Update: 26November2015

It is time to update my about page. Much has happened since I started blogging both in the world and in my life. I am still a single mother. Now my daughter is 12 years old quickly moving on to 13 in physical years, in mental years she is far beyond that in some ways but still that in other ways. I love her beyond life.

 We have added a new member. He came to us when I was going through a difficult period in my health which you can read about in my blog. I have become unbelievably attached to him considering I have had other dogs and cats in my life and never created such an attachment before. It is possibly his intelligence that claims my heart and soul, and too the fact he was tossed aside and left to fend for himself until someone rescued him and he found his way to us. So much similarities, I just can’t explain.

 I am an intellectual artist trying to find my way in all my creative endeavors which is what brought me to blogging. The channels unleashed lately are amazing and I hope they continue. Anyone who has read through my blog so far can see very clearly how I am sometimes thrown off track along my path. I sometimes become frustrated with this, however, I do understand no matter what road I take along my life’s journey there is always something there to be learned.

 I have dabbled in many different areas trying to spark my creativity or to explore it. What I have found in each and every one of them is this:

 Human nature is both frustrating, baffling and interesting to the point it can sometimes become a short obsession of mine to try and understand. I don’t think I ever will.

 I wrote the following, just moments ago which took me to my blog thinking I would add it to my online journal but instead was driven to add this update to my about page:

 To change the way one thinks and believes or how one behaves or what one attracts, it takes upheaval, pain and reformation. You can’t tear down an old structure without causing scars. You can cover up the scars or you can help them heal, but you cannot prevent them.

 None of what I have written in my previous about page has changed, therefore, I have decided to keep it intact below. Of course the only obvious thing which has changed is my age. I am now 55 upon this writing (2015) and have had experiences over the past year which made me wonder how much longer I have upon this earth. I hope at least long enough to see my daughter grown and able to take care of herself and happy in her life. She challenges me every day in ways I never expected.

 If I had anything important to say today, it would be this: “Treat people kindly, even if they appear to not be doing the same. You just never know what difficulties they may be having in their life and a kind word can sometimes give them an unexpected and much needed gift.”


I am a single parent of a wonderful daughter who I gave birth to only three months before I turned 43. I am now 53 (2013), and still learning to enjoy life. Writing is becoming a passion.

Apparently I have been a writer all of my life but as things would appear I didn’t realize it until late in my journey after several friends and colleagues told me they wished they could write like me or they loved how I write. What they saw were mostly emails. I was horrible at writing letters back in the day when we all corresponded with distant friends through what we now refer to as snail mail. Email however because of its flexibility in editng and sending as soon as one completes writing it, gave me the much needed venue I needed for expression with my friends and others who care to contact me. Then I discovered blogs…

I have always been an avid reader and wished I could write stories like those I read. I still wish I could. And so I’m working on that now where as before writing was just an outlet for me when no one else would listen.

This blog is intended for the mature content I enjoy exploring in my writing in form of poetry and short stories and maybe even real experiences in journal form.

I would love hearing from others and if you feel the desire to contact me just email me at kate.spyder@gmail.com and have a most glorious and beautiful life.


5 Responses to About

  1. hi kate, i just wanted to ty for liking my Pretty Boy story before i left on my trip,
    the encouragement is really appreciated. have a wonderful day!

    • Kate Spyder says:

      thank you for stopping by and you are welcome. I enjoyed the story. The way you write brings wonderful visuals to my mind. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  2. mrmodigliani says:

    It is a pleasure to get to know you Kate. Thank you for visiting my studio.

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