The problem with moving is there is no time for anything else…

I’ve been trying to write a post for my blog the past couple of days, however, things are quite busy here and I never seem to be able to finish it. I’m trying again, and this time I hope to post at least a short one.

The last time I wrote we had the AC installed and the next day the packers would arrive. They arrived and had all my things packed in four hours. The movers came on Saturday and had everything loaded by 10:30am and unloaded by 12:30pm at our new place. Everyone did a great job. Nothing damaged.

The only damage was to me the next day, but I get ahead of myself. The evening of moving day, my friend L came over with two of her boys. They helped me and my daughter unpack most of the kitchen items and set up my new television. It was a crazy place for a while. If you knew her boys you would understand why. It did however feel good even with all the craziness to have friends here and helping out. They left around 9:30pm. My daughter and I were so exhausted we couldn’t sleep. My feet and lower legs hurt so bad I finally resorted to taking a couple of Advil. We lay in her bed talking for a little while until we both were able to cycle down and fall asleep. I did return to my bed and sleep but both of us felt like we were sleeping in a hotel, possibly because of the city lights being brighter here than where we used to live.

Sunday the cable guy came and hooked us all up. I love my new television and my daughter is enjoying her game room with our old television, although our old sofa and recliner are just too big for her room. We’ll be listing them for sale along with a shelving unit that is way too big as well. We will replace them with more size appropriate and fun furniture, hopefully in the near future. I’m hoping to get a few things which will help my daughter and her friends enjoy the space more.

We have been unpacking a few things here and there almost every day. Tuesday we took off to rest. I was just too tired and needed a break. I rescheduled the carpet cleaning to next week. Yesterday I called a cleaning service to clean the rental suite. They will also come next week. I would do it but honestly this move has exhausted me and I still have so much more to unpack, but that will come with time as we get the storage shelves for my daughter’s game room and for our office and craft supplies, and her bedroom furniture. I also need to decide where our current shelves will be placed. I’ll be able to focus on all of this once the suite is turned back over to my landlord. And then my daughter and I can start shopping for the things we need.

Yesterday, my daughter had an appointment with a respiratory specialist. They had her do a breathing test to see if she has asthma. Thank god her breathing was normal, her lung capacity good. She has been having some breathing problems during gym and their school run which only started earlier this year. It could be exercise induced asthma, however, my daughter walked to a friend’s house the other day which meant she had to walk up a hill which has given her problems in the past. She told me she didn’t have the problem so maybe this was only a temporary thing. I have my theories about what has been going on but no doctors will admit to the possibility that either her lungs didn’t keep up with her growth or her neck being out of alignment could cause breathing problems. Only my chiropractor will admit to the possibility of the last since he has seen it in some of his patients.

We see our chiropractor today and will talk to him about how her symptoms may have gone away. We’ll know more next month when she returns to school and being active in her gym class and running again.

Our pets were brought to their new home immediately after all our things were moved in. They have both acclimated very well. Our cat was a bit skittish for a couple hours but by the end of the day was purring and seemed very happy with her new surroundings. Other than trying to go outside a couple of times she has settled into being a happy indoor cat. She has a couple of advantage points where she can watch what is going on outside.

I have a dilemma to try and figure out. I want to fence in our back yard. To do so means possibly having to remove the cedars and a tree along one side of the yard in order to install the fence with a gate. It has to have a gate on both sides so the lawn equipment can be brought in to take care of the yard and get to the other yards. I probably won’t do anything until spring. The cedars look nice but they are also coming into contact with the building so they either need trimmed or need to be removed. The yard across the back of our building is fenced however there are two places where our dog can get out. Living by a busy street and a small shopping center is just too dangerous if our cat or dog should get out of the fence so I want to fence our area and if I could install something on the top of the fence that will keep our cat from climbing or jumping it, then she could go outside too. These are things I need to consider, maybe get some ideas from someone who could install the fence, either way the tree would have to go because it is dead center of the property line between my place and the next owner’s place and is right where the gate would go. The dilemma is to either install the fence or approach the strata about closing in the openings that would allow my dog to get outside of the fence since those openings are not on my property, the strata or the other owners need to be willing to close them off.

Oh, the damage done to me, was I hit my head on the refrigerator door as I was loading it with our stuff from the old place. The fridge at the previous place had the freezer on the left side. This one has it on the top. I had both doors open while I was loading it and the freezer door started to close when I stood up. Not really any damage done other than it hurt like a son of a gun. Then I broke our favorite shot glass we use for dispensing medicine when I was moving mugs from one shelf to another, it slipped off and shattered on the sink and cut my middle finger of my right hand just above the cuticle. For me this can be a concern due to the lymph nodes removed on my right side, something as small as a simple cut like this could cause lymphedema, so far though everything is fine. Then I slipped down two stairs as I was taking boxes down to the garage. Luckily I fell backwards which means I didn’t fall far and landed fairly gently. I started to feel like I needed a recording where all I had to do was press a button to have it broadcast “I’m okay.” to my daughter. Each ouch and bump or bang or sound of shattering glass had her running to see if I was okay. After the third incident my daughter and I both agreed I should stop for the night before I really hurt myself. These all happened in one day and was the day after our move and a night of not really sleeping well.

In short, our move went very well. We are still quite busy with all the things we have yet to do. I could go on and on about what else but mostly it is just organizing things and trying to get my daughter interested in organizing her rooms. She seems perfectly content to let things remain scattered or boxed up, except when she wanted her games. Then she saw her mom’s extraordinary finding skills. Out of all the boxes we still have stacked and unpacked in the garage, I found the games we have stored in binders in the first box I opened, then found her other games that were still in their original boxes in the next box I opened. Believe me they could have been in any number of boxes that were labeled living room shelves. My next excursion is to find my knitting books, also in boxes from the living room shelves… lol

Time to get some breakfast, shower and get ready for another day. This is my last week of vacation I took for our move. With so much still to do the next few days will be very busy and hopefully after the carpets are cleaned on Wednesday I can hand the keys over to our landlord. Then I can direct my full focus to our new house.

By the way, we love it here. We are both thrilled with our new place. We have also met a few of the neighbors who all seem to be very nice. There are a couple kids around my daughters age and hopefully she will make some friends.


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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