A Submissive’s Journey – 18 June 2014


I returned just a little while ago from my ultrasound, having not eaten anything all day, I made a stop on the way home at Tim Hortons and purchased sandwiches, chips, drinks and muffins for us both. I treated myself to a hot chocolate since I was cold from lying in the cold ultrasound room for about forty-five minutes. The technician took picture after picture of my right breast in the surrounding area of the lump. I asked her if she could tell me what she was finding. She said she didn’t know what it was only a biopsy would tell, but she was finding what often ended up being cysts on most women and a lot of women have them. This was in addition to the lump and at times she was measuring what she was finding. After about thirty minutes she moved over to the left breast and maybe took only a couple pictures and only about ten minutes on it. The pictures she took on the left breast was in the area where the mammogram showed a shadow. Then she left to check with the radiologist to see if he wanted any more pictures. She came back about ten minutes later telling me I was free to go.

It is very quiet here. The hissing and growling have mostly stopped. For now all the cats are sleeping. There seems to be a more relaxed atmosphere since I woke this morning between all the cats. There is still some hissing and growling but only as they pass each other.

I had thought I could start working on the creative writing assignment my Sir gave me last night as I waited for my turn to have my ultrasound but there ended up being no wait. I think I will go work on it now while I wait on some work I queued up to run at work.



After I did some work on the creative writing assignment, I returned to reading. I am rather shocked at some of the things I have just read and learned from Chapter 18 in Suzanne Somer’s “Knockout” book. The following are my notes:

  • Surgery increases the chance of mastases, this means when cancer is removed surgically that there are many factors which enables the cancer to spread throughout the body, creating other cancer sites.
  •  Bleeding and swelling enable any cancer cells to freely enter the blood and lymph system to migrate to the rest of the body, entering blood vessels if not killed off they will adhere to the vessel walls and migrate into other organs
  • Surgery increases inflammatory chemicals which also increases COX-2 a potent inflammatory enzyme which promotes cancer growth and metastasis

nutrients to inhibit COX-2

  • curcumin
  • resveratrol
  • vitamin E
  • soy isoflavones (genistein)
  • green tea (EGCG)
  • quercetin
  • fish oil
  • feverfew
  • silymarin (from milk thistle)
  • There are natural killer cells (NK cells) which naturally seek out cancer cells and kill them, however surgery suppresses the activity of these cells and which means those cancer cells dislodged during surgery and entering the blood have a greater chance of survival to become a tumor in another part of the body

 there are lots of things one can take to increase NK cell activity

  •  PSK
  • garlic
  • glutamine
  • IP6
  • AHCC
  • lactoferrin
  •  Cancer cells will adhere to each other, and in fact they need to do this in order to survive and grow, there are ways to inhibit their ability to adhere to each other which oncologists and doctors do not tell us or administer prescriptions or advise on taking (cimetidine which is used to alleviate heartburn, and modified citrus pectin)
  • In order for cancer to grow larger than a pin head, it has to create new blood vessels to feed it, there are things you can take that will suppress VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor)
  •  soy isoflavones (genistein)
  • silihinin (component of milk thistle)
  • green tea (EGCG)
  • curcumin
  • The primary tumor serves to inhibit the growth of metastatic cancer elsewhere in the body,
  • produces antiangiogenic factors which restrict growth of their metastatic offspring
  • removal of the primary cancer results in the removal of the antiangiogenic factors, meaning growth of metastases is no longer inhibited,
  • in other words, the primary tumor inhibits the migration and growth of the cancer in other parts of the body, when the primary tumor is removed via surgery or other means then this growth is no longer prohibited
  • General anesthesia along with morphine to control pain during and after surgery weakens NK cell activity
  •  regional anesthesia along with general anesthesia reduces the amount of general anesthesia required for surgery and has shown does not weaken NK cell activity
  • Tramadol can be used instead of morphine
  • Tramadol does NOT suppress NK cell activity
  •  Reduced bone density can increase the chances of metastases in the bones, so it is imperative to maintain bone density.


I skipped to Chapter 18 because I am considering surgery. I have to admit, this gives me pause and concern over the choice of surgery but I will not rule it out. I want to see what the rest of the book has to say, plus I emailed my Naturopath to see what her take on some of this is. I will most likely have another discussion with her or see if we can have a meeting together with my new surgeon, but I have decided I will not let them rush me into anything. At least not yet. I was however glad to know I am already taking Genistein at the advice of my Naturopath.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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2 Responses to A Submissive’s Journey – 18 June 2014

  1. ItMatterstoGrey says:

    I have had plenty of experience with cancer treatments and I am nervous when people go the route of a holistic/naturpath often their experiences are disappointing and if they had gone with traditional oncology treatments the outcomes may have been different.

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