The Window

It is dark. Looking out my window, the sky is crystal clear, every pinpoint a star I hadn’t seen in ages. It rains a lot here. And until recently I lived in a place where I could not see the sky by just looking out my window.

My new home is different.

I can walk through it without turning on a single light and never trip over anything. I know because I did it just moments ago as I made my way upstairs to my bedroom. Tonight and for the next three nights I am alone. This hasn’t happened for over twelve years.

I’m not sure what to do with myself, so I stand in the dark, looking out at my new surroundings, peering at the night sky as if it is something new and marvelous to behold. I want to reach up and touch one of those twinkling lights but my logical mind tells me they are too far away while my creative mind knows they are within my reach.

As I stand quietly in the dark, I shed my clothing. I never wear shoes in the house so I don’t have any to kick off. I do however always wear socks because my feet seem to be perpetually cold except when I’m warm in my bed.

I pull off my t-shirt. I wear no bra. I like the freedom of not wearing one. My pants go next, then my underwear, and finally my socks.

I open my window and feel the cool night air caress my skin like a long lost lover. It has been years since I was able to stand like this nude with the night air flowing over my skin. My hands reach up and cup my breasts before I realize any such thought had crossed my mind. They squeeze them gently while my fingers pinch and pull on my nipples all while my eyes scan the heavens looking for the little dipper or big dipper or the north star. It has been so long I’m not sure I’ll recognize them anymore.

My eyes finally lower to look around at the houses of my new neighbors. I met a few as I was moving in the other day. A husband and wife across the street. A single mother the next house down on the other side of my new home. And a quick hello from the man next door, the house my bedroom faces. The past few days I’ve only seen him come and go, and the single mother told me he was single and as all single mothers do, hope he will take notice of her.

His house is dark tonight. I can’t tell if he is home. It doesn’t matter. I haven’t been interested in men for several years or women either. I’ve been able to take care of my own sexual needs since the last man in my life departed at my request, leaving me with no desire to repeat another intimate relationship.

So tonight I stand here feeling the cool night air tickling places where no man has touched me in years while my hands work their familiar magic on my nipples. I take a few hard pinches and feel moisture pool between my thighs, always surprised when my body responds in such a way to the shock of pain that shoots through my breast.

My eyes scan my neighbor’s house, taking note of his dark windows with their curtains pulled back. I can see dark shapes inside, remembering the neat yet male atmosphere which I had glimpsed early this very day when I casually scanned the area between our houses. The day was bright and thus the interior was visible without having to make an effort at looking inside. Now it was silent and dark barely being able to make out the shapes inside.

I had no motive in mind other than to enjoy the feel of the cool breeze now tickling the tuft of trimmed hair between my legs. I let my eyes continue to roam from one dark window to the next as my hands continued to play upon my breasts. A hard tweak one moment followed by a light squeeze, dreaming of what it felt like to have a man’s mouth suck and nip.

In the next moment I froze. Stood stock still. My breathing halted after a quick startled gasp, afraid to move, hoping the two objects in the window across from mine were a figment created by my over active imagination. They couldn’t be what I thought they were and I hoped with all my might that the darkness was causing my mind to create eyes from what was really a reflection of the stars on the glass of the window.

At least that is what I hoped until I saw them blink.

It wasn’t a rapid blink one could talk themselves into believing didn’t really occur. It was a slow and purposeful blink which left me in no doubt that the man next door was standing in his room across the brief space between our houses observing me naked while I played with my breasts.

My heart beat an erratic rhythm in my chest so fast and hard I thought it would burst out at any moment, leaving me lifeless and in a large wet red pool upon my floor. In that brief moment I hoped it would but in the next as I slowly let the air escape my lungs I knew it would never happen.

For the next few seconds I stood perfectly still. My hands still cradling my breasts while I took slow deep breaths to try and calm my racing heart. Never did the thought cross my mind to take a step or two to the side removing myself from his view. Neither one of us moved.

Our eyes were locked on each other’s eyes. We were like two prey frozen afraid any slight movement would make the other attack. There was no fear in his eyes. There was no look of the hunter either. His eyes never moved from mine.

We stood for what felt like hours when in reality it was only a few seconds. I was aware of only him, me and the cool night breeze whispering across my skin, making goosebumps dance their merry dance.

My eyes finally blinked and then unlocked to gaze slowly downwards. His chest was bare. He stood so close to the window I could only see down to his waist. I wanted to believe he wore nothing but for all I knew he had on a pair of jeans or shorts.

My eyes hovered at his waist which must have given him an indication of what was in my thoughts for I saw his body slowly shift. It was a cautious and slow movement meant to not frighten as he took one step, then a second backwards.

I no longer had to guess what he wore.

Like me he was completely naked.

Like me he was completely aroused.

Like me I could see a glistening bead of moisture reflecting off the tip. A soft moan caressed my ears when my tongue slipped from between my lips to leave moisture in the wake of its slow journey across my previously dry lips.

I felt my hands squeeze my breasts in response and then my finger pinch and twist sending shockwaves to my lower region making the moisture gush and coat my inner thighs as my neighbor watched.

I had never had a man watch me. I had read stories in which women would masturbate while their lovers watched. I was too shy to try it with any of my lovers and they never asked. Tonight standing before a man I only just met a couple days ago, I felt a rush I had not felt in years and never thought I would feel again.

My eyes scanned from his cock to his eyes, noting his eyes did the same with me, scanning from my breasts to my eyes, we each silently acknowledged the need in each other. The erotic nature of the current situation and our desire to not let go of it and pretend it doesn’t exist or isn’t happening.

I saw his hand move to grasp his erection and I knew in his action there was a challenge to see this through. To experience something I had never experienced before. It was a heady thought. One left with all kinds of possibilities and risks but tonight I decided this was about this moment and only this moment and I let one of my hands drop and slide down my stomach to the juncture between my thighs.

We watched each other. Saw our expressions change and reflect the arousal of each other. Our movements were like an age old dance we could never forget. He was handsome and beautiful all at the same time. He was wild, untamed, a creature of nature born to produce and create. He was a gift I had never expected to receive.

I saw the same reflected in his eyes when he looked at me as my hands danced and caressed and at times mimicked his movements as he mimicked mine.

I lost track of how much time we spent like this, enjoying the responses of our bodies. Enjoying the arousal reflected in our postures, movements and faces. It could have been minutes or it could have been hours. We took our time. We didn’t rush. We held off and at times paused when our ardor became too strong pulling us towards completion.

We rose like the sun, and set like the moon, and then repeated it again and again until as one we came together, his in a moan and the spurt of his seed and me throbbing and gushing as I moaned my climax.

We stood for a moment our collective juices shining upon our skin for each to see. Then we slowly stepped back into the darkened interior of our homes. I went to my bed curling in the sheets feeling myself slip into a warm comforting slumber. What tomorrow would bring I didn’t care. I would leave that thought for tomorrow or possibly never and just revisit my window again and again and again.

© Kate Spyder

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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