The Gift

It was quiet. Dark and quiet. The shadows moved occasionally on the walls, floor and ceiling when a car drove by on the road outside, but other than that, there was no movement, except that of herself walking silently through the empty house.

She had come back after the realtor had showed her the house earlier that day. Why, she wasn’t quite sure. Getting the sense of the place without anyone else present had driven her, more like consumed her. There was something about the place. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

She wasn’t supposed to be here. That alone was sending shivers of excitement down her spine and between her legs. Hearing the realtor mention the owner was out of town had her returning to look just one more time at the kitchen while her realtor was locking the door to the garage. The realtor had already locked the back door, so all she had to do was quietly turn the lock.

She had never considered such a thing in her life, not until now. She felt safe knowing the owner was out of town. Buying a house was so personal. She had to know if it felt right when she was alone in the house. Had to know if there was anything about the house that would set off any triggers.

Walking through the place with the realtor she had felt something but as quickly as it had started it had disappeared when the realtor walked into the room. Each time she returned to the room after that she had felt nothing. She knew she felt it, just didn’t know for sure what it was she felt. So she had to come back. Had to come back alone so there would be no interruption.

She never spoke to anyone about her abilities. As a teenager she had thought to share it with her best friend. A person she trusted and was sure would understand. Having her best friend laugh at her, and tease her afterwards had been a shock however she had been quick to recover and tell her friend she had just been joking. Telling her she had thought it would be funny if she had believed her. She apologized for trying to play a trick on her and her best friend thought it was a good joke. They laughed it off. Though they remained good friends, she knew there were some things she could never share with her or anyone.

Keeping her abilities to herself after that wasn’t difficult. All she had to do was remember how she had felt when her best friend didn’t believe her. She had heard of other people with slightly odd abilities who suppressed them after people laughed at them or didn’t believe them. Not her. She enjoyed the experiences she always had when using them. She would never want to suppress them. If she was in the company of other people whenever it would happen, she learned very quickly how to hide it. How to act normal while allowing herself to experience what would happen.

Tonight she walked around the house, she left the one room until last. She wanted to get the feel of the rest of the house and see if she would feel what she felt earlier in the day in any of the other rooms. So far, she hadn’t felt anything and she had already explored half of the house.

She wondered whether it would come back at all. Sometimes it wouldn’t if something interrupted what was happening, especially if it had just begun like it had earlier in the day.

She continued walking through the rest of the house, enjoying the feel of the place. She felt a sense of peace about it, as if she had belonged here all her life. If this was her house she would find it very difficult to sell it. From the minute she had walked into the house, she had been tempted to make an offer that very moment but she knew she had to wait, explore it all for sometimes in the most unlikely places there would be something that would trigger one of her fears. Fears so deeply bedded she didn’t understand where some of them came from.

Finally, she came to stand in the center of the room, exactly in the spot where she had felt the beginnings of the odd sensations she would feel when her ability kicked in. It always began with a feeling of warmth flowing over her body, as if she were surrounded by a heating vent in all directions.

At first nothing happened, so she stood for a while, allowing her mind and body to relax. Letting the tension flow out of her body, down her arms and out her fingertips. She never understood why it was that these were the only times she was able to completely relax and open herself up to whatever it was that was trying to contact her. Nor did she understand why it was her they contacted. Maybe it was her ability to be willing to accept things that were outside of what was considered ‘normal’ or even believe in things that others wouldn’t or couldn’t believe existed. All she knew is they came to her and she embraced them with both mind, body and soul.

The warmth sensation she felt came from what she believed to be the embodiment of their spirit. In some cases, they were strong enough to give her the sensation of being touched. It was easier if she closed her eyes but whether she closed her eyes or not, she had no doubt she would not see anyone or anything physically around her or touching her. It wouldn’t have mattered if she did, whether she saw anyone or not, she knew the sensations she felt were real.

In some cases, the sensations were accompanied by feelings. Feelings that were not her own. When this happened she would find ways to comfort them or reassure them or just join them in their joy. Often times it was joy she felt for they would be so relieved to find someone who believed in them and embraced them as living entities even though they could not be seen. She knew from their reaction that finding someone like her was rare.

When she first realized this is what was going on and that she had this special ability which very few others had, she had been frightened that they would stay with her constantly and a crowd of them would begin to grow and surround her, making her feel like they would suffocate her. But that isn’t what happened.

Once they touched her, once they found she accepted them, and allowed them the time to be with her, whether it was just a few minutes or sometimes a couple hours or more, they would leave her alone. It was as if they only needed to experience a sort of communion with her once and that was enough or all they needed. She never felt the same entity again. Each time it was a different one for they all had their own personalities which she could sense.

Tonight, it seemed the house was empty. What had been there earlier in the day seemed to be gone. She walked around again, until she stepped into another room. It was the master suite, which was large, with plenty of open floor space. She felt the urge to kneel in the middle of the open space. This was a new sensation, one she had never felt before with any other entity.

As she knelt, she felt the warmth surround her in a comforting cocoon. She felt safe. She felt secure. An urge overcame her to lay her hands palm up on the top of her thighs as she knelt, with her head slightly bowed, looking at the floor about a foot in front of her knees. She had never assumed this position before and was surprised how a feeling of being cherished washed through her.

Though she knew no one was physically there, she felt a hand rest lightly upon her head, then slowly pet her gently upon the head smoothing her hair down and then rest lightly upon her shoulder gradually gaining pressure as if someone were leaning over her. Soft lips brushed across the top of her head and she could have sworn she heard the words ‘good girl’ whispered on the breath of air which blew across her hair following the light kiss.

She closed her eyes and allowed herself to absorb all the sensations coming from the entity. She never called them ghosts for there were implied assumptions with ghosts which just did not fit what she experienced with these entities. This one in particular was nothing at all like any of the other entities or from what she had read about ghosts. There was always warmth, always comfort, always a sense of a living and thriving entity.

In all her studies she had yet to run into anyone else experiencing what she did. At least no one wrote about it if they did. She assumed there must be others who experience what she does but as of yet no one wrote about it or reported it.

From what she could gather from her many experiences, she had come to believe the beings or entities were from another dimension which had found a way to pass at least partially into the dimension in which she lived. Or possibly she had a unique ability in which she either existed in both dimensions at the same time or was able to be a bridge between dimensions.

She believed they also had two genders that appeared to be male and female or at least something of the like for she often received a sense of the entities having similar characteristics that made them similar to the male and female of her species. Of that she wasn’t always clear on because a few of them had exhibited characteristics of both to some degree or another.

The one which was now interacting with her this evening had definite male characteristics or at least a strong and confident presence that felt male.

She had in the past found some entities were able to communicate their needs or desires through her by somehow making her feel the urge to move a certain way or to a certain location or do a certain thing. Tonight was no different. The urge to kneel she had clearly recognized as a desire from the entity for her to position herself. The sense of pleasure which immediately emitted from the entity told her how much he appreciated her willingness to follow the urge he had communicated to her.

The whispered words were something new. No other entity had been able to communicate in such a way before with her. This meant this entity was very powerful and was possibly the farthest any of them had ever gotten into her dimension. She could feel the pressure of his hand and fingers on her shoulder. Whether they were constructed physically like humans, she didn’t know, and if they weren’t then maybe her mind altered the reality of their touch to something it could understand. All she knew is the sensations his touch invoked were very different from any other entity she had encountered.

His touch was solid and confident. At times she was sure she could feel the material of her dress move and his fingers slide beneath the light material to touch her skin beneath. During one of these times she opened her eyes and was astonished to see indeed the material moved as if something moved beneath it.

This had never happened before and indeed a great deal of what she was now feeling had never before happened with any other entity. His touch grew bolder as she felt him urge her to lean over, placing her forehead to the floor and her hands to rest upon the floor on either side of her head. Her bottom rising in the air, like an invitation.

The skirt of her dress was flipped up over her hips leaving her cheeks bare for she wore nothing beneath her skirt. The warm palm of his hand caressed her bottom for a few moments, touching her softly as if to reassure her. To her amazement his palm soon lifted to only return with a surprisingly gentle slap, to only rise again and return with another slap on the other cheek.

Her continued acquiescence to what was transpiring seemed to encourage him further and before long she was receiving continuous palm slaps to her bottom beginning gently to gradually increasing rhythm and force. Her initial surprise soon turned to amazement at the physical response of her body as the slaps became more pronounced and gradually increasing in pace.

The gentle warmth which first surrounded her in comfort remained so around her entire body except in the area of her bottom which was very quickly gaining in warmth to becoming flushed and hot and rather wet between her thighs.

On occasion he would cease the slaps to gently caress her bottom, allowing her a respite for only a moment or two with periods where his fingers slipped down between her thighs to explore the wetness which had gathered there. A wave of pleasure passed through her emanating from him as his fingers explored there was an unmistakable approval in their touch as they felt her swollen nub.

He did not doddle long but explored in a way that left her always wanting more. Returning to the slaps upon her bottom until she was moaning and her legs opened further of their own accord and his fingers found their way again into their deepening exploration.

She had never felt anything like this before. She was so close to an orgasm and he had only briefly touched her swollen nub. She was close to begging him to let her cum when suddenly he stopped. His hand moved away from her bottom as if he had disappeared completely except for the urge to remain where she was, to not move, to not do anything.

She didn’t move.

What felt like long drawn out minutes but was really only a few seconds, was excruciating until something thick and hard pressed into the wetness his fingers had been exploring just moments before. It rubbed around at first to coat her slippery wetness all over its firm smooth tip and length before pressing in deeper seeking the hidden channel lying in wait.

Once it found its destination, the pressure increased by gradual increments allowing her body to stretch and open to its rather large circumference. It wouldn’t help opening her eyes to see how large it was for she knew she would see nothing but she did it anyway.

Expecting to see nothing, created a shiver of shock running down her spine when her eyes laid claim to a full-fledged man kneeling on the floor behind her. She watched as his hand reached out, gently caressing her red cheek, looking up, she saw the darkest brown eyes smiling at her. He didn’t stop his attempt to penetrate her. In fact, he slid his hand down around to the front of her hip to pull her back upon his thick member as his hips pushed and probed.

With gentle thrusts he was able to encourage her hidden passage to open and let him in. Once he felt her passage surrender to his probing, he didn’t give any sudden hard thrust to get in as deep as he could or as fast as he could. Instead, he continued his gentle thrusting to slowly sink ever deeper by small fractions at a time.

God how good it felt to be slowly opened and filled and stretched so completely that she could feel every tiny fraction of him entering her. At no time was she afraid. Nor did his ability to appear in her dimension freak her out. She had always accepted their existence and to see him as if he were completely whole in her dimension was a thrill that sent heat and tremors through her body. Moisture pooled and soaked the rock hard portion of him which filled her. It helped him slide more freely in and out as he slowly made love to her.

She knew from the look on his face that this was no accidental joining or play session. His eyes were warm, his smile was filled with joy, and love and a sensuality she could never describe. His touch caressed her with more than just a desire to turn her on so he could fulfill his need. He had found a way to come through the barrier between dimensions for her. It wasn’t just in how he was making love to her that told her this. It was also in the silent communication she felt every time she was in the presence of one of these entities.

He looked human, except he was more ethereal. His body had a slight glow one might mistake as what one would see if they could see a person’s aura. His skin was too perfect. His hair long and full but floated gently around his shoulders as if it were in partial gravity. He could be described in one word as beautiful in that if god created a man of perfection, this would be how he would look.

She knew though that this image was most likely either an image her mind had created in order to explain what it was it sensed or saw, or it was created by the entity to project something he felt would be pleasing to her eyes.

She accepted this as she accepted all the other experiences she had with the entities she encountered as she turned her head back around and gave into the many sensations bombarding her body. She moved with him, feeling the pleasure which flowed from him into her when he realized she accepted him and what he chose to give her. She felt his hands grasp her hips as they moved together in the timeless dance of couples throughout time and the universe. The dance which proclaimed life and gave life and expressed love when joined as they were.

He leaned over her, touched her, soothed her, let his hips rub and press against her red cheeks reawakening the sting of his hand at alternating intervals as he thrust and withdrew and thrust again, touching her swollen nub in such a way as to extend her pleasure to the point in which she was shaking with need and desire.

His gift was such which she had never experienced before and knew she would never experience again, as her body shook with the tremors he elicited from her as he too trembled in his remaining thrusts depositing his seed deep in her body.

She had no idea what it cost him to come so far into her dimension. All she knew is she was grateful for the gift he lavished upon her. The many years of being alone had taken its toll. The disease her body had fought over the past year had desecrated her body. It had been years since any man had expressed an interest in her. She would not forget this moment and hoped if her mind would ever fail her that it would not fail her on remembering this particular time and place as the last memory she would ever have.

He embraced her. Eased her down on the soft carpet, placing under her head a pillow she didn’t realize was lying nearby. He held her for a bit while she drifted off to sleep. When she woke he was gone. It was deep into the dark night. She loathed to leave this place, hopeful he would return, knowing he never would, but she knew as she locked the door and walked out of the house, she would be calling her realtor in the morning to place an offer on the house. It would be the last home she ever owned until the last breath left her body and she traveled on to her next adventure.

© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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  1. BallsyBilly says:

    That was fabulous. Chillingly hot! Made the my hair stand, among other things 😉 Mercy Kate!
    Buy that

  2. Ádhamh says:

    Wow… Very well written

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