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Surprise or Mystery

For the past few days, her mind has been lost, in the confusion and aftermath of something she didn’t quite understand. All she had done was try and face her inner critic, change the scathing words rebounding in her head … Continue reading

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The Gift

It was quiet. Dark and quiet. The shadows moved occasionally on the walls, floor and ceiling when a car drove by on the road outside, but other than that, there was no movement, except that of herself walking silently through … Continue reading

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The Window

It is dark. Looking out my window, the sky is crystal clear, every pinpoint a star I hadn’t seen in ages. It rains a lot here. And until recently I lived in a place where I could not see the … Continue reading

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I Guess I Was Wrong

This is a work of fiction. I sat down and wrote this tonight but like all the writing I create, it embodies much of who I am and how I feel. This scene is not real but the emotions behind … Continue reading

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No Internet Connection

I don’t like not having an internet connection. It makes me antsy. It lets my mind wonder too far afield. It makes me want to get out of this chair I sit in and go outside. Outside is dangerous. It … Continue reading

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The Ride

As I lay here, I look at your face. I see the lines of age. Some from smiles. Some from frowns. Some from disinterest. Some from just not giving a shit. You lie there asleep and I trace my fingers … Continue reading

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A Submissive’s Journey – 2May2014 5:29pm

5:29pm I’ve had this sitting on my virtual shelf for the past day or so. I keep thinking there should be more to it but when I read it, it feels complete and yet incomplete, as though there is a … Continue reading

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