What I want…

I want to kneel before you,

Have you tell me to lean forward onto my elbows with my hands on the floor, palms down.

While you kneel behind me and place the head of your hard cock between my lips, feeling my slippery hot wetness coat your cock’s head.

I want you to tell me to not move, to be perfectly still.

I want you to tell me if I don’t obey, you will punish me.

I want to feel you press the head of your cock slowly, ever so slowly into me.

At first, stopping with only the head half way surrounded by my tight opening.

Then you tell me to squeeze, to move nothing but those muscles surrounding the head of your hard cock and squeeze.

I squeeze you tightly and you moan, telling me ‘good girl’ as you smooth your hand across the round curve of my bottom.

I keep squeezing until you tell me to stop.

I become perfectly still again, waiting.

I want to feel you move slowly deeper until the head of your cock slips past the ring of my muscles and wrap tightly around your shaft.

Then I want to feel you pull slightly back so I can feel the pressure of your cock head trying to widen my opening to let it pass but you don’t pull out, you just give enough pressure so I feel the sensation of you trying to withdraw.

I moan but keep perfectly still.

I want to feel you push forward again, taking your time to slowly penetrate deeper and deeper and deeper until you can go no further and I feel your cock pushing against the deepest part of me.

I instinctively push against you until I feel the hard slap of your hand against my ass and I still immediately.

Then I want to feel you release your beast and pound me unmercifully hard and deep, deep and hard.

I want you to punish me with your cock, forcing it as deep as it will go, giving me the pain I need to let go.

To pound ruthlessly against me until I’m moaning and begging unintelligibly for you to make me and mark me forever yours.

I want you this deep.

I want you this hard.

I want you unmerciful.

I want you ruthlessly.

I want you…

In all the forms that are you.

All while I kneel, bowing, head to the floor upon my hands, palms flat resting upon the floor.



About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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