My day yesterday and a little rant…

Yesterday was spent working and visiting with a physiotherapist.

First work called a meeting in which I sat with my leader, our group leader and the man who will take over the majority of my responsibilities while out on leave following my surgery. Everyone I work with is aware of my situation. They are all vastly supportive, especially my leader.  We discussed all the projects I’m working on and what needs to be done. Today, I’ll be sitting down with the man who will take over my responsibilities and going over some things in more detail. He fills in for me whenever I am out. Technically I am the only one who does my job however, he does very well filling in for me when I need it. With major projects all coming to a head this four weeks could be very challenging for him however last night and as I work today and the next few days before my surgery I will be putting things in place to make it easier for him.

After the meeting I jumped in the car and headed off to see my physiotherapist. Another hour drive one way. The visit was good. She went over my health record. Then did some measurements. The measurements were so they have something to compare to if I should develop lymphedema. The possibility exists since they will be removing some sentinel lymph nodes. Then she showed me exercises I will need to do following surgery, some not until my plastic surgeon says it is okay for me to do them. There will be follow-up visits with the physiotherapist so they can check on how I’m doing and that no lymphedema has occurred but those visits will not be very often, about three total in a year unless problems occur. If no lymphedema occurs in the year, they will close my file. However, that doesn’t mean it could not occur later. The risk is there for the rest of my life.

Then I came back home and the rest of the evening I worked, to prepare things for my absence and during breaks I caught up on posts on WP.

There was one post I read from one I follow which quite frankly made my evil twin rise to the surface. I honestly do not understand why women put themselves into such a situation. The post was written by a man writing about truth and how it can set you free but before that it will make you miserable. It was a rather humorous or possibly sarcastic version of the typical woman asking ‘do these jeans/pants make my ass look big’ question. I DO NOT understand why a woman would ask such a question to ANYONE. By god, if she looks in the mirror and her ass looks big, they by god YES the pants make her ass look big or she already had a big ass to begin with. Why is she setting up the man or person she is with to lie to her? Because REALLY when any woman asks that question they ARE looking for someone to LIE to them. In his post he states she wanted an open and honest relationship. Then WHY did she ask a question that she obviously wanted him to LIE in answer to? This makes no sense to me whatsoever. If someone does NOT want the truth, then DO NOT ask the question!

Yes, my hackles are up. I am a woman who loves, who values, who cherishes the TRUTH, even if that truth is painful. I would much rather hurt over truth than be deceived by lies. I’ve lived in a relationship that was full of lies. The lies are far more damaging than any painful truth can be. In truth, we can find forgiveness. If we live with lies, there is no room for forgiveness. Women who constantly live their lives expecting men to shore up their egoes by telling lies ruins these men for women like me who want only the truth because in essence these women have trained these men to tell lies and then they become irate when they discover these very men lie to them about not being with another woman, or not meeting up with their guy friends, or some other aspect of their lives together. Go figure women, if you tell him by action or words that you expect him to lie to you about how not so big your ass is then he WILL lie to you about other things. Take your head out of your ass and maybe your ass won’t be so big!!

I’m done now with my rant, though I could go on and on. And yes this brought out my evil twin yesterday and she seems to still be hovering.


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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