Best Day Ever

Yesterday was the best day ever. Good conversations with friends. Lunch with a friend. Making an offer on a townhouse and getting it accepted all in the same day. A very hilarious movie and then dinner with a good friend. It just can’t get much better than that. Oh wait, it could but other than taking possession of the townhouse, I won’t push my luck. I am quite excited and happy because it turned out to be one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

Only one time was it better but I didn’t know it until a few months later when I discovered not only had I conceived a child but I had conceived her on my birthday in the very town where she would be born. What makes that amazing is we didn’t live there at the time. I was living half way across the United States and had taken a trip back East for various reasons, one of them to checkout apartment complexes for our move there.

But yesterday. Yesterday was awesome. My daughter who is now 12, will finally experience living in a home of our own instead of renting. We’ll be able to let our roots grow deeper. She also has her wish in that we found a place which will allow her to have a larger dog. The bylaws for pet restrictions follow the bylaws of our city which I feel should be how all strata bylaws should be.

We still have some final things to be cleared before the purchase is final however I am sure those things will be cleared with ease. I did have to compromise some on the place. The master bath has a small shower, and the laundry room is just a small closet that hopefully will fit a full size stackable washer and dryer and has room for nothing else. Right next to it is a half bath, so I should be able to store my laundry soap there. I’m already going through my head how to arrange things in the house. I’ve been dreaming about it too… lol Though I loved some of the other places I saw, this one is much more reasonable and more ‘us’. It is at the lower end of our budget and I’m already thinking of how I would like to make improvements. Those will come in time.

Once we move in, I plan to make a list of the things I will want to upgrade and my ideas of how. Then I will want to get a professional to look at it and tell me the best way to go about it. For instance, if I want to change the flooring in the kitchen and dining room, and also want to change the cabinets and countertops, would it be better to do the cabinets first before the flooring or visa versa. I can already visualize some of the upgrades.

But for now, once we take possession, the only thing I will need to have done is install AC. It was a rather warm day when we viewed the place the second time and it was stifling hot in the place. So AC is a must.

We went to see “Spy” last night. OMG it was hilarious. I am so glad we chose it over “Jurassic World”. Mainly L needed a good laugh and though I was having a really good day already, it was wonderful to be able to sit down and have a good laugh. We then dropped off the kids and she and I went out to a pub and had dinner. It was good to sit and talk with her without the kids interrupting us. And good to be able to share so much together. We talked about our respective histories, her successful life with her husband, and my unsuccessful life with men. And of course we talked about our kids. She has three adopted boys which are a handful on good days. This week has been awful for her in so many ways, that I was glad she could go out with my daughter and me on my birthday and laugh and have fun.

This was very important for her because on Thursday, she ended up in a situation where she found a woman near death from trying to commit suicide. She was alone at the time and had been so busy trying to help the woman to keep breathing until the paramedics arrived that she didn’t even think to call me to come help. It was awful, traumatic and sad, though the woman lived and is recovering in the hospital, saving someone who wants to die can create so many conflicting emotions and L was not immune to any of them. The only thing that sooths me in regards to my moving out to our own home is the knowledge that her husband will finally be home in twelve days and she will have his help and support. She will still have mine, unfortunately in August, it just won’t be a staircase away.

Like me, she has experienced the selfishness of her friends in how they have pulled away from her during a time when she needs them the most. For us, that means we have become closer because we have learned the importance of being there for each other. Having someone we can count on is no small matter to us. To know if something traumatic happens and the other will stop what they are doing to help is wonderful. It is devastating though to realize that those you call friend, even close friends have for some reason pulled away and show a lack of compassion is very difficult to experience. And it is hard to understand why especially when you see pictures of them doing other things with other people. In the same breath, you are glad they are enjoying their life but sad because they no longer include you, and they no longer come running when you express a need or something like what L experienced happens.

I was glad I could share my happiness with L yesterday. Seeing her smiling and laughing after all the tears from the past couple of days was good.


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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