A Submissive’s Journey – 7 August 2014

Today, I received actually three phone calls. The first was the hospital calling to schedule my bone scan. They had a cancellation for this Friday, so tomorrow I have to get up early and go to the next town thirty minutes away, have an injection, then wait 2 hours. After 2 hours they will then do the bone scan.

The next call was my boss. I had sent him an email asking him to call me when he was available to discuss my time off for the surgery since yesterday’s discussion revealed I would need more time off than the first surgeon had indicated. While we were discussing it, I received my third call, which was the date for my surgery. It is scheduled for 20August2014. Just short of two weeks away.

I told my boss what the doctor had said that normally they suggest 4 weeks off from work following surgery. However, since my job was sitting in front of a computer all day, he could see how I might be able to return earlier and slowly increase my hours. My boss is a wonderful and understanding leader. He said let’s expect 4 weeks and if I’m ready to come back earlier, I can do so, if I am not ready when the 4 weeks is almost up then we’ll extend it.  Then he immediately checked on what I qualified for in short term disability. I have plenty of time to cover not only this procedure but the follow up procedures to finish the reconstruction and have any left over if anything shows up in the lymph nodes and they want to do any other treatments. All of it at full pay.

I contacted my friend who is rather insistent that she will be here when I have the surgery so she could begin to schedule her time off from work and look at airline flights to get her here. My job for the next two weeks will be to properly clean and straighten up our living space so it will not need to be done while I’m down and out from the surgery as well as get some supplies and something easy and comfortable to put on. A friend of mine suggested the granny gowns, you know what I mean, and I completely understood her reasoning. She said I’ll find it very painful or difficult to do things like even wipe my ass and to even consider not wearing panties because pulling them up could be difficult. She is a very wise and yet funny person.

Now, in light of all of this, since the diagnosis and knowing I would be posting here in my blog about it, I was considering posting pictures as I progress through treatment. However, I know not everyone will want to see the pictures, so I was trying to decide how best to do this. Today, I tested out creating another page where I can post pictures separately from my posts that get logged to the reader and my Home page. This worked great so now I have a page which now contain pictures so far of my journey.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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