Maybe the third time is the charm…

Our new washer and dryer were supposed to be delivered last Wednesday. With having the first delivery (Sept 3rd) canceled due to the washer not arriving at the distribution center from the factory yet, I specifically asked if the washer had arrived from the factory. I was assured it had been so they scheduled a 2nd delivery date for September 9th. However, when the truck arrived…

Driver: “We have a dryer for delivery at this address.”

Me: “I hope you have more than a dryer. There is supposed to be a washer too.”

Driver: “Some one made a mistake.”

Me: “I hope not. I specifically asked if they had the washer and was told they did.”

Driver: “We don’t have a washer. Only a dryer.”

Me: “Then you’ll have to take the dryer back. I can’t take the dryer without the washer. They know that. They have to be stacked.”

Driver: “Can you at least receive the stacking parts and sign for them?”

Me: “Sure. Are you going to call them or should I?”

Driver: “We’ll both call them. In fact, you should contact your sales person because in my opinion customer service isn’t worth crap.”

Me: “Okay. I’ll do that.”

I call customer service. I was told the washer still hadn’t arrived from the factory. I told them then they need to talk to someone because I was lied to when they scheduled the delivery. I was told they did have it. I told them I have been waiting a month for them. Their response was they will compensate me for the delay but I have to contact them after I receive them. I told them if they are not delivered soon I will be going back to the store and getting my money back and buying them somewhere else.

Two days later I was called, to schedule a third attempt at delivery. I asked if they received the washer and she said yes but to hold on she would check for sure. When she returned to the phone, I was told it had been delivered the day before, she provided date and time of the delivery. I said okay but if I’m told again they don’t have the washer I’ll get my money back and buy it somewhere else. Third delivery date is Tuesday September 15th. Keep your fingers crossed that this time they will have both washer and dryer.

Oh and the person scheduling the delivery said, “this is just a delivery right? no install?”

Me: “There better be an install because I paid for it when I purchased the washer and dryer.”

Person scheduling the delivery: “Okay, it doesn’t say anything about install. We’ll be moving the old washer to the garage?”

Me: “Yes.”

Person scheduling the delivery: “You will have the washer disconnected and ready to be moved?”

Me: “After what I’ve been through? I’m not disconnecting the washer until they arrive and I know they have everything they need to do the whole install. If I disconnect it then I won’t be able to use the washer if they don’t have everything.”

Person scheduling the delivery: “Okay, I definitely understand that. I’ll check again Monday, the day before the delivery to make sure they still have the washer.”

Me: “Great!” while inside my mind was thinking, “why wouldn’t they if they have it now?” Makes me think maybe the washer that was meant for me ended up being delivered to someone else.

Keep your fingers crossed, hopefully Tuesday, I’ll have my new washer and dryer and be able to sell the one they will be taking out. It looks pretty new just isn’t stackable due to it being a top loader, and the only way to put a dryer in the laundry closet is by stacking it on top of the washer. The previous owner didn’t use a dryer. I found I like hanging clothes out to dry but there are some things I just have to have a dryer for.


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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