The imagination is a wonderful thing…

The imagination is an amazing thing. When it pops into full gear I love it and can get lost within it. Yesterday, after acquiring the keys to our new townhouse my imagination went into overload. I was consumed by it and lost within it all day. It was marvelous, but at times a bit disappointing.

The disappointment came as I walked through the townhouse and realized after not seeing it for a while, my imagination has made things larger, or rather more spacious than they were. Then my imagination made the idea of my furniture seem smaller than it really is. Today with dimensions in hand of the major items, I can walk it out in our various rooms and get an idea of how things may or may not fit. Or where to place things so they will fit.

I was planning on setting up my work desk in the dining room. I had hopes I could fit in a dining table which would fit four people and I could add a leaf to enlarge it if I needed to when I have company. It looks like the leaf option is out. That isn’t so bad though. In all my years of living on my own there was only one time I needed a table that would fit more than four people and I don’t think we even used it. So, theoretically a table for four should be plenty big for us.

For the desk, I have two options for the hardwood table top at Ikea. I don’t know yet if the 1 1/8″ thickness will be sufficient for the adjustable keyboard tray I want to install. But the smaller of the two desks will be a perfect width which should allow for the kitchen table, desk and shelves I want to install in the dining room. I prefer the dining room for my office because the flooring allows for the office chair to roll easier and it will also be away from the distractions a TV can cause when I should really be working. I will have some nice large windows to be able to look out as I work not to mention those windows can open so I can get fresh air too. Everything I’ll need will be within a short walk other than if I need to take the dog out for his potty break.

I took the pictures I had sitting on our mantle and a shelf and put them in various locations in the townhouse. I can’t believe how much adding them started to make the place feel like home. It felt good to see something of ours in the house.

Today, I go with some friends to remove the planter so the AC unit can be installed tomorrow. It will be the first time they get to see the place. Her husband is willing to help me if I want to do something I may not be quite comfortable doing, which right now will be about everything, even hanging pictures when I get to that point.

I’m still struggling over where to put our  cat litter box. I thought I could put it in my master bathroom but there isn’t room. It is just too small. So the options are either in one of two closets, or in the garage. I would have to replace the door to the garage with one having a pet door in it. I was told by the home inspector the door needed fixed or replaced due to it being damaged so I may look into that. Replacing doors isn’t always easy. In the meantime the door would have to remain ajar so the cat can use the litter box when she needs to. The same would go for either of the closets. I don’t want it sitting out in the open. I have gotten used to it being hidden away in the laundry room but I can’t do that in the townhouse because the laundry room is a small closet which requires stack-able washer and dryer.

As you can see, my imagination is well into over drive. It is all over the place in trying to figure out how to arrange EVERYTHING, from our beds, to the kitchen, to the dining room, to the living room, to the game room, to the closets, and even the garage. I’m loving it all and wishing I had one of those computer programs where I can put in the dimensions of everything and see how it will all fit before I even try to put it there physically.

There are only two things I need to get right the first time, our sofa and recliner for the living room and my bed. These are too heavy for me to move around on my own or even with my daughter. So I need to figure out the right position for them and then leave them there. The next time they would be moved is when I upgrade the flooring for the home.

Right now though, I need to start getting things into the car for our trip there to work on the planter. Every trip I take I plan to take something with me. Today it will be a table I’ll use for the TV in the living room, and our end tables which I haven’t taken out of their boxes yet. I’ll put them together tomorrow while the AC is being installed. And some folding chairs to sit on.

Time to get busy.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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