A return to creativity…

A few days ago I was attempting to find some inspiration for something to knit. Oh don’t get me wrong I have plenty of things to work on, I just wanted something to inspire me to get back to working on the projects I already have going. What I didn’t expect was to come across something else entirely. I was on Lion Brand’s website looking at their blog, at the pictures of different projects other people have done or just skimming through some of their posts, when I came across a post about what you can and cannot take on an airline.

Of course the post was mostly focused on knitting and crochet materials and tools and though I wasn’t expecting to fly any time soon I was curious what changes have occurred since I flew last and also I was curious about other people’s experiences. I wasn’t disappointed.

I read through the comments and yes many people either didn’t experience any problems at all or ended up with various degrees of difficulty when trying to fly with their small knitting or crochet projects. Then there was one comment from a woman who said she works on creating knitted knockers for women who have had mastectomies. I had never heard of such a thing so I looked up the website she provided.

I often procrastinate about things. I honestly don’t know why I procrastinate about some things. Especially on some rather simple things that I should do. One of those things has been in going to get a breast prosthesis. I have the prescription I need from my doctor. I even called the place locally where I can get fitted for one and the bra to go with it. At first I was told by the doctors the bras and prosthesis is free but when I called the pharmacy and spoke with the woman who helps fit them, I was told coverage has changed. They are no longer 100% covered by the provincial medical coverage. However, since I do get extended coverage through work most of it might be covered. I, however, won’t know until I go get fitted for one. I decided to wait until after my move.

Since running across the knitted knockers website, I’m glad I waited. The website has free instructions for making your own, so I made one. Here it is:

knitted knocker (2)

I started it one evening after getting the yarn, and finished it the next morning. I then wore it for most of the day, even going out and running errands with it tucked into one of the bras I hung onto which I haven’t worn since I had my mastectomy. I often wondered why I was hanging onto them. Now I know. It fit nicely within the bra, although I need a slightly larger size and stuffed not so firmly so it won’t be so perky. When looking in the mirror it looked like I had one perky breast while the other one drooped rather  lazily… lol  So I just need to do a bit of adjustment to the size and how it is stuffed.

The interesting thing is how naturally it felt. I didn’t realize how much I noticed not having a right breast in all the various things I do throughout the day. Whether it is wearing a seat belt, a purse across the shoulder, or just how my t-shirt drooped on one side. And also the constant absence of feeling my breast and the weight of it. This knitted knocker feels natural. Even my daughter when she felt it said it felt like a real one. I didn’t realize how different it made me feel walking around with one breast missing until I walked around that day with my knitted knocker in place.

There is one other thing which has happened. While walking around with a friend as she shopped for items for her home, selecting some pictures for her walls, I considered what I would want to hang on my walls in my new home. I don’t think I have ever bought paintings or prints to hang on my walls. Consequently my walls in the places I have rented have usually been quite empty. An idea started forming in my mind, one in which my daughter and I create our own artwork to hang on our walls. We are both very different in our art styles but I could see us creating some unique things for our new house.

While walking through the dollar store I came across some small artists canvases and so I picked up an 8 x 10. There were three in the package. I decided to experiment with tangling on the canvas. I also picked up a cheap frame to see if the finished product would look good in the frame. Unfortunately, the canvas was too thick for the type of frame I bought, so I’ll have to look for another. The frame however did work well with one of the pictures I created in my sketchbook, so I mounted it in the frame. Here they are:

tangles (2)    tangles (3)

The one in the frame is one I did last July and posted here under my art work. It is my favorite so far. The second which is not in a frame is the one I did yesterday and is done on a hard canvas board. I’m not all that thrilled with it even though it came out okay. I wish I had stopped after the first couple of tangles I did. However, it has taught me a lesson. Tangling is fun and can be addictive. The freedom to do whatever you want without worrying about how it comes out is wonderful, especially for a hesitant artist. I have learned the value of white space, that tangling doesn’t have to fill every single bit of white space. For larger pieces I want to do, I plan on just recreating them from the smaller ones I create. I can play around in my sketchbook and when I come up with something I really love then I can recreate it on canvas and mount it on our wall. I may even expand into oils on canvas and use oils and water colors to recreate what I do with ink and colored pencil.

What I am enjoying about all of this is how life is finding ways to inspire my creativity. I didn’t go out looking for any of this, not really, even though I was looking for some knitting inspiration, when I happened across the reference to the knitted knockers, I had no idea anything like that existed. I was at the dollar store trying to find peppermint hard candies and came across the artist canvas. Instant, inspiration for trying ink on canvas, spending only about five dollars to just play around and experiment was far cheaper than buying a more expensive canvas and ruining the whole thing and being discouraged. Probably resulting in years going by before trying anything again.

This is what happens when I stop forcing life to be the way I think it should be. If I let it just happen. Granted sometimes I have to do things, like the packing and preparing for the move, but even finding the home we have bought ended up when I finally backed off and just let it come to me instead of me trying to make something fit into our lives that just wasn’t ‘us’ or meant to be for us.

I’ll probably be absent for the next week. It is going to be a busy week. Today is a holiday here so I’m taking things easy and only packing a few personal items and leaving the rest for the packers and movers. I’ll be busy with many other things the rest of the week all in preparation for moving into our new home. Tomorrow, I get the keys!!!


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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5 Responses to A return to creativity…

  1. Love the tangles!! I agree that decorating with your own art and your daughter’s is a great idea. I’m intrigued by the knitted boob! I’m a quilter, so I get the need to get into the swing of things so the creativity begins to flow again. Let’s see more stuff!!!!

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