The Red Rose – Part 2

In the mounting days of surrender’s madness she felt herself begin to unfold. Her unfolding was both ominous and filled with joy. How he could touch upon those deepest and darkest parts of her and bring forth joy she had no idea. All she knew is this was becoming the most intoxicating journey she had ever taken or been given.

*sometime in the previous days*

In the summer breeze she sat at the table with her friend Tiffany. She had trouble staying focused. It was a good thing her friend loved to talk or she would have noticed her distraction. As it was about fifteen minutes into the hour they had set aside for lunch, Tiffany was asking her if something was wrong.

“No. There is nothing wrong.”

“Are you sure? You seem awfully distracted.”

“Oh. Well, have you ever had a dream that didn’t feel like a dream? You know you woke up and you could swear that whatever had happened in the dream had really, really happened?”

“No. I can’t say that I have. I mean, I’ve had some pretty good dreams but I always knew they were dreams especially once I woke up. Is that what happened?”

“Yeah, after I took my shower, I laid down for a few minutes and fell asleep. The dream just felt so real when I woke up.”

“What was it about?”

She laughed. She really couldn’t tell Tiffany that she had just had the best orgasm of her life from a dream. “Oh, nothing really, it just felt odd that is all. Sorry, I’ve been so distracted.”

“That’s okay. Hey, how about we splurge and get us a couple pastries. I really shouldn’t but I can’t resist them, this place makes the most marvelous pastries I’ve ever eaten.”

Katlin nodded her head in agreement, “Sure.” She knew a pastry would keep Tiffany sidetracked and not ask her again about the dream. Even sitting here she could still feel the man’s hand on her back. All she could think about was going back home and taking another nap to see if she would dream about him again.

Instead, she spent the hour with Tiffany, then headed off to her favorite shopping area where they had all the nice boutiques which reminded her of how shopping used to be probably over eighty years ago before the big malls and large stores started taking over.

She was in the mood for buying something sexy.

Rain had moved in, while she shopped which curtailed her plans for working in the garden. Maybe after the rain, she would dig her fingers into the mud since it would be easier to pull any stubborn weeds.

In the end, it didn’t happen. It rained until late that night, and when she went to crawl into bed was when she remembered the silk piece of material she had found on her floor by the bed. She sat on the edge of her bed sliding the silk between her fingers wondering how it had gotten there. There was a mystery about this house, something she needed to figure out.

Katlin liked puzzles, well at least some puzzles. She was good at certain ones and bad at others. Gathering information and parsing it together was something she thought she was rather good at. Maybe she could figure this one out, she just needed to start gathering information. She would start tomorrow by getting a copy of the original blueprints of the house and going to the local library to see what if anything she could dig up on the history of the house. For now though, she hung the strip of silk over her headboard, and slid into bed nude. She loved the feel of the soft sheets against her skin, another item she liked to splurge on.

Sometime in the night, her dreams started changing shape. Her mind though was constantly interjecting that this could be no dream. Other than the dream she had after her shower the day before, and now this one, she had never before had a dream take place in the exact location where she was. Her brain told her two times in a row were astronomical odds and she needed to pay more attention to what was going on.

In her dream, it was pitch black again, no light filtered through unlike her bedroom in real life which allowed the stars, moon or sun to lighten it up, even on rainy nights there would still be some bit of light that would filter through her windows and allow her to see just a little. This was not the case in this dream. She knew she was in her room, even though she couldn’t see it, she could feel the sheets and the bed beneath her.

There were no sheets covering her body and when she tried to reach for them she found she could not move her arms. This is when she felt something soft wrapped around her wrists which had both hands tied together at the wrists and anchored somehow above her head but not so taught it would leave marks or have her arms stretched tight above her head. The reason she had not recognized being bound at first was because she was comfortable in the position. She lay on her side with her head resting on a pillow, her arms bent at the elbow, at a slightly relaxed angle, her hands lying just a little higher than her head.

The thing that gave her pause were the two hands which were making love to every single exposed part of her body. Fingers, at first, raked gently through her long hair, pulling it back from her face, trailing it down her neck, letting the ends come to rest between her shoulder blades, before her hair slid to the side to rest upon the bed. Was it this simple touch that had awakened her in her dream and kept her from panicking over being bound? Why was it she didn’t feel afraid? She couldn’t answer this other than he gave her no reason to fear him and this was only a dream so why not just relax and enjoy it? She was sure she recognized his touch from her earlier dream. Could it possibly be the same man?

His hand moved from her hair, to across her face, almost as if he were reading brail only he was seeing her face instead of letters or words. He seemed to skip over a portion of her face and focus on her lips, letting one fingertip press ever so gently across her soft pouty lips, he seemed to want something from her.

Her lips parted to draw breath to say something when his finger took advantage, penetrating the slight opening. He pressed gently forward advancing until her tongue, with a mind of its own, licked the tip of his finger. He tasted of mahogany and sweet loamy earth. She had never before had a dream so rich in sensations.

His finger probed deeper as her tongue swirled around its tip she found herself sucking on it gently. A deep soft rumble sounded slightly above and behind her. It was an intoxicating sound to her ears which sent a shiver down her spine.

The bed dipped underneath her as he shifted his weight onto the bed while pulling his finger from between her lips, then leaving a wet trail down her chin towards her neck slowly following the path her neck moved as she swallowed wondering what he had in mind.

She could feel the heat of his body, he sat so close. Waiting patiently, in the quiet of the night, his breathing was only slightly labored revealing his arousal. Her mind following the heated path of his finger as it trailed slowly down her chest, circling one nipple, then the other, tantalizing them, not squeezing or twisting or pulling upon the tip as she so desperately wanted him to do. Reaching for him by arching her back attempting to move her breast further into his touch, to only have him pull away, then give a sharp slap to her tender breast.

Only when she stilled and relaxed back against the bed did his finger return to traveling further down her body, over her taught stomach and dipping for just a moment into her navel.

Her breath was becoming ragged, her need was like a sharp knife resting against her neck willing her to move against it, daring her to draw blood.

He had her at his command.

She would do whatever he wanted.


She was beginning to realize this was no dream.


© Kate Spyder

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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