She Invites Him for a Walk

She had known Charlie all her life. They grew up together living next door to each other. Both of them had idealic childhoods. Their parents were best friends. And both their parents had what appeared to be loving relationships. As friends they were often at each other’s houses.

They grew up more like brother and sister than neighbors. They often had sleepovers at each other’s houses and that included their parents. They never thought anything about it. It was just how they were raised.

It wasn’t until they were adults in their early twenties that they learned the true nature of their parent’s relationships. They were indeed friends but they were also more than that. They were both in their last year of college when they decided to come home on a surprise visit. They arrived late at night and walked in on a scene between their two parents they had never imagined. That is when their parents sat down and told them, how they had met each other as young couples after they had been born. Both fathers had finally established themselves in business which enabled them to finally purchase their first home. They had really hit it off as friends so they decided it would be great if they purchased their homes close to each other so the mothers could help each other while their husbands were working. They found a new housing development that was building new homes in their price range so they purchased their homes side-by-side.

Living together so closely they not only became close friends but they admitted to being attracted to each other’s mates, so they started exploring open relationships, and eventually settled on what is now considered a polyamorous relationship. They not only share their mates but they also pool their income and work together to support both families.

When the children were really young, they often slept over at each other’s homes trading spouses, but as they got older they implemented family sleepovers. Both houses were altered so a pair of the bedrooms shared a bathroom and that way the spouses could move between the bedrooms without the children knowing.

Charlie and Cassandra were initially shocked at what they learned, however because of the love and nurturing they received from both sets of parents it was easy for them to accept. They spent the weekend and returned to college to finish out their final year.

Their parents had been glad their children had decided to go to the same college. There was no doubt they would look out for each other, especially Charlie looking out for Cassandra. She was a gorgeous little girl growing up and now in her early twenties she turned many men’s heads young and old alike. Charlie was just as handsome and often found the girls making excuses to talk to him.

Cassandra and Charlie hung out more often than not, though they each dated separately they often found themselves alone and gravitating towards each other.

After the last weekend with their parents Cassandra started thinking about Charlie in a different way. Prior to that weekend she had just considered him a brother, almost a twin since they were the same age. But after seeing their parents together and the love between them, she started looking at Charlie and seeing him as a man instead of a brother. She hoped Charlie would start seeing her as a woman instead of a sister but it just wasn’t happening. She stopped dating boys while she watched Charlie dating girl after girl never settling on anyone in particular.

One night Cassandra met up with Charlie for dinner. They both had a couple drinks during dinner. Usually Cassandra would only have one drink because any more and they would go to her head, but tonight she wanted to relax and try and forget about Charlie as anything other than a brother. He obviously hadn’t taken that leap like she had past the feeling of being siblings. She was determined to just enjoy their dinner together.

It had been a really good dinner, one of their more enjoyable evenings. When the time came and Charlie drove up to her dorm, she knew she didn’t want the evening to end. She also knew she couldn’t ask him up to her room. For one it was past the time when boys were allowed in the dorm and secondly she had a roommate and they had a pact that they would never bring their boyfriends into their room for any overnight stays.

Charlie leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek before saying goodnight, when she stopped him. “Charlie, let’s go for a walk. I’m not ready to go inside just yet.”

Charlie looked at her for a minute before responding, “Sure. Okay.” He pulled his car into a parking spot and turned off the engine. They both got out.

Cassandra started heading for the path which wound around the large pond and wound through a stand of trees not far from the water’s edge. It was pitch black under the trees even with the quarter moon glistening off the still surface of the pond. Cassandra wanted to be close to Charlie so she took his arm, looping her arm through his as he automatically bent it at an almost ninety degree angle holding it close to his body as she pulled herself in closer pressing her body against his.

They walked quietly in the dark, listening to the night sounds and their quiet steps upon the path. Just as they turned a corner in the path which would hide them from any prying eyes from the dorm or the parking lot, where it was almost pitch black, Cassandra tripped.

Charlie caught her, by turning towards her and grasping her with both hands on her arms just below her shoulders. She stumbled towards him bringing her body up against his and placed her hands upon his chest. Then she leaned in, as he looked down at her, she stretched up on her tip toes and pressed her lips against his warm soft lips.

Cassandra was surprised when Charlie didn’t resist. In fact, he pressed his lips more firmly against hers and pulled her in closer against his body. She sighed which parted her lips slightly and Charlie’s tongue took advantage at the slight gap, sliding expertly between her lips. Her tongue was eager to meet with his and before long they were both lost in the first non-brother and sister kiss they had ever shared.

Cassandra’s heart started pounding wildly in her chest as her hands slid across his chest, one sliding up behind his head, pulling him in closer so she could deepen the kiss as their tongues caressed each other.

Their bodies were now molded so closely together, Cassandra could not be mistaken as she felt the size and hardness of Charlie’s cock pressed against her.

Crickets chirped. Insects buzzed. But for Cassandra the kiss with Charlie was all that existed. Even the chill night air caressing her skin didn’t penetrate, not like the heat from Charlie’s body. She absorbed it like a dry sponge absorbs water.

His hands released her arms sliding around to her back, holding her. She could feel his strength. She didn’t feel trapped, she felt surrounded and safe. One hand traveled up into her hair, gentle but firm tugs told her he was wrapping his fingers in her hair gaining purchase. Tremors traveled from her scalp down her neck, on down her spine, sliding off the tip of her tailbone like a heat seeking missile. Small explosions quivered between her legs making her shift her weight from one foot to the other seeking some relief.

How long they stood there kissing she didn’t know, time ceased to exist. Charlie started to pull away but she was not yet ready to break the spell and release his lips or sever the electrical charges surging between them. She knew once they parted it would be the end and Charlie would leave. And everything would be changed between them.

Unfortunately, though she clung to the kiss, Charlie insisted. He gently pulled his lips from hers while keeping her bound within his embrace using his hand wrapped in her hair to keep her head firmly where he wanted it. He angled his head then lowered it and began kissing along her jawline towards her ear.

He licked the lobe of her ear and sucked it between his teeth, then let his tongue lick the soft hollow just behind. The heat of his breath upon her dampened skin sent chill bumps plummeting down her neck and arms. Her nipples responded tightening. She moaned at the response she felt surging through her heated body but before things could go much further Charlie lifted his head and rested the top of his forehead against hers. Feeling his chest expand then contract she heard him sigh.

“God, Cassandra, do you have any idea, any at all, of how I have wanted this?”

“You do?” Cassandra was floored.

“Yes.” Moist and warm the air from that single word touched her cheek like a soft kiss giving her the courage to ask her next question.

“Then why didn’t you?”

Charlie let out a sigh, closing his eyes, leaving them closed as he spoke not opening them again until he finished. “Because, until now, you have only looked at me like I was your brother. You never saw the possibility of me as anyone else.”

“But…” Charlie opened his eyes and looked deep into hers.

“No buts Cassandra, don’t lie to me and don’t lie to yourself. What happened at our parents that weekend was shocking to you but I’m glad it happened. It has helped you to open your eyes to see the possibilities beyond what we shared when we were children.”

She knew Charlie was right and she nodded her head in agreement. “You are right. I’m glad it happened too.” Her hands which had been resting on his chest after he had pulled away from the kiss, now began to travel down his torso. Her fingers learning the contours of his body beneath his shirt. As her hand moved, she asked him, “How long Charlie? How long have you wanted me to see you as other than a brother?”

Charlie’s lips spread into a sexy smile, one she had seen before but had never let herself really see beneath the surface to his underlying sensuality. “Do you remember the summer we turned fourteen and our parents had left us alone for the first time while they went out to dinner and dancing or whatever grownups did when they went out at night?”

“Yes. We thought it would be great fun to go skinny dipping in the pool.”

“No, it was YOU who thought it would be great fun. I tried to talk you out of it.”

“Oh… yes you did. Why did you?”

“I didn’t want to embarrass myself. By now you must know or must have heard how young boy’s bodies respond during puberty and later. Sometimes completely out of their control. Any pretty girl and I would get hard as a rock. You are not only pretty but I had this huge crush on you. When you insisted and wouldn’t give up the idea I sent you inside for towels so I could get undressed and in the pool so you wouldn’t see how hard I already was. All that night as we swam in the pool I couldn’t believe you never discovered the state I was in. All that night all I wanted to do was kiss you, to know what it felt like to kiss you. I knew I had a crush. I was sure it would go away once I started dating other girls but since that night all I’ve ever been able to think about is kissing you.”

“I had no idea.”

“Yeah, I know. That in fact made it easier for me. Knowing you didn’t think of me that way, helped me to keep my perspective and keep our friendship. As we got older, I couldn’t help but hope that one day you would look at me differently. Not as a brother, but as a possible mate.”

Cassandra smiled at Charlie, a soft sexy smile, as she let her hand drift lower finding the waistband of his jeans. She popped open the button, slid her hand inside and grasped the proof of his arousal.

Cassandra saw Charlie’s eyes deepen in intensity, heard his breath catch, then slowly be released. Was that a low growl she heard emanating from his chest? As it did, Cassandra felt the feline in her respond, if she had a tail it would have lifted at its base and laid to the side, showing him her submission to his feral demands.

Charlie was quite aware of Cassandra’s response to his growl. She still had a grasp on his cock. He didn’t try to stop her from touching him. In fact, he wanted it. He wanted her touch upon him as he said his next words.

“Cassandra, before this goes any further I need to make something perfectly clear.”

Cassandra slid her hand further into his jeans wrapping her fingers more securely around his erection. Was she really trying to distract him? “What would that be, Charlie?”

Charlie raised one eyebrow at her as if to say to her, “it won’t work, you can’t distract me” but he didn’t say it. Instead what he said was rather blunt and to the point. “There is only one way this will happen and that choice is completely yours to make. You can take whatever time you need to make the decision but in the end you will make it.”

“What decision Charlie?”

“Whether you will give yourself willingly and completely to me. If you choose to do so then you will be mine, only mine. Do you understand?”

Cassandra looked at Charlie, saw the intensity in his eyes. That intensity reflected the dominant personality she had come to know in Charlie over the past couple of years. After the surprise weekend trip to her parents that resulted in an even bigger surprise she had started researching. Her research had led her into studies on Dominance and submission. Could Charlie actually mean what she thought he meant? There had been no indication that Charlie was even aware of such types of relationships. Was it just a fluke? Or did he really mean he wanted to be her Dominant?

“Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?”

“What do you think I’m suggesting, Cassandra?”

She wasn’t sure she could say it. If she was wrong she would sound like the greatest fool. He could possibly think she had completely lost her mind.

“Just say it Cassandra. Say what it is you are thinking.”

Cassandra took a deep breath of courage and let the words tumble from her lips, “that you want me to be your submissive.”

“What would that make me then, Cassandra?”

“My Dominant.” She whispered just loud enough for him to hear in a trembling voice, full of fear.

“Don’t be afraid Cassandra. You know me. We’ve known each other all our lives. You know I would never hurt you. I would never put you in harm’s way.”

She looked up at Charlie, hope glistening in her eyes. She did know that. She didn’t know why she felt so afraid other than she didn’t want him to think less of her if she had not understood what he meant by the words he had spoken. “Yes, I do know that Charlie. I do trust you.”

“Good. But for now Cassandra, we’ll continue to build that trust. And yes, you were not wrong. I do want you to be my submissive. And I very much want to be your Dominant. I want you to think about this. We will have many discussions on it. I want you to understand fully what it would mean to be my submissive before you make your decision. And I want to know what your expectations would be. But for now, kiss me. Then I’ll take you back to your dorm and we’ll talk more tomorrow.”

Without hesitation, Cassandra leaned in and kissed Charlie on the lips, their kiss deepened. Their tongues met, touched, caressed as Charlie felt her fingers slowly stroke his erection. Inside he smiled. He was sure she didn’t even realize how willingly she had just complied with his command and decision. She didn’t argue or hesitate even though her fingers continued to tell him how much more she wanted from him and had hoped for tonight. He would though make her wait. He wanted to be sure she knew exactly what her decision would mean. He wanted her badly but he wanted her submission even more.

© Kate Spyder

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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4 Responses to She Invites Him for a Walk

  1. Mark Baron says:

    Very hot!!! Scorchingly so!

  2. farrahdomid says:

    Well for one, I drink tell developed a crush on Charlie. You created one hell of a sexy character, Kate. I also couldn’t get enough! All the twists and turns caught me by surprise, but in the best way. I’d love to read more, this was awesome

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