Fundamentals of honour-Decieving women for sex

I don’t reblog often. However, after reading this particular post I thought it important to share, not just for the men here but for the women to share with their men. We all can learn about honor men and women alike and if anyone has difficulty articulating what they feel honor is, then point them here. Honor isn’t an antiquated idea. It isn’t something only suitable for our grandparents or their parents or our ancestors. Honor is something we should value above all else and demand from those who desire to share our lives. Without it society is lost and driven into madness. We see it today. When I am in the presence of a person with honor I feel safe, protected and cherished. Why would we ever want to settle for less? ~Kate

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This is the very first of it’s kind.A series that will teach you the very building blocks and significant components of true honour.

This series will be thought provoking,it will show you a new path and whether you choose to follow this path or blindly discard it,It is you who shall face the consequences.

The real meaning of Love,stop abusing the word.

“I love you”,saying this phrase to a woman has become so easy that the very words themselfes have lost their value.Men see hollywood romance and put on an applaudable performance of pure deciet.

This all just to win a woman’s favour and get her to lower her gaurd;How puny,is your pride and dignity not at all bothered by the fact that you have lie to women in order for you to bed them?

When you tell someone you love them what you truely mean is:they are the…

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I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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2 Responses to Fundamentals of honour-Decieving women for sex

  1. Annie B says:

    This is outstanding. Thank you for sharing it.

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