My first painting…

To be honest this didn’t start out to be any painting. I was experimenting. I’ve been making some cards using mixed media to have tangle step-outs on, so I can use them to draw random designs to create pieces of art. I had been using white card stock up until now, or rather the other day when I started my experiment.

I wanted to know if I could use colored card stock in my designs, so I pulled out a piece of purple card stock and proceeded to use acrylic paint on it of various colors. You can see how well this experiment worked in the background colors. A very bright pink hardly showed up at all unless I put down a really thick layer or glob of paint. Other colors weren’t so bad and it actually had an interesting effect.

After I let those colors dry, I decided to try creating some flowers. I hadn’t originally expected my flowers to be so big. This is an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of card stock.  I had wanted to create something that would have similar design on all four pieces once it was cut into 4ths for my cards, but as you can see, I ended up with something completely different.

Kates Sunflowers

I do apologize for the picture, I’m no expert at using a camera. If I took the picture straight on, I would get glare, so it looks a bit wonky in the picture. I don’t claim to be a photographer or even an experienced artist, but I was quite excited to see how this painting came out. I had been watching videos on YouTube, mostly for art journals and mixed media, when I learned you could let acrylic paint dry and use colored pencil on it, I wanted to give it a try.

That was the other part of my experiment. I laid down the yellows and oranges for the flowers, basic light and darker greens for the stems and leaves, but the details are all prisma color pencils. The picture doesn’t give it any justice. I couldn’t believe how the color pencil works on dry acrylic paint. I absolutely loved it and will most likely explore more with this technique.

This painting was done completely from my imagination. I didn’t use any photos as reference. I didn’t care if I got the light source right, or shadows correct. I just wanted to experience mixing of acrylic colors and layering and blending of color pencils.

I welcome comments, suggestions, well intended criticism. But be nice (like anyone in my circle of followers has ever not been nice, I love you all because of that), remember this is my first painting ever, or at least since high school and I’m no young chicken any more.  LOL


About Kate Spyder

I'm a creative individual finding her way in her writing. I enjoy expressing my deep thoughts through poetry and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.
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5 Responses to My first painting…

  1. Ryn Cricket says:

    I really, really, think this is beautiful. You should hang it in a prominate

    • Ryn Cricket says:

      Place. (I was trying to spell check, but it posted and won’t let me edit). Anyway, I particularly like the textures. I think it’s wonderful!

  2. I love it!!!!! Love the shading in the sunflowers.

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