Morning, a dream, and a damn dog…

My dog woke me early this morning. Earlier than I wanted. Which is frustrating since I have difficulty staying asleep. Getting to sleep isn’t difficult. It is staying asleep which I struggle with. Then when I do wake, the rest of my body complains like an old midwife shaken awake in the darkest of night and the coldest of winters to trudge across a barren wasteland to deliver a dead child.

I’m morbid this morning. Why? I have not an inkling and what does that even mean?

I wanted to sleep longer, I was in the midst of a dream, with a man, two cats, and another man. One I had, the other I wanted more. They both knew it and wanted me anyway. One had a very impressive wanker I couldn’t wait to get to know. The other I hoped could handle the situation because I wasn’t about to let either of them go. It was raining outside and one of the cats had to go out. I took her outside and she did her thing and came right back in. I returned upstairs to be with one man and saw the other cat being taken out by a young girl. Then suddenly I found myself in a car with the other man being taken out into the country off road in a police car. I thought he almost lost it in a ditch when I hollered at him to watch out, then realized how he maneuvered the car, this was not his first time doing this. I had no idea where we were going.

Then the damn dog woke me up, or was it my body first and the dog only convinced me to wake the rest of the way?

I should go wake the dog like he did me. He now sleeps with my daughter while I’m awake when I prefer to be asleep. But it is too late in the morning to consider returning to sleep. I should wake him and take him for a walk but that would be no punishment for him. Every time I take him out for a walk, no matter how early, how late, or how hot, or cold, he sashays down the sidewalk with the happiest of quick steps, repeatedly looking back to see if I’m still there even though his leash is still held by a steady yet firm hand. What would he do if I suddenly disappeared and became invisible while still holding his leash? I doubt it would make the slightest impact, he would be happy just to be out walking giving the impression he leads his human friend who is dumb enough to hold and follow the end of the leash.

I’m going back to bed and hope work doesn’t call me for at least another hour. Maybe I can find my way back to that dream and those two men.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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