It never fails…

It never fails to amaze me, when I write about something, what happens afterwards. Yesterday, I wrote about my stress and worries and shortly afterwards I took a walk to the mailbox and found within it the check I had been waiting for. Of course, I showered and dressed immediately and took it to the bank. A conversation ensued as to whether a hold would be placed upon the money. Of course there would be, generally a 30 day hold but she went to check with her supervisor.

When her supervisor came over the question was asked, “What did I need the money for? and When did I need the money? I told her I needed it for the house I was buying and I needed it by the 6th of August. They placed a 25 day hold on it and as they were doing so I asked if that hold included weekend days or not. She didn’t answer but when they placed the hold on it the day came up as August 26th, so I guess it doesn’t include weekend days. She instructed the teller to keep the hold on the money as it is and to give her a copy of the check. She would make calls to verify it so the hold could be removed. She assured me I would have my money when I needed it.

It is hard to explain how having this woman guarantee that my funds would be available to me has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. I could feel the stress and depression lift. Knowing the money was there and could be used for my move, no matter how expensive it was, as well as AC installment, brought back those ‘happy’ feelings I had about buying the townhouse. Then something else happened.

The 2nd moving company man showed up to give me an estimate on moving. He calculated the expense right then after quickly going through the rental suite. The price he quoted for total packing and moving was about half the cost estimated by the previous company. Why the difference? I’m not sure. The cost per hour for packing and moving appeared to be the same, even the amount of people looked to be the same, the only difference was maybe an estimate in the hours it would take, by only a couple of hours, so I need to call the 2nd company’s office to make sure he calculated it correctly. Which I just did, after pausing in my writing, it sounded like it is correct, but she is verifying it. We have tentatively set up the 7th of August for packing and the 8th of August for the actual move.

If the estimate is correct then I’m looking at a substantial difference from the first price and it may be the difference between a company which moves people not just locally but also nationally and internationally versus a company which just does moves locally. Both have excellent BBB ratings without any complaints and have been in business for many years. The 2nd is a family owned and operated business. I enjoy spending my money with locally owned and family owned because it means my money is kept within the local community and not with a company that is internationally owned which could have my money spread all over the country or world. I try to support small businesses when I can.

These two things happening yesterday meant I slept much better last night. The other thing was yesterday I remembered I had scheduled vacation in July but couldn’t remember if it was this week or next week. I looked it up and thankfully it is scheduled for next week. I hadn’t put my vacation days on my calendar yet, so I did that yesterday too. That way I won’t have to worry about forgetting when I have my days off scheduled. Having vacation next week will be great timing for I’ll be able to use it to make a huge dent in packing up those things we aren’t using right now or have no need for right now, like our books, and the majority of my daughter’s toys and the nicknacks we have. I can also work on carting off those things I want to donate or take to the recycling center, like our old TVs we will no longer use, and other electronics which no longer function.

Yesterday, I also went to my mortgage broker and signed some papers he needed me to sign. We had a talk about the mortgage. I had been pleased to find out he had gotten it through a credit union. I have always liked credit unions over banks and to find out I can join a credit union and possibly move my accounts there saving me monthly service charges could save me $15 a month. After having been with this one bank since moving to Canada and having my monthly fees jacked up every couple of years, and not being able to get a good interest rate for a car loan, and other things which have happened over the years when I’ve been a loyal customer has always irritated me. I’m not sure what I’ll do at this point and I won’t make any permanent decisions until after the move. It is just too much to try and put on my plate all at the same time. I wasn’t thrilled about the limits placed on the accounts at the credit union so it might not be advantageous to move everything over. I’ll know more when I have my meeting with them next week.

I also went to see about the homeowners insurance I’ll need for the townhouse. From what I understand it is more like a condo insurance which is more like contents insurance for renters except if I make improvements like the AC installation those things will need to be added to my personal insurance since the strata insurance only covers what was originally built and put in place. I wasn’t able to talk with my agent because she was out of the office yesterday. I was however able to schedule an appointment with her for Saturday.

Today I hope to contact the utility companies to schedule the gas and electric to be switched over to my name. I don’t know if there will be any requirements for deposits but I’ll find that out hopefully today and if they are required when they need to be made.

It just feels really good to be able to move forward with everything knowing the funds are in place to cover all the things I need to do and still have a nice sum left over which can be invested. Having dug myself out of a huge hole I had found myself in ten years ago, after my time spent with my daughter’s father and his ability to just gobble up money like it was candy, where I am today financially is a blessing. I worked hard to get here. It wasn’t an easy road. My biggest fear in buying this house is worrying if it could possibly set us back financially. If I haven’t calculated things correctly, if I haven’t estimated the financial cost compared to how much money I make, then it could do just that. I have had a number of people advising me along the way some actually within the financial field. The scary part is how some had advised me to calculate my expenses but leave out my grocery expenses and other similar expenses and see what is left over for those expenses. I couldn’t do that. Groceries are a huge expense. Granted I can reduce my eating out expenses, those are adjustable for they are not a necessity, whereas groceries in my opinion should be calculated, for just two of us we spend a lot on groceries because I try to eat organically. I try to purchase healthy foods which means they maybe more expensive than the main product lines which can be produced far cheaper but are less healthy. So I added those expenses in and I hope I’ve calculated things well enough so our lifestyle doesn’t change much.  I enjoy the financial flexibility I have right now, altering that too much, and I might find I wish I had never purchased a townhouse.

I will however say this. I have learned a lot about stratas since beginning my search for a home. My original understanding of stratas was flawed and yet no one would correct me on it whenever I mentioned my perceptions. It wasn’t until I found a website which explained it all. Once I read through it, I realized where the flaw in my thinking was. I used to think a corporation owned the strata lots and I was paying big brother to maintain the lots which is what my strata fee was for. However, I learned this is not true. When I buy into a strata I am purchasing a portion of the whole strata. I am not only owner of the townhouse but I am part owner in the strata. This strata may be owned by a corporation but as an owner I am part owner in that corporation. This makes all the difference in the world in perceiving my responsibility as an owner. No longer am I being ruled by an unknown entity with bylaws and rules governing me and controlling what I can and cannot do. Now, I am that corporation, I have a say so in what is done and can influence the value and quality of this strata. As an owner I have an interest in what is done or not done.

It never fails to amaze me how things develop along our path of life. We can either sit with our heads in the sand or we can do something about it, whatever those things might be. When roadblocks appear in my way, I take that as a sign that I am going in the wrong direction or I need to learn something which may change or remove the roadblock. My friend L said it a few weeks ago when she told me how she could clearly see my search for a house has been a learning process for me and watched how I found my way through the various situations I faced and learned from them. It was the best compliment I’ve had in a long time. It is amazing the changes we can find ourselves making as we learn along the way. I’m sure owning a home will bring even more changes for me, some of those things may already be happening which I’ll write about in the coming weeks or months.

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I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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2 Responses to It never fails…

  1. I can relate to your planning thinking mind!! Glad things are getting straightened out to your satisfaction. It’s terrible to worry.

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