Late for a Deadline: A Return to His Office

I knocked softly on his office door. I’m not sure if I wanted him to be there or not. I’m nervous about what the punishment will be. The anticipation is killing me. I want it to be over and done with while in the same moment I don’t.

I’m taking deep breaths to try and release the tension. If I’m not careful I might hyperventilate which would not be good. I can’t believe I’m so nervous. I’ve worked for my boss for years and I’ve always felt safe with him. I’ve trusted him to do the right things where I am concerned. I trust him now. I’ve just never been in this position before so I have no idea what he plans to do.

His deep voice penetrates the door, “Come in.”

I see him sitting behind his desk, he is focused on his monitor, a crease centered between his eyebrows. He takes a quick glance in my direction, “Oh, good, Kate. You are here and a few minutes early too. Good girl.”

Though his words of approval seem to be said almost absently as he returns to look at his monitor, I feel a tingle of pleasure at hearing them. Maybe this won’t be so bad. He seems pleased.

“Close the door and come here, around my desk and put down your report,” he pats the desk a few inches to the left of his keyboard. “I want you to go over the data with me. After you left I was able to schedule a follow-up meeting with our clients at 3pm this afternoon. They will be coming here and I want you there to go over the data with them, but first I want you to present it to me.”

I was shocked to hear he wanted me to present the data. I started to protest but he said, “Nonsense, you already know this data inside and out since you were the one to collect it. If what you review with me now is acceptable then you will present it. I don’t have time to absorb all of it before the meeting.”

“Yes, sir.” By now I was standing next to him as he sat in his office chair, and was looking down at him. His hand reached up and rested on the small of my back while he turned back to the desk as I lay the binder down and opened it.

“Now, tell me what you have found.” His hand was hot upon my back. My blouse was thin and gave no resistance to the heat which penetrated to my skin.

I focused on the data, giving him the details, of the company our clients were wanting to purchase. I had the financials current and past, along with current and past stock history, and their performance and changes they had gone through. It was an old company one which was starting to struggle with the current economy and in keeping up with the changes the public desired in their types of products.

As I continued to fill him in on what I had uncovered, he interrupted only minimally to express approval or to ask for clarification. All the while, his hand which at first had rested upon the small of my back, began to travel south. First below my waistband of my skirt and then to the curve of my bottom.

I had to swallow several times to moisten my dry throat as I continued to focus on the data as I presented it to him. My heart began beating rapidly as I felt his hand circle and massage one cheek before traveling still further down past the curve of my bottom to the naked flesh of the back of my thigh.

He left his hand there while I reviewed the financial information, the heat of it burning into my flesh. My focus was so scattered when his hand began moving upwards under my skirt caressing my bare bottom, I didn’t know if I told him thousands or millions when discussing the loss the company had suffered over the past year.

“Go on, Kate. What else have you found.”

I couldn’t tell him that what I found was how the touch of his hand intoxicated me. I couldn’t tell him that what I found was how the sound of his voice caused my body to vibrate like the tines on a tuning fork. I couldn’t tell him that and so much more which I was discovering at that very moment while his hand and fingers explored.

I heard a quiet Mmm of approval when his fingers slipped between the juncture of my thighs and felt the wetness there and I twitched and coated his fingers further with a sudden drenching.

“Nice. Very nice, Kate. This report will do nicely. It shows exactly what the clients were looking for and will give them leverage in purchasing the company.” His fingers delved deeper as he spoke. My feet shifted, not a nervous shift, but a shift of barely contained arousal, as my bottom pressed slightly back in uncontrolled need.

“Easy, Kate. Be still. It isn’t time yet for your punishment. After our meeting with the client, and I see how you do in presenting the data, then we’ll see about your punishment.” All the while his fingers slipped and slid exploring my wet lips and teased my opening which I could feel expanding in preparation for anything he would want to do.

“Now tell me Kate, is there anything else, you haven’t told me yet which is contained in this data?”

“Yes” came out on the breath of a sigh, when his fingers slipped in deeper, then out and back in again. I couldn’t imagine what he was imagining my punishment would be but if it was anything like this then I had  no complaints.

“Tell me what else you have then, Kate.”

I gave him details on the CEO and founders of the company as well as some of the other leaders which I felt would have any pull in whether to accept the buyout or not. All the while his fingers dove in and out of my hot wet core, slowly and deliberately. It made me ache with need, I had no idea how I would get through the meeting which when I looked at the clock, I realized would be in just fifteen more minutes.

He took every second of those fifteen minutes exploring my wetness, slowly building my arousal to a point of frenzied need within me. He avoided touching my swollen nub. Each time he ventured close, my brain screamed, “Oh god, please, please, touch me, touch me just there, yes, just a bit further, no, no, no, don’t, don’t, not that direction, oh please…” On and on it went as I told him all I knew about the company and those who ran it.

I could hear the moist sounds of his fingers pumping slowly in and out, I was so wet. He was obviously keeping an eye on the clock and with two minutes left until 3pm, he withdrew his fingers. Patted my bottom, “That’s my girl. You’ll do great. Take a quick break if you need it and join me in the conference room. I’ll take the binder.” In quick efficient movements, he closed the binder, stood and ushered me out of his office.

I went directly to the restroom. Checked my appearance in the mirror, adjusted my clothing, took a deep breath, let it out slowly and then made my way to the conference room.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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8 Responses to Late for a Deadline: A Return to His Office

  1. HisToy422 says:

    You did it again… Left me wantin more and more!! Im so tempted to go into Masters office right now but that would certainly get me punished…. You are so good!!!!! 😈🔥

  2. Ádhamh says:

    An absolutely delicious tale.

  3. Joy says:

    mmm Yummy! Can’t wait to read more!

  4. BallsyBilly says:

    My arousal and anticipation is peaking 🙂

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