Late for a Deadline: Meeting With the Client

I slipped quietly into the conference room. It was one of the smaller ones since we were meeting with only three individuals from the client’s company. They were men responsible for organizing the buyout.

“Ahhh, here she is gentlemen. I believe we all know each other so let’s sit down and get started. I’ve asked Kate to be here to present the data she has uncovered regarding the company you wish to purchase. Kate, as soon as you are ready, you can begin.”

When I slipped into the conference room I had moved to the computer which was used for presentations. I pulled up my report from the local server where I had stored it immediately after completing it, while my boss spoke with the three gentlemen. We always printed a hard copy just in case. The one day one of my co-workers hadn’t printed a hardcopy relying on the equipment in the conference room without it had been disastrous. The equipment had failed miserably and he was left to fumble around giving the presentation on just what he remembered. We lost that client. Having a hard copy handy always meant we had the data at our fingertips even if we had a power outage or server issues preventing us from being able to digitally display the data. We would have the data and could still present it no matter the electronic difficulties.

I pulled up the data and began to present the information to the three men representing our client. I have never felt comfortable talking in front of an audience but once I started into the data I forgot about my nervousness.

I saw each of the men watching me. Joe was the older distinguished gentleman who was always the spokesperson when they came in as a group like they did today. When I attended such meetings with my boss, Steve, in the past, I had always detected a certain amount of interest from Joe. His eyes always seemed to linger longer on me even when my boss was speaking to him. He always left me wondering whether he would ever take the initiative to call me for a date.

As I felt myself being drawn into the data and what it will mean for our client, I could feel Joe’s eyes following me just like they had in the past during our brief encounters. It is a passion of mine to be able to find data which would help both companies, not just our client but also the companies our clients are interested in purchasing. I dig until I find something that can benefit them both. I knew my passion for my job was reflected in my demeanor as well as my physical appearance. I could see all three sets of eyes following me with smoldering approval which gave me added confidence as I continued briefing them on what I had discovered.

I pace back and forth as I point out the various facts of the company they wish to purchase, using a pointer device or just walking up to the screen and indicating a particular item under discussion. Sometimes, stepping closer to Joe, or Frank, one of the other men on his team, if I know a particular item is of interest to him.

I can feel my skin warm and flush with my enthusiasm. Each man in turn seems to notice and I register their interest as they see the change come over me. I can feel my breasts bounce enticingly with each step in my heels and my skirt sway around my thighs. With each swish of my skirt I can’t help but remember how little I wore beneath it and what had transpired just moments before the meeting. I could still feel the wetness upon my upper thighs. If those three men only knew.

At one point, when my boss interrupts to add an observation he made in the data I was presenting and how it could benefit the client, I stood next to him, looking at him as he sat relaxed in his chair. My body vibrated like the strings on a harp when plucked by the harpist, from the timbre of his voice which carried me back in time to his office of a short bit ago. I felt another surge of wetness when I considered just how he would punish me, for he had assured me, he would punish me, following the meeting with the client.

I walked back and forth, too keyed up to stand still, moving from the displayed data, to each of the men in turn as I spoke. Then standing next to my boss whenever he slipped into my pauses to emphasize a fact or suggestion.

I could feel each man’s eyes upon me, watching me, tracking me as I paced. Their eyes not always upon my face, or upon the data, all too often I felt one or more eyes upon parts of me as my blouse fluttered with my movements or my skirt swishing as I walked. Once or twice I caught an amused look upon my boss’s face when at one point I caught one of the men ogling my breasts. I couldn’t help but wonder if Steve had a purpose behind having me present the data instead of him. I knew how quickly he absorbs facts and figures. He could have done this blindfolded even after just one review.

My mind all too frequently flashed to the moments prior to meeting with our client when I had been alone with my boss in his office going over the data, his hand touching me so intimately. I couldn’t help but wonder what these men would do if I suddenly bent over and presented my naked derriere to their questing eyes.

The thought was shocking and almost caused me to lose my train of thought. I mentally shook my head dislodging those disturbing thoughts and returned to the data at hand.

The meeting took longer than I had anticipated. The representatives of our client apparently were in no hurry to end the meeting and asked question after question to which mostly I answered and occasionally my boss stepped in to answer. Eventually their questions slowed and died out completely. But it was clear their interest in me had not dissipated. They seemed not at all anxious to leave.

At that point my boss stood, “Thank you gentlemen for coming. I hope the data Kate has presented is satisfactory.”

All three gentlemen rose slowly. Did I possibly discern disappointment in their faces as they hesitated to leave? The older of the three stepped forward, speaking for the group, “Yes, it is most satisfactory.” He turned to me, “Thank you Kate for all your hard work. You have given us much in which to consider. We will take into consideration all of your suggestions. They are very insightful.” His eyes roamed over my face and seemed to have a difficult time not slipping below my chin to observe my breasts up close.

A look of disappointment crossed his face when he began turning back to my boss. I smiled at him and told him, “It was my pleasure, sir. I hope it will be most beneficial to you. Please call me if you have any questions or need clarification on any of the data. Our contact numbers will be included in the report.”

My words seemed to lift the disappointment from his face and before he turned back to my boss, he smiled and said, “In deed, in deed. I know it will be quite helpful. I’m sure once I go over the report, in more detail, I will have more questions for you.” Turning to my boss, he said, “Thank you both for all your hard work.”

“You are welcome. I’ll have my assistant email you the report first thing in the morning. Please call us if you have any more questions or need any further assistance. And thank you so much for agreeing to meet on such short notice.”

Joe looked back at me, in fact all three looked at me, their eyes glowing in appreciation as they simultaneously let their gaze sweep up and down, taking in my full appearance. “It was our pleasure. We are all very glad we agreed to meet with you today.” I felt as though they had in particular directed that last comment to me.

They shook hands and left. We watched as they went down the short hallway to the elevators which opened immediately upon their arrival, apparently Steve’s assistant had sent the elevator back up when she had departed the office for the day, knowing we were still in conference with our client.

I turned to walk back to my desk to gather my things and go home. The office was empty. It was getting close to 5pm and our office usually closes at 4pm. Even my boss’s assistant was gone. The quiet settled around me as I followed him back towards his office.

Reaching for his door, he turned to me as he began opening it, “Come Kate. Come into my office. We have unfinished business.”

A tremor ran through me at his words and I knew now I would discover just what my punishment would be.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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9 Responses to Late for a Deadline: Meeting With the Client

  1. HisToy422 says:

    Loving all the build up… Cant wait for more!

  2. Ádhamh says:

    I too can’t wait to discover what the punishment will be.

    • Kate Spyder says:

      Now who is impatient? lol… it has been a crazy day, I hope you can be patient a little while longer. *sigh*

      • Ádhamh says:

        Completely understand crazy days, and I can be patient. Not often, but, it can happen. Lol. That being said, for you, I will wait patiently.

      • Kate Spyder says:

        Ahh, you are sweet to be so patient. I will try not to keep you waiting too long. Hopefully, today I will be able to post the next chapter.

  3. BallsyBilly says:

    Your in for it now. Still loving the story, you tease 😉

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