A Simple Little Need

*A simple little story, I wonder how many others can relate to it.*

Quietly she sat in her room. Her hands clasped between her thighs. Her heart pounding in her chest. Her sighs silent as the soft breath tickling her tongue and the edge of her sweet lips.

She remembered as a little girl, how she would sit upon her father’s lap feeling small, almost tiny, especially when he wrapped his strong arms around her and held her gently back against his chest. He was her daddy. She would forever remember his soft smile he always gave her when she asked to sit upon his lap.

Those were days long gone and far too few. Not long afterwards her father had changed and he stopped welcoming her requests to sit and cuddle. The days after that were lonely and sad and painful to remember for they were filled with anger and at times harsh words. Such a change confused her and left her forever wishing he would return.

He never did.

She looked up at the man before her. It wasn’t his physique which gave her the impression of strength. His strength came from inside. Though his hands were large and powerful, he never touched her with anything but a gentle caress. His voice was commanding at times while at others soothing and comforting. He was almost all that she had dreamed of.

She didn’t know why but there were times with him, she felt like that little girl who had asked to sit in her father’s lap. There were a few times when she had almost asked this of this man when he was quietly sitting as he read or watched a game. She didn’t know why she was so compelled.

There were things about him she did not quite understand but she loved nonetheless. He often directed her in what to do or what to wear, and she was always happy to do as he asked. Sometimes he even ordered her meals for her when they went out to eat.

Today, she so badly wanted to curl up in his lap but she wasn’t sure how he would respond if she would ask.

He touched her cheek gently, caressingly, smiling at her in a way that reminded her of the smile her father had given her. She smiled shyly back and he held his hand out to her. She reached up and took it as he guided her up from her where she sat upon the edge of their bed. He walked her to the living room. He sat down in the overlarge recliner and looked into her eyes.

“Do you have something you want to ask me?” He asked her.

She didn’t know how he always seemed to know when she had something on her mind but he did and when he knew and asked, he would press her until she would finally say what was on her mind. Over time she had learned to speak when he asked and so this time she did so but shyly.

“May I sit on your lap?” she asked him.

He smiled at her, a soft and gentle smile, so much like her father’s smile that she had remembered but so very different too. He held out his hand again and she took it, feeling the roughness of his hand that she loved so much. He pulled her gently towards him, slowly turning her until she slid effortlessly onto his lap. He was a tall man, not overly large but large enough that she fit comfortably in his lap. She turned sideways, leaning up against his chest as his arms wrapped around her and pulled her in gently into his embrace.

She gave a soft comforting sigh, and relaxed completely, letting her head rest against his shoulder.

“You have finally come home, little Kate. This is where you belong.” He whispered in her ear.

She knew he was right, and she was so glad, she had finally found the one man who filled all her aching needs.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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2 Responses to A Simple Little Need

  1. This is very sweet…and overwhelmingly intimate. For all of my steamy stories, this is far more alluring than any of them could care to be.

    • Kate Spyder says:

      Why thank you for those words. When I started writing I wasn’t sure how the story would go and to find I didn’t have any wild sex scenes wasn’t really disappointing, it was more about trying to conjure that feeling that I had as a little girl and how me as an adult can still feel that way.

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