Long lost art… gardening? … or is it a talent for hunting?…

So, my imagination is working overtime, as you can probably tell from my previous post. My nerves are at times on edge. I don’t know why but when I signed all the papers for the closing and the mortgage I wasn’t nervous one bit. Nervousness set in on the day I picked up the keys. Instead of excitement, I was nervous, which I just don’t get.

Wednesday my friend’s husband took out the planter. He did a great job. The wood was so rotted the only thing holding it together was the re-barb.  The wood crumbled in my hands. There was more junk in the soil of the planter than there was soil, or so it seemed. Why in god’s name would people put empty laundry detergent buckets in a planter and cover them with soil?!?! Is this some gardening secret I never heard of? If so, it doesn’t work a damn because out of three plants only one looked decent. The other two appeared to be mums but were in such bad shape there was only one blossom, tiny as it was, I was tempted to try and restore it to health. I decided though to start over and just keep the one bush that looked good.

I spent all day today at the new place, from 8am until 5pm, while the AC was being installed. By 5pm there was cool air blowing through the duct work in the house through all three floors. I put together two end tables while I waited, did some knitting, and a bit of reading, but generally stayed out of their way. Those tables, though have a story of their own.

Last year, my friend L was shopping for furniture. Having lived across the ocean for the past couple of years and selling almost all they had before they left, she needed new furniture. While we were shopping we discovered some beautiful end tables for only $35, we both bought two. That day we ended up with my Journey packed full of all sorts of things she needed. I left my end tables packed in boxes and stored in her garage, knowing they wouldn’t fit in the suite I was living in but they would come in handy once I purchased a house to live in.

That day has come, but in between that time, her boys decided to use the boxes which contained my end tables for target practice with their bows and arrows. Neither L nor I knew this until one day I was walking through her garage and saw the damage to the boxes. I told her about it and decided to just leave them and wait until my move to have a look at them, hoping they weren’t damaged.

Today I unpacked them. One survived without a scratch. The other which came out of the box which was damaged far more extensively than the other one, had not fared so well.

end table side end table top

The pictures didn’t come out the best. They were taken with my iPhone but you can see the damage. It is only on one side and the table could be set so it is in the back or I could use something dark to fill in with color so the damage isn’t immediately noticeable but since L had purchased two tables as well she has offered to switch mine with one of hers since it was her boys who caused the damage. As cheap as they are I’m not that concerned about losing one of them but right now I need them both until a TV stand comes in that I ordered for our new TV. After that if I can’t find a use for the second table I may just give it to L and let her use it since she has more room in her house and could possibly find a use for it. Either way, it is not a huge loss.

That about sums up my day, other than tonight I’m doing laundry so I won’t have to worry about needing to wash any clothes for a while. I took clean towels and wash cloths to the new house today and kitchen towels and hand towels for the bathrooms. I’m sorting through those items I don’t want them packing up in boxes tomorrow. Those things we will need right away, so we are packing like we are going on a trip and taking our computer and cable and internet equipment so I don’t have to try and dig them out of the boxes come Sunday morning.

We’ll be offline probably Friday night until late Sunday morning. And so busy we probably won’t miss it except for maybe Saturday night when we decide to stop and rest for the night. I suspect though we’ll be so tired we’ll crawl into bed and not care about not having internet or cable TV.




About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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4 Responses to Long lost art… gardening? … or is it a talent for hunting?…

  1. Sometimes people use things like empty detergent containers to fill space so you don’t have to use as much dirt and the planter is lighter to move around. Just a thought. Good luck with your big move. 😀

    • Kate Spyder says:

      I had that thought too until I came across 4 of them and it was a permanently placed planter. A couple of them were broken and in pieces, the others left no room for roots to grow. It was not a very well thought out plan if that is what they wanted to do. Thanks for the luck on the move. I get exhausted just thinking about it. 😀

  2. As I have packed up my entire first floor 2x this summer for DIY projects, I am feeling your dread!! Best of luck on the move. That table…oh my. My kid put a hole in the neighbor’s garage window with a bow and arrow. I almost killed him. However, her husband had approved the target location. She blamed him. Lol.

    • Kate Spyder says:

      At least you involved your neighbor and got approval for the target location. If my daughter wanted a bow and arrow I would only approve it if there was a location we could go to that was setup appropriately for target practice. Neighbors here are just too close. I grew up in the country and my brother had a bow and arrow but we had an open field to set up a target and could see if anyone or anything wandered in the vicinity. Even so he ended up with an arrow through his hand because of a flaw in the arrow that caused it to split, and one piece ended up piercing his hand. Accidents happen no matter how hard you try not to have them, that table though was just kids not thinking and not caring what was in the box and using it without asking. Good thing they were cheap tables. I’m glad your neighbor took it so well too.

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