sealing her in tighter as she zipped it closed up her thigh. Picking up the second boot was like feeling him push inside her, taking his time until he was seated so deep he had to feel the wall of her uterus.

Standing up, she stood in front of the mirror watching as she peeled the tight t-shirt over her head, carefully slipping her arms into each sleeve. Then feeling the material encase her breasts    in a tight sheath of soft material, the words “slut for Master” stretched tightly across her plump breasts.

Her transformation was complete. Her body swayed sensually with the desires of ‘her slut’ fully awakened ready to serve her Master.

She slowly lowered her knees to the floor, ten feet from the door. Every movement was practiced and precise and performed as if he were in the room watching. Imagining him there sent a hungry shiver up her spine as she positioned herself according to his instructions. Knees together, her arms behind her back.

She mentally locked herself into position and patiently waited. Her mind kept her from becoming impatient by trying to imagine what he might think or do when he came in the door.

Would he be pleased? Would he like how she had followed his instructions with ease and meticulous care to the details he had provided? She felt a rush of heat flood her body with the thought of pleasing him, when she heard the door open.

Remaining perfectly still she waited, watching his feet as he approached her. It was difficult to keep her head from turning as he walked around her. Her skin pebbled with goose bumps following him as he circled around her like a lion circling his lioness, smelling her, testing her to see if she would run. Unable to stop herself, she felt her body bow, arching, ‘her slut’ offering herself to him. Her nipples grew taught, and her pussy throbbed.

When he paused behind her, she almost slipped and turned her head but she stopped herself. Watching his feet, hearing him walk, circling around her had her mind racing, wondering what he was thinking, what he might do.

Her mind and her body had entered an erotic zone that was owned only by ‘her slut’. He knew exactly what she needed in order to call her forth. When he told her that her appearance was acceptable she felt ‘her slut’ blossom with joy and her body flush with excitement.

Hearing his words directing her to stand up, she slowly, tantalizingly followed his instructions to the letter. Placing her feet shoulder width apart made her feel slightly exposed as the micro skirt tightened around her legs. She felt her tight white t-shirt pull against the underside of her breasts as she raised her arms and crossed her wrists above her head.

As he walked around her again, she felt her pussy quiver and before she could stop it a whimper escaped her lips. His eyes burned across her flesh as she felt him look her over from her hands to her shoulders, from her face down to her breasts, from her chest to her abdomen, from her waist to her thighs, from her ass to her feet, she burned.

His touch upon her neck when he paused behind her, sent a tight coil of arousal surging through her to follow his finger as it slowly slid down her spine then joined with the rest of his fingers to cup her left cheek. She couldn’t contain the whispered moan of “oh God” when he squeezed hard. The slap of her ass sent the tight coil of arousal shooting right between her thighs.

His words “I did not give you permission to speak,” only made her burn hotter than his breath upon the back of her neck making her tremble in need. With his mouth next to her ear, his voice stroked her inner ear like a wet tongue upon her labia, whispered, “You are beautiful, I want to push your body up against the wall and fuck you. Hard. My cock hard and firm, pushing into you over and over.” She whimpered feeling his hot moist breath kissing her ear. “You are trembling, my little slut. Is there something you would like to say?”

Corralled within the zone of her arousal, she could only nod her head.

He made her wait, several moments, before he said, “Say it,” while her mind could only think of one thing.

How badly she wanted him to fuck her. She spoke softly, “Please, Master, please, fuck me.”

As he spoke, ‘her slut’ swirled and danced in anticipation inside her, anxious to be free, to please her Master, “I did not hear all of that. Say it louder, slut girl.”

‘Her slut’ pushed her aside and purred, “Please, Master, fuck your slut.”

‘Her slut’ bristled a bit, when he whispered in her ear, “Not yet, my little slut girl.” Then shuddered as she heard him call her his little slut girl.

His dark silky voice made her insides melt, “Mmmm, you do look delicious.”

Her voice becoming soft from her fierce arousal, “Thank you, Master.

The slow tracing of his fingers across each letter of her t-shirt was driving her slowly insane, each touch of the tip of his finger made her mind convulse in orgasmic pleasure across each curve, and each shape of every letter.

“Tell me what these words are on this shirt I allowed you to wear,” she heard him say as he continued to trace each letter.

How her lips formed the words, she’ll never know, “S-slut… oh God…” she trembled and the words came tumbling out, “Slut for Master.” She was his slut, there was no separating them now.

She felt him begin to trace the letters once again, “Is it true? Are you my own slut?” he asked her.

Shivering, her words came out in a whimper, “Yes, Master.”

As she felt him step back and look her over again. Her thoughts centered only on him. Had she pleased him, she asked herself, as she wondered what would be next. Then a thrill shot through her when she heard him say, “Leading position, slut.”

Slowly she lowered her arms and crossed her wrists behind her back, then bent over at the waist until her upper body was parallel to the floor. She felt her breasts cupped by the material of her tight t-shirt, as she lowered her upper body into position. Hot liquid pooled between her legs in pleasure when she heard him say “Good slut.” Then grabbed her hair and led her toward the bedroom.

She felt her slut grin in anticipation of serving her Master, for she knew it was time to begin.


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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