What do you do when you’ve had a bad day….

Whew! It was hot. Thank god she had central AC. It was chugging along like a charm. She felt it the moment she walked into her condo. She had just bought the condo a few months ago. Shopping for a house to buy had been excruciatingly frustrating and yet a lot of fun. It had been pure luck coming across the listing for the condo. She had to have AC, that had been a given from the start. How many homes, townhouses, condos which didn’t, had surprised her.

This place had been priced low, because it had needed some work and at first she and her realtor had thought to bypass it because she didn’t want the hassle of having to do any renovations on the home she bought before moving in or end up living in a place while she saved up to make the upgrades she wanted. For some reason though she had told her realtor to show her the place.

She was glad she did. The things that needed updating were superficial. Like new floor coverings. When she had lifted one of the worn carpet edges she had discovered hardwood flooring underneath. Real hardwood floors! All it would take would be some sanding and refinishing and they would end up beautiful. The cabinets were real hardwood and other than a few worn edges they were in excellent shape so all she needed to do was have the countertops replaced. After getting an estimate of all that she wanted done, including a few things in the bathrooms, she had discovered it all fell well within her budget and would take no time at all to complete. Which also meant with the low purchase price her mortgage payment would be sweet. She would be able to save and take a few of those vacations she had always dreamed about.

The other nice thing about the condo building was its location. It was situated in the outskirts of town which meant the city lights weren’t so bright here. She could use her telescope to do her star gazing she enjoyed so much. Some day she would own a home in the country where she would be able to see much better but for now this worked. Gazing at the stars was her way of decompressing from her long hours or stressful days.

Today though had been depressing. They had learned today that one of her co-workers had been found. He had not shown up for work the past couple of days and no one had heard from him. She had known him for about twelve years. They wouldn’t say where or how he was found only that he had apparently committed suicide.

Just thinking about it brought tears to her eyes. She knew all too well what it felt like to wish the pain would go away. He had talked to her briefly about his failed relationship but she had not realized it had gotten so bad. Others she worked with were in shock and said they couldn’t understand how he could do such a thing. There were so many options open to people now to get help but she knew, she knew all too well how life can just suck you dry.

She could feel the sadness seeping in, trying to take hold. The heavy heat outside had only seemed to solidify the sadness she had felt knocking on her door. Entering her cool apartment had created such a relief she had thought she had dodged the bullet, but instead, it had only distracted her for a few moments until she had come in, dropped her purse on the chair by her bed, and shed her hot sweaty clothes.

Her light blue silk blouse had sweat rings under the arms from walking through the park from the metro station to her condo. Normally, she enjoyed the walk but today she couldn’t wait to step into her apartment. She let the cool silk slide off her shoulders and drop into the clothes basket in her closet. Her dark navy blue skirt which hugged her hips dropped to the floor next. Stepping out of it she flipped it with one foot into the hamper. She wore stockings. She hated pantyhose. Her boss would probably freak if he knew she never wore panties. Not wearing panties was her way of defying establishment and bring a bit of thrill into her day.

She did however wear a bra. Shopping for bras was a pain, it was hard to find ones that were comfortable and yet made her feel pretty and sexy. Generally if they were comfortable then they were ugly or looked like bras her grandmother wore. Good grief a woman could become rich if she designed a comfortable sexy bra. Regardless, even as comfortable as the bra was, it was a relief to finally take it off. It too went into the hamper.

Stockings and heels were all which remained. She walked to the full length mirror and looked at herself. At thirty-three she was still in good shape though maybe a bit softer in her curves than she was five years ago. Her job kept her busy. Her breasts were still firm. She knew men still found her attractive even though she hadn’t had a man in her life for three or more years now. She shrugged her shoulders, she had given up caring about having a man in her life. She kicked off her heels, rolled her stockings down, put them in the lingerie bag she used for washing her delicates and headed for the shower.

She walked naked to her bathroom passing a floor length window, not caring that the blinds were rolled up to the top with the sun streaming into her bedroom. She lived on the top floor and there was only one other condo which shared the floor of her building. Even though the building had been designed in a V shape with the bottom of the V containing the stairs and elevators to the different floors, and their two condos were on opposite sides of the V, she didn’t care.

She had met the gentleman who lived there. He was a widower. Lived alone. Like her, he enjoyed his independence and personal space. He was handsome and took good care of himself. She saw him one time looking out of his window and she knew he could see her walking past her window. She wondered if he was there now, seeing her walk towards her bathroom. Thinking, he might be sent a certain thrill through her body and she almost forgot about her horrible day.

The shower felt good. Even in the heat she loved hot showers and today was no different, although as she finished she turned the spray to a cool setting and let it cool down her body before stepping out of the shower and turning it off. The cool water made her nipples peak. She never understood the concept of someone taking a cool shower to dissipate their sexual arousal. Cool showers didn’t do that to her. In fact, they made her want to snuggle with a man, or use her imagination to help warm herself up.

She was still thinking about her neighbor when she was done drying off. After hanging up the towel, she stepped back into her bedroom but instead of heading to her clothes closet she walked over to the window. Across the way, she could see him clearly standing at his window, his hands stuffed into his pockets, his head bent slightly down as if in deep thought.

As if he felt her looking at him, his head came up and looked directly at her. She couldn’t pretend as if she didn’t notice him nor could he her for their eyes had met and locked for a brief moment before his slid down her body. She didn’t move or try to hide. She let him look all he wanted to look.

She could feel moisture pool between her thighs. She liked being shaved clean, so there was nothing to stop the moisture from sliding downward and coating the top of her inner thighs. Her nipples were still erect from the cool water of her shower. She liked them that way and often played with them when they were. She didn’t let the fact that Jay was watching her, stop her.

Her hands had been dangling at her sides, but now she turned her right hand, palm towards her thigh and touched her fingertips to her skin. Slowly she slid her fingers up along her curves, over her hip, and as she did so, she could see Jay’s eyes following the trail her fingers were taking, until they met the curve of her breast and captured her nipple between fingertips and began to pull and twist. At first gently, oh so gently, sometimes letting go and licking her fingertips to then circle her damp fingers over the swollen tip of her nipple.

Jay just stood there watching her. His body appeared completely relaxed but his eyes were intense. She wondered if he were afraid to move in case his movement would destroy the moment and make her stop. It didn’t matter to her. She was enjoying letting him watch her. His slacks obscured any possible way of her telling if he was aroused. He wore dark navy slacks with a light blue dress shirt. Its sleeves were rolled about a quarter of the way up his arm, and his collar was unbuttoned and lying open. He was usually immaculately dressed when he went out. He must have also just gotten home from work and trying to cool down from the heat.

He must have noticed her looking him over. He removed his hands from his trousers. Reaching up he began to slowly unbutton his shirt. She continued to toy with her nipples letting her other hand join in the fun as she watched him finish unbuttoning and pulling the tail of his dress shirt out of his pants.

She really wished he was over here with her. They had never gone out together and had only said a few words in passing, just as casual acquaintances do when they happen to come upon each other. But today she felt the sadness pulling her down and she really wished she could just curl up into a man’s embrace and have him take her into Nirvana. It didn’t look like that would happen as she watched him take the last pull on his shirt and tug it from his pants.

To her surprise he turned away at that moment and walked away from the window. From her. From all she had wanted to fantasize about and share with him.

She waited for a few moments, hoping he would return but no luck. She was left alone. Turning away she went to her closet and pulled out the sheer black lacy robe that was meant to accompany a simple black sheath which she left hanging in her closet. It didn’t hide anything. It did however give her the illusion of wearing something while not confining her to clothing that would just hold in the heat she could feel simmering under the surface.

Her kitchen was a mixture of stainless steel, old hardwood and granite countertops. She poured a tall glass of homemade lemonade and took a couple deep swallows enjoying the coolness she felt all the way down into her tummy.

For a few seconds she felt a moment of anger when she heard her doorbell ring. She tried to ignore it but apparently they were persistent. She decided to see who it was through the peephole even though she had no intention of opening the door. She couldn’t anyway. There was no way she would open the door the way she was not dressed.

They had done a good job of sound proofing the building when they built it. She could never hear anyone in the hallway so she knew no one would hear her walk up, regardless she still tiptoed. Lifting up onto her toes a bit so she could see out the peephole, she gave a gasp when she recognized Jay.

Oh my god, her heart started thumping in her chest like a jackhammer jerking loose from its operator and having a mind of its own to go berserk and pound its way across the pavement. She watched as he put his face closer to the doorjam and surprised her when she could hear his voice project through the crack.

“Come on Kate, open the door.”

She backed off, how could he know she was here at her door? Her hands started shaking and she was determined to ignore him.

“Come on Kate. I’m going to stay out here until you open the door. I know you are in there and you know I know it. Come on girl. I know an invitation when I see one.”

Oh god, oh god, oh god, how could she have played like this and not expected him to act upon it? She knew him well enough to know he took action when he needed to. The strata meeting she had attended had shown her that much about him. How could she have not realized she was playing with fire?

She reached up and unlocked the bolt lock on her door. She knew he would hear it, so she stepped back and to the side, so when he opened the door she would be hidden behind it.

He did hear and he did open the door.

He did step into her apartment and then he did turn and close the door behind him, locking it as he did so.

Turning, he pivoted in her direction. She watched as his eyebrows lifted when he saw the fear in her eyes. “I’m not going to hurt you Kate. You knew that otherwise you would not have made that invitation.”

He was still wearing his shirt just as it was when she had seen him turn away from the window. Her breathing went up a notch when she saw his broad bare chest beneath it and the light smattering of short golden hair. Her fingers itched to reach out and touch him.

Her eyes snapped up to look into his eyes when his hands reached out and wrapped his fingers around her wrists and pulled her hands to his chest. Her fingers splayed across his chest. Heat smoldered and grew behind his grey eyes as she touched him with trembling fingers.

Oh god, what was wrong with her? She had started this madness. She was trembling with a combination of fear, excitement, arousal, and oh god, she wanted this man so much to take away the sadness that had been boiling up in her all day since she had heard about her co-worker.

He could see moisture begin to gather in her eyes. He had no idea what was going on with her but he caved into the urge to fold her into his arms and hold her tightly against his chest. He needed her to know she was safe with him.

He held her close while her tears silently fell down her cheeks. Then he picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. Lying her down on her bed, he proceeded to slowly touch her cheeks with his fingertips drying the tears. He didn’t know what had happened today but he could see her sadness, almost feel it licking his fingertips as he dried away her tears.

“Kate, I don’t know what has you so upset today, but if my being here helps, then I want to stay. Let me help you Kate.”

All she could do was nod her head in agreement. He pulled her gently into his arms, leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose, then took her mouth. His kiss started gently. Just kissing and giving little licks and nips to encourage her to join him, which she finally did, slowly opening her lips giving him permission to slip his tongue inside. She was intoxicating. The sadness which exuded from her made him want to syphon it all off until she was brimming with happiness.

When he felt her body begin to relax, then her fingers begin to slowly trickle through the hairs on his chest, he broke the kiss. Pulling back, he looked into her eyes. He didn’t want to destroy the embers he saw burning there but he had to ask, “Do you want to talk about it?”

The sadness slipped back into her eyes overshadowing the embers which had been there, as she shook her head ‘no’.

“Maybe you should. Maybe it will help you feel better.”

She shrugged. He wished she would talk. He knew his sudden appearance at her door had frightened her but there was no way he was going to stand in his apartment, alone, watching her. If he was going to watch her pleasure herself, then he wanted to do it where he could see every detail, every exotic detail of what it did for her and to her.

He leaned back, separating his body from hers, “Okay, if you won’t talk, then by all means, continue what you started.” He felt a tremor shiver through the air between them. Her eyes had opened wide, in disbelief. “Come on Kate, either talk to me, or continue the show you started at the window. I came here to get a front row seat. I couldn’t see enough from over in my place. I also didn’t want anyone else watching. Did you forget that there are others living on the three levels below us? All they would have had to do was look up and you would be on display for everyone to see.”

Oh my god, she could feel herself blush from head to toe. She had known that when she had started but just didn’t give a damn. She had wanted to just forget her whole day. All anyone would do was talk about her co-worker and what he had done. How awful it was and asking how could anyone do that to his kids and parents. She finally broke her silence, “At the time I really didn’t care.”

“Why, Kate?”

She finally decided to tell him, if for no other reason than to delay the show. Somehow she couldn’t muster up the courage to do what she had been doing in front of the window when he was over there safe in his own place far away from her, but now he was so very close. So, she told him about her day, about her co-worker, and about hearing it over and over again all day long.

He drew her into his arms again. He was lying on his side facing her, so he could look at her face while she spoke, his arm circling her waist. Her face leaned slightly against his shoulder while her fingers continued to play with the hairs on his chest. It was one of few times he was actually glad of the short smattering of hair across his chest. Women either loved it or hated it and most of the women he had known didn’t like it, his wife had been one of the few who did.

She kept thinking, it was crazy him being here. It was even crazier what she had done that had enticed him to come over. What had happened today had only been part of it. Her life, no matter how organized, no matter how together she seemed to be to the outside world, inside she was a mess, and today it had all come to a head. She told him only about the event of today. The rest, would be kept well hidden. The rest would be locked away forever. Today was enough. It was all he needed to know. It was reason enough for her sadness.

As she spoke about her day, he took hold of her wrist, and lifted her hand, laying it so it cupped her breast. He watched as her fingers automatically began to pull and pinch her nipple. He was fascinated watching her, while another part of his brain listened to her story and understood why he had detected the sadness in her eyes. He was glad he had come over. He had questioned his sanity when the urge had hit him to go over to her place. He was sure she wouldn’t let him in. He hadn’t even been sure she was behind her door when he had spoken through the crack.

The crack was a flaw in the construction he had discovered shortly after moving into his condo. It was interesting how no sounds would travel through to their inner sanctum but if you put your lips close to the crack between the door and the door jam, the sound would travel beyond the door and into the surrounding area. He had breathed a silent sigh of relief when he had heard the lock click indicating she had unlocked her door.

Her fingers continued to twist and pull her nipple as she spoke. His hand slid from her waist to lay flat upon her tummy as he watched. Slowly his hand traveled lower, sliding beneath the sheer black material. The lack of hair intrigued him as his fingers traveled further south exploring her soft flesh.

The timing of the ending of her story coincided with the timing of his middle finger grazing across the little swollen nub which was peeking out underneath its hood. He let his gaze travel up to her eyes, seeing them half lidded smoldering in desire.

“I’m sorry you had such a horrible day, sweetheart.”

“Hmmm,” she moaned softly as his fingers explored. He watched and learned the different subtle reactions from her body which his fingers aroused.

He wasn’t sure if she was totally aware of anything other than both their sets of fingers at play on her body. He watched as her fingers pinched harder and his fingers felt a surge of wetness. It was an interesting sensation to feel nothing but soft contours of her skin and wetness slicking his fingers. He was mesmerized by the teasing manipulation of her fingers upon her own flesh.

Leaning down he took her other nipple into his mouth, between his teeth, nipping and pulling gently. Observing her reaction, a small frown creasing her forehead, he increased the pressure of his teeth to create a slightly sharper nip. He felt pleasure surge through his body and settle deep in his balls when her body arched pushing her breast against his mouth.

So she likes a little pain… hmmm… I wonder if she would enjoy being spanked….

It was going to be an interesting night, and if he had anything to say about it, it would be an interesting weekend too.

© Kate Spyder


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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5 Responses to What do you do when you’ve had a bad day….

  1. Ádhamh says:

    Another fantastic post, Kate. I love how you wove in your own search for a house into the story as well. It gave the story a sense of realism. Beautifully done.

    • Kate Spyder says:

      Thank you Adhamh. I often weave in parts of my own life into my stories, good of you to catch that one in this story. There is another in this story besides that one. And most if not all of them contain memories of or are coiled up within my emotions of that day when I wrote the short piece. It all ends up being a wonderful dance between realism and fantasy. 🙂

  2. BallsyBilly says:

    Beautifully written and very sexy, with a touch of realism. Great stuff Kate.
    If i may be so bold, I envisioned you with out panties and accidentally or maybe on purpose, you bending over to retrieve something.
    Very arousing words within the post. 😉

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