Progress so far on quilted pillow project:

I have fallen behind on posting my progress for my quilting project which is a pillow. So this post will be filled with lots of pictures to show my progress.

Instead of showing you every 9 patch block as I make them, which could get rather boring and repetitive since many of them look alike, here are the 9 patch blocks sewn together into one large block:

white side patches sewn together

At this point I started on the other side of the pillow. Here are the first two 9 patch blocks:

black 2nd 9 patch square (2)

As you can see my pillow is going to have a light side and a dark side, which somehow seemed appropriate.

So you can see how I worked on sewing the 9 patch blocks together here is a picture of the middle stage of sewing them:

black rows sewn together

I started by sewing them so they made rows, and then I sewed the rows together. Here is the dark side all sewn together:

black top

Here are the two side by side:

both black and white tops (2)

I added borders to both:

white and black with border

Next it was time to begin making my sandwich as they apparently like to call it in quilting. This is where I am this morning. I just completed making the sandwich for the black side. I had just enough pins to do it, so the white side will have to wait to be sandwiched. This is the front:

black sandwich front

Here is the back which is already beginning to have a quilted look to it:

black sandwich back

I am pretty settled on the main quilting pattern to use in my stitches. I’ll do a cross-hatch pattern across the squares, but I’m not sure if I’ll carry that into the border or do something more decorative. It may all depend on how well I do on my quilting stitches.

Sewing the patches together has improved my hand stitching but with it being hidden, I wasn’t all that concerned if it wasn’t perfect. Now that my stitches will be seen, I may find I’m redoing a lot of them so they will lo0k neat and tidy.

This pillow will be approximately 20 inches by 20 inches and so far I am close to those measurements. Doing this without a pattern to follow has been both a challenge and a confidence builder, as I see how it is coming together. I just hope I can figure out how to sew in the zipper when it comes time to sew the two quilted sides of the pillow together.


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6 Responses to Progress so far on quilted pillow project:

  1. Those look terrific!! Great job!

    • Kate Spyder says:

      Thank you! Have you ever made a quilted pillow? I’m curious if I need to put binding around the edges before I stitch them together to make the pillow. I was just thinking of stitching them together after I have completed the quilting stitches, it would leave raw edges inside the casing and I wasn’t sure if that would cause any problems.

      • Yes. I quilted it first. I can send a picture of one. I think I have your email.

      • Kate Spyder says:

        I’m not sure you understood. Quilts have a binding around the edge of them to put a nice finish on them. On a pillow, I was thinking the edge could be sewn together and a binding wouldn’t be needed, but wasn’t sure. I haven’t done any research specifically on pillows so I probably just need to sit down and search the internet to see how other people did it.

      • No. I understood. I think the picture will help. If you quilt it, the edges are exposed, however, in a pillow, you can then treat the quilted top as a single fabric and sew top and back together and turn it inside out, negating the need to bind because the raw edges are encased inside the pillow.

      • Kate Spyder says:

        Okay, that is what I thought. Thanks so much!

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