Update on surgery and a new addition

I had my surgery on 30September which went well. I was glad the doctor required me to stay in the hospital overnight. It not only took the stress off of my friend and my daughter for needing to take care of me but also took the stress off of me for trying to appear strong for my daughter.  My friend brought my daughter in to see me after I was out of recovery and in my room.  She broke down and cried a bit. She said it was hard seeing me there in the hospital. The next day I was released and home before my daughter got home from school and when she saw me she said I looked a lot better than how I had looked when she saw me in the hospital.

I have a drain just like I had with my previous surgery and it seems to be having no problems.

After surgery while in recovery my elbow hurt pretty bad. I heard the nurse tell the doctor and he told her that was normal and it would go away. Once they gave me pain medicine which I found out later was morphine the pain went away and hasn’t been back, though I do on occasion get a sharp stabbing pain like a hot poker being stabbed into my elbow but it only lasts a couple of seconds and goes away. The frequency has decreased over time to where I don’t feel it very often at all now. I do however have pain when trying to lift my arm up and though the doctor told me not to baby my arm and that I can’t do it any harm, I don’t push it. I may seem to have a good tolerance to pain but I’ve had so much over the past month I prefer to keep it to a minimum if possible.

I have my follow-up appointment with my surgeon this Wednesday which I expect I’ll find out about the results of the lymph nodes they removed. I am hoping he will also be able to remove the drain as well. If not, he reassured me that all I have to do is call his office and they will fit me in since it will only take a couple minutes to remove it.

I carry with me a small pillow the surgeon’s office gave me prior to the surgery. It is to put under my arm so I can relax my arm and it won’t put pressure against the drain and incision. They told me it would help quite a bit and when I forget to use it there is a definite difference in comfort.

On Friday, a home nurse stopped by to check on me and change the dressing. She said it didn’t really look like it needed changed but she did it anyway since the surgeon’s instructions said to change it. I won’t be able to shower until after the drain is removed so I’ve been doing sponge baths and my daughter helps me wash my hair.

During the past few weeks my friend who lives above us who trains service dogs had been helping to care for a part poodle part terrier mix as a hearing dog. Over the past couple weeks she and I talked about what would happen if the dog didn’t pass his tests. A couple of her boys wanted the dog while the other boy did not, and her cats didn’t get along with the dog so she was torn about whether she would adopt the dog or not. In the meantime, my daughter grew to love the dog and on occasion when we helped to take care of him when my friend had to be away for work or other commitments we found our cat and the dog got along fine and my daughter started asking if she could adopt him if he didn’t pass as a hearing dog. So we put our offer in to adopt him.

Last Thursday we found out he failed one of the critical tests and we were given the option to adopt. Friday, he officially became our dog and he is already bonding with my daughter. His name is Sterling and he follows my daughter everywhere and this morning he was sad when she had to leave for school.  He is quite the cuddly dog, and he sleeps with my daughter and at times he will curl up and sleep with me during my naps. He is a very welcome addition to our family and seems to have come to us at a rather perfect time.


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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