Late for a Deadline: The Punishment

I stepped passed him and into his office, stopping mid-way between the door and his desk as I heard him close the door behind me with a subtle click of a locked door. A quiver snaked through my body from its exquisite implication.

I was startled when he stepped over to one of the chairs sitting at an angle to his desk. He had two such chairs and most times one was against the wall out of the way, and the other sat at an angle to the side so anyone coming into his office could sit down and still be within view of him without having a clear view of the screen to his monitor. This is where he sat. I instinctively turned to face him.

“Come closer, Kate.” His deep voiced slipped beneath my skin with a subtle promise of things to come.

I step closer to him, close enough for him to touch me. I shiver when he reaches out and puts his hands on my hips. Gently he coaxes me to turn so my side is towards him, then pulls me in closer, pressing me down to sit across his lap. With one hand he whisks the edge of my skirt out from under me just before I sat so now I feel the soft texture of his slacks upon my naked bum. His hand slips underneath my skirt and cups the upper portion of my cheek. As he begins to talk, his fingers caress and squeeze.

He is so sensual in his touch, it warms and comforts me, easing a bit of my nervousness. His other hand pulls me in closer to lean against him and I feel my head drop to rest upon his shoulder. I feel him hard and stiff pressed against my hip. Aftershave, light, and musky, slowly sensuously penetrates my senses merging with his arousing touch upon my derriere. I feel myself melting into him.

“Now Kate, it is time to deal with your punishment.”

I feel trepidation at his words and softly reply, “Yes, sir.”

“How do you feel about that?” He asks as his other hand reaches up and smooths a lock of my hair away from my face, the touch of his fingers leaving a seductive trail across my cheek.

“I’m a bit nervous, sir.”

“Why are you nervous Kate?” His fingers gently press against my chin turning my head only slightly so I look into his eyes.

“Sir.” barely flutters out on my escaping breath. His eyes were soft and gentle encouraging in their smoldering depths. So I begin again, “Sir, I know I should have told you I was having problems getting the report together because of the different things which had happened to impede my progress. I know this. I know I failed you by not telling you. I do understand and feel I do deserve punishment for not bringing it to your attention. I guess I’m nervous because I don’t know what you plan on doing, or how you plan on punishing me.”

“I see. Are you afraid of me?” his voice was softly seductive.

Oh god, his eyes never left mine and I could not have looked away if I wanted to. He drew me in and made me want to tell him nothing but the truth. His touch upon my bare bottom was gentle and somehow encouraging, giving me the strength to speak and yet comforting and relaxing giving me no fear of what might yet come. “No, sir.”

“Good. Do you trust me?” his fingers trailed along my jaw, his eyes following as if he were imagining his fingers were his lips trailing tiny kisses wherever they touched.

“Oh, yes, sir. I do.” my voice somehow held the quality of a child exclaming to an adult with rapt joy of her total confidence and trust in him.

“Good girl.” I could feel myself blush as a feeling of pure pleasure thrilled and invaded me at his words. I couldn’t stop a slight smile from curling my lips. A knowing smile lit his eyes. “Your punishment will be simple Kate. But let me ask you a question first.”

“Okay.” His hand continued to caress my bottom with his fingers while the palm of his hand was like a hot pad pressed against my warming skin. His other hand continued to leave smokey trails down my cheek to my neck, tracing the edge of my blouse across the curves of my breasts. He was kindling fires in me where I never knew fires could exist.

“Have you ever been spanked?” he asked softly.

“Spanked, sir?” was my confused reply. Could he possibly be implying what I thought he might be?

“Yes,… spanked…” subtle humor curled the edges of his voice.

“Umm, once when I was a about six or seven.” I was feeling confused. I couldn’t understand why he was asking me about spanking, seeing him grin at my confession of being spanked when I was a child was even more confusing. I didn’t want to think about the implications of this change in topic. As usual, I suppressed any concerns which tried to bubble to the surface trusting him implicitly.

“Hmmm… well, Kate. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a just punishment for you. Your actions earlier today gave me even more food for thought. Baring your bottom to me as you did was a wonderful gift you bestowed upon me. It gave me an idea for which I believe will be an appropriate punishment for you. With that in mind Kate, I need you to now lay stomach down across my lap.”

Oh god, oh god, he couldn’t mean what I thought he meant! He just couldn’t! I know I was looking at him with both surprise and confusion, I had not been able to prevent a slight gasp of surprise at what his words implied.

He gave a slight chuckle, which was so weirdly seductive and comforting. “Take the position now, Kate.” There was no doubt this was not a subtle request but a command.

His command had my mind reeling as it now connected with his instructions and his question regarding spanking. It didn’t dawn on me to refuse him. In short order I found myself lying across his lap, blushing from head to toe, with my hips aligned perfectly for a spanking. My hands rested lightly upon the floor. I had at first tried to hold my head up but he pressed my shoulders downward and my head followed.

“Relax. The more you tense up, the more it will hurt.”

My head jerked up at his reference to pain. Oh god, just how hard did he intend to spank me? For the third time today he lifted my skirt baring my flesh for an unobstructed view. Wasting no time, he placed his palm flat on my bottom and gave it a gentle caress.

“So nice, Kate. Your bottom is so perfectly fitted for my hand, and such a nice creamy pale. I can’t wait to see how rosy they glow when I’m finished administering your punishment. I can’t begin to tell you the rush which surged through my body when you presented your bottom so nicely for me earlier today. I was almost tempted to absolve you.” As he spoke his hand continued its soft caress, then he gently touched my protruding lips. “Oh god, Kate, you are already so wet, or is that left over from our time earlier just before the meeting? Hmmm.. or possibly from the meeting and how those three men looked at you. I could smell your arousal. I wonder if they could too.”

I was trembling in anticipation. When would he begin? He seemed to be taking all the time in the world. Didn’t he know how waiting was driving me crazy?

“Now, Kate, listen closely. Your punishment will be fifteen spanks on each cheek. Thirty altogether. You must count them out loud. If you fail to count then I will begin again. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” God, my body was trembling uncontrollably. Was it anticipation? Or desire? Or both?

“Good girl.”

His hand had lifted from my bottom as he spoke and I answered. I thought I was ready but I was taken aback by the sting as his palm landed so harshly. He wasn’t giving any quarter. He had been serious about punishment and this was it. I had been so shocked I had forgotten to count.

“Ah, Kate, you didn’t count. I’ll start again.”

This time I made sure to count, “One”… “Two”… oh god… “Three”.. oh, oh.. “Four”… on and on…. “ten”.. oh god, oh… “eleven..” my bottom was burning and yet I knew he was holding back, taking it easy on me, even though it seemed harsh, I could sense, he held much in reserve”… “fourteen”… until we reached… ah finally… “fifteen”. My voice had risen probably an octave and had become breathless by the time we reached fifteen. My one cheek burned as if it were on fire. I didn’t dare turn around to look. He paused giving me a respite, as he very gently smoothed his hand over my now hot cheek. I took deep breaths to calm myself and especially my wildly beating heart.

“Oh, yes, Kate, so nice. Your skin is so nice and rosy. You have no idea just what that does to me. What does it do for you Kate? Hmmm?” he asked me as his fingers slipped between the crevice between my thighs. “Oh my Kate, so wet indeed. A few more and I bet you would be dripping on the floor.”

I could hear how pleased that made him as his hand now landed upon my other cheek and I practically jerked off his lap in surprise. I didn’t, however, miss a count this time even though I knew now what to expect and just how tender my bottom would be when he was finished. I bit my lip inbetween counts stifling my moans or exclamations from the luscious sting from each smack of his hand upon my bottom.

The most shocking thing of all was the throbbing I was now experiencing between my thighs in the area where his fingers had just probed. I was hot and swollen and throbbing. Towards the end I could not believe how my bottom seemed to rise upon its own accord to meet each slap of his hand as if begging for more.

All too soon, he completed the punishment. “Now Kate, don’t move. You were such a good girl taking your punishment as you did. I would like to reward you.”

I couldn’t contain the moan which escaped my lips when his fingers slid into my dripping wetness, gently, yet deeply. To my disappointment he thrust only a few times before telling me to stand up after removing his fingers. I was sure he would now ask me to leave. I couldn’t understand how just a few probing thrusts of his fingers could be considered a reward. I was burning in need, throbbing in fact, so close I almost pranced in frustration.

He stood as well with a very pronounced bulge in his pants. He took my hand and guided me to the side of his desk and turned me to face it. He pushed me up against it’s side so I was facing the desk and my hips were flush against its edge. He then pushed me down so the upper half of my body lay across his desk. I turned my head so I was looking out his window and rested my hands palms down flat upon the desk on either side of my head. It was still light out but there was just enough reflection for me to see what he was doing. I wondered if he planned on spanking me again. I wasn’t sure my bottom could take much more. It still stung profusely from the spanking just moments ago.

He flipped my skirt once again up over my hips so my bottom was completely exposed to him. I didn’t have to see to know what he was doing when I heard the sound of his zipper being unzipped. The reflection however revealed a rather sizable cock as he pulled it from the confines of his trousers. I can’t say it was the largest I had ever seen for I’ve seen pictures of some extraordinarily large cocks online that would have torn me assunder if his had been that large. Thank god he wasn’t. There was however no doubt in my mind that he would fill me completely. I felt my tongue lick my lips in a subconscious gesture of anticipation.

He stepped forward and pressed the head of his cock against my opening. “Kate, you can tell me no if you don’t want this. Tell me now if you don’t, otherwise, I’m taking you right here, right now and I won’t be gentle. Do you understand, Kate?”

I whimpered. God help me but I whimpered, then whispered, “Yes.”

“I didn’t hear you Kate. Speak up girl.” The last said with firmness.

“Yes, sir. I understand.” My mind was in such a fog from the spanking, and my body in such need, I burned as hot as my ass cheeks.

“Good girl. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, sir. Please, sir, please. Do it. I need it. Please, I need it.” I was shamelessly begging him to take what he wanted. To take me and be damned with the consequences. I knew I would never be able to walk into his office again without remembering this moment. I had no doubt I would feel a surge of excitement every time I remembered.

I glanced out of the corner of my eye just before he plunged deep into me with his hard thick cock and saw a smile grace his face like I had never seen before in all the years I had worked for him. It was so erotically sensual and so damnably confident. An image I had so inadequately imagined up until this point.

He plunged deep and hard, no gentleness to be found. He ground hard against me, re-igniting the sting of my buttox and a pounding pain deep within me as he forced and thrust his way deeper and deeper until he could go no further. And still my hips moved back of their own accord against him trying to force him deeper yet elevating that grinding pounding ache that tormented me into ever increasing vivication.

My hips pounded against the side of his desk with each forceful thrust. I had to grasp the edges to either side of me to try and keep from being bruised and battered against his desk. I didn’t care. God help me I wanted this. I needed this. I had craved something like this, never thinking any man would dare take me this way.

He held onto my hips with both hands, slamming into me over and over again, until I was begging him to let me cum. I begged and pleaded on what I thought were deaf ears until he finally reached beneath me. He tormented my clit with his fingers, pinching, then rubbing and then pinching hard again until I was panting and gasping and moaning. My peak came hard. I didn’t tumble over it, I jetted through it like it had been a fortified brick wall exploding with the force of my impact. He came just as hard, “Oh god, Kate. Oh my god.” were all the words he could say upon the gasps of his breath as he emptied himself into me.

I lay limp across his desk, while he collapsed just slightly to the side of me, letting the desk take his weight while part of his body lay lightly over me. Our clothes clung to our damp bodies as he lay over me, still buried deep inside of me, taking slow gentle thrusts in and out as if giving me soft caresses which his hands were unable to do just yet.

Once we both caught our breath, I was loath to have him pull away but our position was becoming uncomfortable. He finally stood, his cock sliding limply from my dark recess. Our mixed fluid coating my inner thighs as I stood upon shaky legs, feeling our fluids run down the inside of my thighs.

He tucked himself back into his trousers. I smoothed down my skirt. He reached into the drawer of his desk where I could see various items he kept for the times he would eat at his desk. He handed me a few napkins which I used to wipe away the excess fluids on my thighs.

He walked with me to his door, which he held open for me. “Kate.”

I turned to him, “Yes?”

“Don’t make being late on deadlines a habit, or I’ll have to come up with a more severe punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir. I understand.”

“Good girl. I’ll see you tomorrow. Early tomorrow morning.”

I smiled. I already had in miind what I planned on wearing tomorrow.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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3 Responses to Late for a Deadline: The Punishment

  1. Ádhamh says:

    Such a delicious punishment, Kate. Want to come work for me? 😉 lol

  2. BallsyBilly says:

    That was HOT Kate. My Oh My did things turn out soooo arousing!
    Woke someone up! 😉
    Can’t wait for more. 😉

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