Late for a Deadline: The Next Day

I woke early the next morning with a smile on my face remembering my day yesterday and how it had flowed into my evening. I had been unable to resist playing with myself once I got home. I had finally experienced something which I had only dreamt of and had thought would only remain a fantasy.

My boss, Steve, had always been kind and good to me. Always trusted me with providing him whatever he needed when he was in a crunch. This had been the first time I had failed to meet a deadline and as much as I felt bad about that, his punishment though it had made me feel better, now contained a sort of evil temptation to see what would happen if I failed to meet a deadline again. I however remembered his warning about not making it a habit.

I jumped out of bed, took a shower, shaving in all the appropriate areas, dressed as minimally as I had the day before, except this time, my blouse was cut a bit lower and I chose to wear one of my more uncomfortable bras. Mounds of flesh peeked just above the plunging neckline of my blouse. My skirt was not quite as short, but like yesterday, I wore nothing beneath it.

I practically skipped into the empty office, knowing I was a good hour earlier than anyone else would arrive. I was disappointed to see my boss’s office door closed but my active imagination had no trouble conjuring up how my day had ended yesterday.

No sooner had I placed my things upon my desk than I heard his deep voice behind me say, “Good morning, Kate.”

“Good morning, sir.” I replied, a huge smile on my face, as I turned to look at him. He arrogantly swiped my body with his eyes as his mouth curved in a knowing smile.

“Come to my office, Kate.” Oh god, I loved how he commanded me. His deep voice coating me in a fine sheen of moist chocolatey temptation.

“Yes, sir.” I quickly put down whatever I had in my hands and followed him. Anticipation keen in my step as I wondered what he wanted. I knew he arrived earlier than others in the office just hadn’t recalled him ever arriving this early.

He held open his office door for me as I passed by him. Then closed it with an all too familiar click. “Come,” he motioned me to follow him as he stepped around his desk, then sat in his chair backing it away from his desk, he motioned for me to stand in front of him with my back facing his desk. I faced him. I could feel waves of energenic sensuality eminating from him.

Rolling forward as he sat in his chair, he pinned me against his desk, the lower curve of my bottom being pressed against its rounded edge. He wasted not a moment of time, lifting my skirt up.

“Spread your legs, Kate.” he commanded.

I did.

“A bit more.” he instructed.

I did as instructed until he told me, “That’s good. Beautiful, Kate. You are so beautiful,” he stated as I watched from above as his eyes took in my naked body beneath my skirt. He inhaled, breathing in my scent.

Reaching down, he lifted my one foot and placed it on the seat of his chair, pinning it between the arm of the chair and his thigh. Using his elbow he pushed my knee outward, making me spread even wider. The position made me put my hands on the edge of the desk on either side of my hips, wrapping my fingers around its curved edges to hang on.

“I love how you shave, not leaving even a thin patch. You look so innocent standing here, spread for me to look at you. I want to devour you.”

A moan slipped quietly from my lips as I pictured him taking his fill of me. And shivered at his heated breath across my exposed and smooth nakedness. Oh god, I wanted to feel his tongue lick me senseless, and his teeth nip at me driving me wild. It was unbelievable how aroused I could get by him just looking at me and breathing in my scent.

“Ah, beautiful, beautiful, Kate. If you only knew how often I have dreamt of having you here like this in my office, or like last evening. How many times I sat hard, fully aroused behind my desk whenever you came into my office visualizing you bent over my desk as I took you hard, or like this about to be descended upon by my mouth. My mouth is watering now just thinking about how good you must taste.” He looked up at me then. His eyes practically burned a path into the animalistic part of my brain.

He paid close attention to my eyes as he began to lower his mouth, his tongue slowly peeking out from between his lips. My breathing quickened in anticipation and a frustrated moan escaped from my throat. My ears picked up his quiet chuckle just as his tongue descended upon my throbbing clit.

Within a microsecond of the touch of his tongue I became senseless of everything else except his ravenous tongue, licking and slurping up every drop of my juices which flowed even more freely when he inserted a finger and curled it upwards to rub against the spot which made my rivers flow and my world to quake.

I could never last long, not with this sort of onslaught. I moaned and begged and pleaded as my hand flew from the edge of the desk to grasp onto his head, my fingers entwined with his hair, pressing him tighter against my swollen and throbbing need.

He sucked and nibbled, and rubbed, taking me ever upwards until my legs began to quiver and my breathing became ragged.

He lifted his head only briefly, long enough to say the words, “Come for me, Kate. Come for me.”

And I did…. over and over and over again, until I was nothing but a quivering mass of flesh holding on for dear life.

He finally raised his head and by god, there was that smile again, like the one I had seen early last evening and my heart fluttered and pounded in my chest, knowing I was the one who was able to put that smile there.

He lifted me off the desk where I so precariously purched and sat me upon his lap. Holding me and petting me, calming me.

“What about you, Sir?” I asked once I was able to catch my breath.

“I’m fine, Kate. You have given me much, last evening and this morning. Relax. Breathe, for in a few moments you need to return to your desk. Others will be arriving soon.”

I looked at the clock and was surprised so much time had passed. He was right. Neither of us could be seen like this in his office.

Within a few moments, I had recovered enough to return to my desk. All that day, as I worked, my thoughts returned to him and his office, each time feeling a flood of moisture coat my swollen lips.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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3 Responses to Late for a Deadline: The Next Day

  1. HisToy422 says:

    Yup! Thatll do it!!!! 😈

  2. BallsyBilly says:

    Another great awaking, if you know what I mean 😉
    Crazy hot writing 🙂
    Thanks Kate Spyder

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