A Moment In Time

The sand, the soil dry, hot and dusty beneath her feet. They all gathered at the lake, trying to cool down from the sultry day. Beers in hand, cooling the fingers but nothing more just the tangy malt flavor kissing the tongue before rolling and wetting her dry throat.

Looking up upon the hill, she felt his gaze drink in her slender form with shorts more painted on than worn.

At least, that was how it started, she reminded herself as she looked down amazed to find herself here, fingers gripping hard the wooden surface beneath her hands. Her mind awash in sensation after sensation. Did he know?

Did he know what just the slight touch of his fingers did to her? Did he know how just that one slight touch burned her with an everlasting fire she thought would consume her before he would have the chance to touch her again?

Did he know, her secret? Could he tell? That she had never let anyone touch her like this before?

Looking down, her knees spread, his golden hair dampened against his forehead. How could this make her feel so beautiful, she wondered as she felt his fingers spread her strawberry blonde curls? Fingers so gentle they touched her like she was a precious gift his anticipation held in check wanted to enjoy its unwrapping just as much as he would enjoy the taste of it once it was revealed.

His head tilted slightly, forehead backwards, chin rising upwards, soft, warm and wet soothed her raging flesh, which throbbed anticipating what, she wasn’t sure.

Her legs spread, his mouth finding purchase, his hands grasped her hips pulling her down to his hunger.

He tasted her like she was an ice cream cone slowly melting in the hot sun, slow hot licks seeking the melted cream sliding down attempting to escape the folds and coat his tongue.

But ice cream cones didn’t have what she had, what his tongue sought as one hand trailed down her cheek to glide between her wet thighs, a long tapered finger penetrating as his tongue finally, finally pressed against the small hard bundle of nerve bound flesh that jolted her senses with a sudden grasping need as her head flung back making her back arch thrusting her breasts forward aching to be touched.

This was pure ecstasy her thoughtless brain moaned silently. How could she have thought this was dirty, or gross, but definitely sinful?

© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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