No Internet Connection

I don’t like not having an internet connection. It makes me antsy. It lets my mind wonder too far afield. It makes me want to get out of this chair I sit in and go outside.

Outside is dangerous. It holds all sorts of temptations.

I could walk down the street, and find a secluded place where only one of the neighbors, a man, home alone for the day, could see me. Then lift my skirt showing him I wear no panties and that I have a cleanly shaved pussy. I can see him lick his lips wanting a taste, but I shake my head no. All he is allowed to do is watch as I slip my fingers between my wet lips, getting them wet, then slowly massage my clit. I watch his eyes. They are glued to my fingers. Every slow circle they make his eyes move with them, barely perceptible but there to be seen if one looks closely. I can see a bulge start to form in his pants. I want him to take his cock out and stroke it while I continue to rub my clit, but he doesn’t. He comes closer instead. He enters the secluded space, now no one can see him either. We are alone, yet outside. I can hear a car go by on the street just on the other side of the bushes behind me. I don’t stop. I keep dipping my fingers and rubbing my clit. He keeps watching. He looks up at me, then at my chest. I tuck the hem of my skirt in its waistband so I can free my hand that holds it up. I reach up and slowly unbutton my blouse. His eyes flick between my fingers unbuttoning my blouse to my fingers swirling around my clit. I know he can see how wet my fingers are. He licks his lips again before returning his gaze to my breasts as they are slowly revealed. I reach beneath my blouse, pushing the material aside as I grasp my breast and squeeze, then pinch my nipple between my fingers. I am so close to cumming I have to be careful not to squeeze too hard or the pain/pleasure sensation will take me over the top. I look down at his shorts, his bulge is much more noticeable now. He sees me looking. I watch as his hands reach up and slowly unzips his shorts, opening them, then reaching in and pulling out his hard cock. I lick my lips wanting to know what he tastes like but I know this is forbidden. All we can do is watch each other. He starts stroking his cock, while I watch. He sees the look in my eyes and comes closer, neither of us touching, but close enough we could if we wanted to. The temptation sends heat streaking through me to pool between my legs and I can feel my orgasm rising, demanding release. I moan, not caring if anyone can hear me. The noises of the street, are that of cars passing by one at a time with small gaps of silence in between, with the occasional voice of a neighbor calling to another as they get ready to leave for work or take their kids to school. He is stroking, I see pre-cum on the tip of his cock before his thumb rubs over the head massaging it into his skin. He is watching my fingers dancing and diving between my lips and around my clit while my other hand moves from one breast to the other squeezing and pinching wishing I could have his mouth and tongue but again that is forbidden. I am panting in my arousal. I am so close. He is stroking faster and faster as he watches the rhythm of my fingers. I tell him I need to cum. He tells me he is ready to cum. Then he tells me he wants to see me cum now. It is like his words are a trigger and I feel the explosion of my orgasm. He watches, then moans and I watch his seed spurt from his cock, almost landing on me but falling to the ground at my feet. He is glorious in his release. I almost cum again watching him, as I continue to rub my clit as I come down off my orgasm. I watch as he slowly tucks his cock away and fastens his shorts. I release my skirt to cover me and button my blouse. I tell him thank you and walk back the way I came. He watches me. He knows where I live, but he also knows the rules. He can watch but he cannot touch.

Or I could jump in my car, go for a drive to the national park nearby. Take a hike into the forest following a well beaten trail. Then select a somewhat but not completely hidden spot off the trail. A nice rock just at the right height to partially sit and lean back against. I unzip my jeans, opening them wide enough to slide them partially down my hips, exposing my partially shaved pussy giving my fingers enough room to explore. My fingers dip into the wetness between my lips and I become lost in the sensations as my fingers slide over the various contours of my sex. When I finally touch my clit I moan just as I hear the snap of a twig. I look up to see a male lone hiker watching me. He can see clearly what I am doing from where he is at. Our eyes meet. He looks at me directly, then his eyes flow down my body, resting where my fingers are still touching my clit, slowly rubbing. His eyes return to my eyes as if to say, continue, I’ll stay right here and just watch. Then his deep voice tells me, “Don’t stop. Continue, I’ll watch from here. I promise, you are safe. I enjoy watching a woman find her own pleasure.” Once hearing those words I could not have stopped if I wanted to. His eyes roamed over me, constantly, not just watching my fingers as they explored my depths and stroke my clit, but my body, and my face, all that was me. My body vibrated with arousal, each glance took me higher. I wanted to cum. I told him I was going to cum, but he told me not yet, to not cum yet, not until he told me to. I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I could hold off my orgasm but I tried. Moans escaped my lips, I couldn’t stop them. My fingers continued to stroke and dip deep curling inside rubbing my sweet spot. I felt as though I were dancing on the head of a pin as he watched me. His eyes burned with a light I had never seen in another man’s eyes. He was experiencing his own arousal. I could see a bulge in his pants but he never touched, never rubbed. He used his eyes and through his eyes I could see a depth to his arousal that was more than just his hard cock in his pants. He watched as I fought against going over the edge. I barely held on. My moans were becoming louder until he finally said, “come now. Let me see you come now.” And I exploded. My orgasm rocked through my body, my whole body convulsed in its power. My legs shook and the rock behind me kept me from falling. My fingers fluttered on my clit, its sensitivity keeping me from touching more than just a fraction of a second. The waves rolled over me, then slowly subsided. He stood there watching me, a smile on his face but his eyes holding an intensity that burned me. He waited while my senses came back to me. Watched as my fingers shook as I slowly fastened my pants. Then he walked by my side down the path, returning me to my car, making sure I didn’t stumble or fall along the way. He thanked me for giving him such a beautiful morning and I thanked him for helping me have such an amazing orgasm. He smiled and walked away. I drove home in a daze being very careful of each turn and light along the way.

Or I could go shopping, finding myself becoming aroused, not sure why other than I start to notice a man who hovers not far away. I move between the racks of clothing. It is early, the store having just opened. There are few customers. But he watches me. Seems to follow me. He looks at me and smiles. I smile back but he doesn’t come closer. He just watches me. I’m not afraid, in fact his attention seems to arouse me. I can feel myself getting wet. He continues to go where I go, keeping at least one rack of clothing between us. I find a blouse and skirt I like, so I go over to the mirror. I stand in front of it holding up the blouse and skirt in front of me to picture what they would look like on. I see him in the mirror behind me, not close enough to touch me, but close enough to see what I see in the mirror. He smiles and says, “Why don’t you go try them on? I’d like to see what they look like on you.” The changing room is just next to the mirror. It is a single room with just a curtain that hangs to the floor. I step inside. Knowing he is out there waiting. That he could enter at any time has me becoming even more aroused. I take off my shirt and pants. I remove my panties too. I put on the short skirt and blouse, no bra. Then I step out of the changing room. I see him looking me over, evaluating. I turn and look in the mirror. My hair is mussed from pulling my clothes off, so I rub my hands through it giving it a bit of a shake with my fingers so it falls softly over my shoulders. He smiles in approval when I look at him in the mirror. “I like the outfit. It suits you.” He tells me. The way he looks at me sends a shiver down my spine and a sudden rush of hot wetness between my thighs. I tell him ‘thank you’ and I return to the changing room. But instead of undressing, I lean back against the wall to my right and turn to face the smaller mirror in the room. I lift the front of the skirt and look at my naked pussy and the wetness on my thighs. My fingers slide into the wetness getting them thoroughly coated and then I begin to rub my clit. My head tilts back against the wall as I give out a soft moan. I hear the slight metal clink of the rings on the curtain. I look over. He has created a small opening in the curtain by the wall with the mirror and is watching me. My eyes don’t leave him as I continue to rub my clit. I watch his eyes roam over my body before they settle upon what my fingers are doing. His watching sends my arousal soaring. He smiles knowing this then softly tells me, “take your time little one, there is no one here but you and me. Enjoy yourself. I’ll make sure no one disturbs you.” He stands in a position where he can easily look beyond the curtain to the rest of the store, then look back at me. He watches me more than he does the store as I finger my clit. I reach up and slowly unbutton the blouse, opening it, exposing my breasts. I grasp one in my hand and squeeze, then pinch my nipple and pull. His eyes grow darker as he watches. I can tell he wants to suck them. It turns me on even more knowing he wants to touch me but uses his self-control to contain the urge. I want him to touch me too but that is forbidden. I am only allowed to let men watch. That control, that need to follow my orders, is like taking a wrench and tightening the spring, winding it tighter and tighter. It doesn’t take long, but I hold off my orgasm as long as I can trying to enjoy this moment, this slip into my naughty dreams that has come to real life. He whispers to me, “cum for me little one. I want to watch you cum.” And I do. My orgasm shatters like glass being blown out by an explosion. My body convulses and my legs shake. My eyes never leave his as I see the fire in them as they watch me give myself pleasure, until my orgasm slowly subsides. I feel weak as I slowly change into the clothing I had worn to the store. I pick up the blouse and skirt. He walks with me to the register. When I reach for my purse he stops me, “let me little one. Let me buy these for you. I want you to remember me watching you every time you put them on.” I let him purchase them for me. He walks me to the car and thanks me for a wonderful start to his day. I thank him for the wonderful orgasm he helped me to have. I drive very carefully home.

But it is a good thing my internet connection is now back. I’m now safe from what could have happened when my mind starts to wonder when I have no internet connection.

© Kate Spyder

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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4 Responses to No Internet Connection

  1. farrahdomid says:

    Kate…I just fell in love with everything about you. This is simply amazing. You’ve inspired me to write something like this, if only I had the courage.

    • Kate Spyder says:

      You do have the courage. It is within you. I posted a picture a while back that had words from Rumi on it “Let yourself be drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray.” This has helped me to wrap courage around me and post things that might make me feel uncomfortable but are connected to what I love. I have held myself back so much in all my sexual relationships, well, it just isn’t funny any more. My writing is helping me to open up, as well as the subtle ways my Sir is encouraging me. It is rather liberating to write something like this and not care if anyone finds it as fun, or as exciting or as arousing as I do but to just do it and enjoy the process and how it makes you feel. Just write it, you don’t have to post it. Or you could share it with someone privately if you want to or not at all. Just have fun with it.

      • farrahdomid says:

        It’s funny because I’ve only had one relationship where I didn’t hold myself back sexually, but even then, I didn’t completely let myself go. In my head, I’m totally free. But even when writing sexual pieces, I don’t let myself go all the way because to be honest, I get a little embarrassed! Unless I say it in a certain way, then I feel weird writing it. I’d like to move from this though. Reading what you wrote was so amazing and perfect and I’d like to be able to achieve that artistic freedom. I’ve been thinking of this story though and I’m going to write it. It won’t be posted because Im not entirely ready for that, but I’m going to write it. Do you arouse yourself when writing these things? &yes, liberating indeed.

      • Kate Spyder says:

        Writing erotica, whether it is poetry, short stories or even real life is very arousing, yes. In the beginning I only wrote and kept it for myself. They have never been posted and most likely never will be. I used erotica to explore my own sensuality and if you don’t plan to post it you can go to wherever you want to go to see what makes you uncomfortable or what turns you on. This was one of the important steps I had to take when I set out upon this journey. Like you I have never completely let myself go sexually in a relationship. I hope one day I will be able to do so. Finding someone you can be completely honest with, without reservations, who will listen without judgement, is the first step. Letting go with yourself in writing can also be an important step, no one else has to see it, just you. If you can’t let go when it is just you, then don’t expect to be able to let go with someone else. If you ever do want to share but don’t want to share on your blog, then share with someone you trust privately, someone who is accepting of who you are. I cannot tell you how liberating it is to be able to speak to my Sir about some of our darkest fantasies.

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