First 9 Patch Square for my very First Quilt


My first 9 patch square for my very first quilt! Whoo Hoo! Completely stitched by hand and not a single drop of blood lost.. lol

I am excited how this turned out. For my first attempt at hand stitching, I think I did a good job, especially not letting my perfectionism get in the way and rip it all out and start over again when I saw the stitches were uneven. I don’t think it was all that noticeable from the front so I left it. I’m sure I’ll see my skill increasing as I progress on making the quilt. At least I hope so because once I begin the actual quilting stitches my stitching skills will have to be a whole lot better. Oh, by the way, when I say quilt, I’m doing a small version for my first try, hopefully making them into a pillow.

In case you are wondering how I am learning. I can answer that in one word. Youtube.

Honestly, when I think about the woman I spoke with at our local quilt shop when she told me I had to have a sewing machine, I just want to clobber her. Maybe when I finish this quilt I’ll take it in and show it to her and tell her I did it all by hand without a machine and I didn’t let her convince me I couldn’t do it.

On the same topic, well sort of. It is about being creative and finding inspiration. As I searched online for everything and anything I could find on hand quilting, I eventually came across this:

which lead me to researching more and coming across this:

I have done cross-stitch. A long time ago. Back when I did they had nothing like this and most of the patterns weren’t anything that inspired me or made me want to frame them and put them on my wall. These however just blew my mind and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back into cross-stitch just to give them a try. These are like pieces of artwork, even if all they were was a photograph I would like them on my wall but to actually stitch them puts a whole new dimension on just what you can do in cross-stitch these days with the range of colors they now have. I can’t wait to try the first one which is a free pattern on Craftsy. My daughter is even interested in trying it so we picked up a simple pattern for her to try and learn before she tries something as complicated as these.

Between getting inspired to try my hand at quilting, and now returning to cross-stitching, I am not short on any projects to inspire me to keep my creativity going at full steam. I find now when something like finding a pool of water on the inside bottom of my refrigerator below the crisper compartments, not so stressful.  I know I’ll figure it out and either have it repaired or find that changing the thermostat settings may be enough to fix the problem, or worst case, I’ll have to buy a new fridge.

It’s all good.

About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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2 Responses to First 9 Patch Square for my very First Quilt

  1. Looks great!! I’ve stitched 7 of those blocks in the last week for Christmas pot holders.

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