Tangling using painter software with pen and tablet

Ricks Paradox 1

I have been playing around with my digital painter software with my wacom intuous pro pen tablet. I’m fairly new to this and I’m finding it rather hard just drawing a straight line.  Yesterday was my first time doing Rick’s Paradox tangle with pen and paper which was a bit of a challenge for me because the space I was trying to use it in wasn’t square or triangular. Today I decided to try it using my painter software and the tablet and pen. It took a few tries to end up with the above. As you can see I was also having problems with the pen, my pressure wasn’t consistent which meant some lines were darker than others. I’m hoping with practice I can do this better and eventually inspire some other drawings.

Below I did it on black with the chalk option in the pen which I like. I like working with white on black, and I may do more of it.

paradox on black


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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