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In case you were wondering…

I’ve been spending my days arting. Usually that involves youtube videos, free classes I found, and some not so free classes I splurged on that were incredibly priced for the content they provide. Arting is my way of coping with … Continue reading

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Finally Free

Smooth as a whisper Light as a feather What once kissed Caressed Her lungs Fled Never more To whisper Their sweetest song. Once strong Firm Constant beat In wrist In neck In thumb In thigh Like an ancestral drum Bringing … Continue reading

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Open My Heart

Open my heart For it has been closed Far too long Hold my hand For it has been empty Years gone long Kiss my lips For their passion has waned Cold for days Lift my eyes For they do not … Continue reading

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There Will Be Times

There will be times, When I can’t breathe, When I can’t see, When I can’t feel, When I can’t dream, When I can’t dance, When I can’t be. But there will Never be a time, When I can’t love. © … Continue reading

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The Key

There were no teeth, No long hard shaft, Or bulbous head, Shaped and hardened, Rounded, yet flattened At tip’s end. There was no opening, No slit with a rounded top, No dark crevice No mechanism to unlock. No hard iron … Continue reading

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Writing Erotica at Night

I should not write Erotica at night Just before bed It messes with my head No matter how much I play in bed. © Kate Spyder

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Senseless It is how I feel sometimes Like I have no brain Like I’m stored up In a bottle Corked Never tasted Never aging Never feeling the sun On my nice shiny surface. Senseless It is how I feel sometimes … Continue reading

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